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  1. Hi, I just thought I would chime in on this one, I have read up on the maximum 'usable' magnification etc etc, I agree that for optimum viewing in general the rule of thumb of roughly 50x per inch is probably true, however, this Saturday evening just gone I noticed that 'seeing' seemed quite crisp and I could not resist the temptation to stay up to 4am and make good use of unusually clear skies just outside of Birmingham. I have a Celestron Omni XLT 120 frac and recently purchased a Celestron Ultima 2x barlow, I have a Celestron Xcel 8mm and a Hyperion 5mm. I just could not resist pushing my scope on the moon and was surprised to say the least, with the 8mm Xcel plus barlow giving me roughly 250x the views were very crisp and detailed, experimentation got the better of me so I popped in the Ultima and the 5mm Hyperion giving me 400x and to be honest although the 'seeing' popped in and out as I viewed, the detail blew me away, considering this is only a 120mm achro frac I was really shocked, yes the brightness was slightly lower but not by much, and on the moon this is not such a problem so I would say experiment and see what works for you.
  2. Ok, time for a real newb question. I have an omni xlt 120 and was trying to use the setting circles to help me locate M13 last night and I have not got a clue. I aligned the polar axis with Polaris (as best as possible) then pointed the scope at a known star and set the RA circle to the objects co-ordinates and locked it down. I then moved the scope to the co-ordinates for M13 but M13 was nowhere in sight :0( am I doing something wrong?
  3. Thanks, I will see if I can get some on line, just desperate to use my new diagonal! Just not sure of the size ;0)
  4. Wondering if anyone can help, I need to get some replacement 'Nylon' thumb screws for my OMNI XLT 120 as after purchasing a revelation astro 2" dialectric diagonal I don't want to scratch the barrel and cannot at present afford to replace my focuser with compression ring fittings. However, I don't know where to get the set screws from or what size i need :0( Any help greatly appreciated :0)
  5. Thanks again for your comments, Shane I know you used to own the same scope as you have given me some great tips already (still trying to get the funds together for the Skywatcher dual speed Crayford) ;0) I think I will persevere with Saturn until she dips too low on the horizon, cannot help but keep looking at that beauty! The 5mm is used quite a lot, I just struggle sometimes as I have to wear my glasses, so find it awkward trying to plaster my eye close up against the EP! I am greatly looking forward to Jupiters return as I can remember the views I had through my less than competent Tasco 50mm frac when I was 12, still amazed me back then with the 2 main cloud belts visible and the major moons, so hopefully in the 120mm it should be a fair bit more impressive, any ideas when we can expect to see Jupiter high enough for some good observing?
  6. Photonmonkey

    Moon through OMNI XLT 120

    number of blurry shots taken with a Canon Ixus 870 IS with a Baader microstage 2.(first attempts) Seeing was not great as moon was low and atmosphere quite turbulent. (using 8mm XCel and Hyperion 5mm)
  7. Thanks both, I find the image in the 5mm quite small in the field of view but think this might be due to the Hyperions wide field and huge eye lense! Definately getting lower on the horizon now which wont help with all that atmosphere I am peering through! Still keeps me coming back for more though, something about actually seeing those magnificient rings, could stare at it all night ;0)
  8. I have been observing Saturn lately with my OMNI XLT 120 using a combination of my Celestron Xcel 8mm and my Baader Hyperion 5mm, was just wondering although I know that 'seeing' has a dramatic affect on the details visible on a particular night (I have noticed a marked difference on a number of nights where I have been limited to just using the 8mm) but should I (conditions permitting) with my set up be able to see the Cassini division or any other detail for that matter? so far all though Saturn looks amazing have not really been able to make much detail out on the surface or with the ring structure, or am I expecting too much ;0) Have recently just started experementing with afocal photography using a Baader microstage 2 but the only shot I got of Saturn was very blurry :0( early days yet though. Thanks
  9. Thanks Spaceboy, I was thinking of leaving the finder off. To be honest since I had the scope I just kine it up by sight and stick in a low power EP to locate objects, seems to work ok. Unfortunately I might have to put the Crayford on hold till the end of the month, only have £125 left in my 'scope fund' for this month and cannot find one on the net any less than £127 :0( Once again cheers for all of your suggestions, these forums are just buzzing with helpful folk ;0)
  10. Thanks all for your great suggestions, think I will go for the new focuser, however, Shane does it have a mounting for the finder as noticed this is attached to the current focuser and could not see a mounting in any pictures on the web of the SW Crayford? Cheers
  11. I think this may be the way to go, I will put my SWAN 33mm on hold and go for the new focuser, at least then I will be able to safely enjoy my new diagonal and Hyperion! I appreciate the advice from someone who has had first hand experience with this scope. When all said and done I do really like the XLT 120 and will probably keep it for a good while :0)
  12. I am nearly sold on this idea now Shane ;0) was it the Skywatcher one? If it is literally unscrew the old and on with the new at least it would save lots of hit and miss trying compression ring adaptors!!
  13. Hi Shane, yes that was the one, as if I removed my nasty thumb screw bit at the end (not even sure what its called) I think the length of the adapter would be ok. I was looking at the dual speed Crayford at £120, would this be simple to fit on the scope and is it worth doing for the OMNI XLT 120? Thanks
  14. Just out of interest what would the screw end of my focuser tube be called is it a male T2 thread or is this wrong as have seen some 2" adapters with compression rings advertised by Teleskop Service which I believe is a German company, just thought it might be quicker to order from a German Company than one in the States?
  15. Shane, I think I am only a few mm out, between the cloud last night I tried to focus on the moon with my 25mm EP, moon was just out of focus when the tube was racked right in!!! Really frustrating :0( Dilemma is now do I try and get the adapter in your link from the States which might take a while and cost a fair bit or get some nylon set screws as recommended by Spaceboy, again something I had not thought of!!!! All I know is I want to get out there and observe with my new kit but know I will wreck my Diagonal with those nasty set screws on the stock focuser, really impatient now :0( Still I am deeply greatful for all of your advice and loving the forum ;0)
  16. Hi Shane, you definately advised to check the travel! In my total impatience to get going i just ordered the extension tube without checking (foolish mistake on my part!) Not concerned about having the extension tube as may come in handy anyway and did not cost the earth, your advice was sound just my lack of reasoning that let me down :0) Just not sure what to do now, cannot believe these things are so hard to come by!!
  17. I have recently purchased a Revelation 2" Dielectric diagonal for use with my XLT 120, however as there is no compression ring fitting in the standard 2" focuser on my scope I bought a 50mm extension tube with compression ring fittings. The problem is with the extension tube and 2" diagonal fitted I dont seem to have the travel to focus my EP's :0( I dont want to use the Revelation Diagonal without compression fittings as I know I would damage the nicely machined nose on it, any ideas for another way to get compression ring fittings on my focuser!! I know i can unscrew the end of the stock focuser but not sure if there is anything I can replace it with? Gutted at the moment as really keen to try out the new diagonal and my new Hyperion EP :0( Thanks
  18. That is a bit worrying, as I have also bought an extension tube to give me compression ring fitting for my diagonal!!!!! Now not sure if I will have enough travel with the extension and the diagonal, but dont want to use the diagonal with the original focuser tube as will definately scratch the barrel with the set screw :0( Heavens just opened here so no chance to try out this evening, my Hyperion has also arrived, just hope I can now focus the damn thing with the 2" diagonal and extension in place :0( I also understand after visiting the Baader site that if you unscrew the last portion of lenses on the Hyperion you get a 2nd eyepice with a 22mm focal length for the 5mm one anyway, not sure if anyone has tried this with a Hyperion, not sure if it is effective or is it best just to use as a 5mm? Thanks
  19. Yay, diagonal and extension tube arrived! Diagonal looks like some kind of serious kit! Just waiting for a clear night and my Hyperion to arrive so I can test drive them both! ;0)
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