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  1. And it isn't just the northern star, what else can you see all year round? which shouldn't be visable if you move behind a big object. And facing the other way at night.
  2. My point. If the north star is viable all year. This too must orbit the sun, otherwise how can it be behind us 365 days a year? If for 6 months of the year we couldn't see it because we where the other side of the sun and the sun was blocking our view that would make sense.
  3. Hello all. This is my first post on here so be nice ;-) is it true depending on where you live the north star is visable all year round? If this is so, and we as in planet earth orbit the sun, taking one year to complete then how is this star visable 365 days year? Surely at some point we would pass a point this shouldn't be possible to see. Or does it too orbit the sun, therefore the sun being the center of our galaxy and all in orbits around it? You see my point? Dumb question? You decide.
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