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  1. Can anyone advise if I could attach this to a William Optics Zenithstar 61? Thanks Andy
  2. I went to Goa last year. I was hoping for very dark skies, but sadly they weren't great. There's a huge amount of traffic and industry pollution
  3. Starfest II - NEAS display stands. http://youtu.be/xsDLi4IQJ4Y
  4. A quick tour of the trade stands at Starfest II http://youtu.be/3ytYlIsbtC4
  5. The next Starfest II video: http://youtu.be/ekSDLNBplOU
  6. There will be more vids to follow. And yes..... of course it was cloudy;)
  7. We'll be posting some videos of the event on our YouTube channel. Here's the first: Starfest II - Some of the hardwork behind the scenes
  8. I have a couple of pitches at Kelling in Red Squirrel if anyone needs a spot. PM me if you're interested. Andy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Even if the talks don't appeal, it's still worth going for the trade stands, members display stands, general astro chat etc. There should also be some solar observing if it's clear
  10. I'll be at Kelling Friday until Sunday. Some NEAS members are going Wednesday to Sunday. Andy
  11. Here's my intro. I am 38, live in Tiptree Heath with my Wife, no kids, just fish and Chickens. I have been into Astronomy for about 2 years and am now starting to delve into AP with my SW 250 PDS/NEQ6, ST80 guiding with QHY5v and imaging using a Canon 1100d. I am an active member of North Essex Astronomical Society who currently have a membership of 122! so there must be loads of astronomers in the whole of Essex. There's a few of us going to Kelling in Sept so perhaps we can look out for each other. I've never been to a star party, but it sounds like an idea to put a sign on your tent with your SGL name, so people know who you are? Andy
  12. Sorry for the mis-information, all this rain had convinced me that we can't be in BST (is it really that long since I used my scope? )
  13. We're not in British Summer Time yet so "Daylight Saving" should be - No
  14. Thanks guys. I'll go with the QHY5 as my SPS900 is not LX modded so I don't think it will pick out any stars for guiding.
  15. I have a Skywatcher ST80 to use as a guide scope and am not sure which guide cam to go for. In addition I would also like to use it as a plantary/lunar imager on my 250PDS. I know many people use the QHY5. Do you know if this is recognised by SharpCap, as this is what I use for my planetary imaging. Thanks:icon_salut:
  16. Welcome. You're my wife now Dave!!!
  17. Thanks Riklaunin. I'd have never of thought about the ST4 cable.
  18. Can this cam be used as a guide cam as well as for planetary imaging? I'm looking for a camera primarily for guiding, but good planetary/lunar imaging would be a bonus:) If the above is no good, what else would you suggest? QHY5? which version? Thanks Andy
  19. Hi Harry I live in Tiptree also, there's a couple more Astro folk in Tiptree as well. Head over to the North Essex Astronomical Society and come along to one of our meetings. Also you could meet us at Notley stargazing at the Discovery Centre on the 28th. See ya Andy
  20. Weather looks good for tonight:) It's gonna be a busy night at the Notley Discovery Centre in Braintree. Wrap up warm.
  21. Thanks, that's what I thought. Just wanted to check. Is there any reason why using the EQDIR module is any better than connecting serial via the handset?
  22. Hi Guys I am successfully controlling my SW 250PDS and NEQ6 via EQMOD using the serial cable that came with my NEQ6. I simply plug it into available port on the Synscan hanset and everything is fine. My question is that in order to put the controller into 'PC Direct Mode' I had to have already entered location, time, etc. Can you tell me if this information is ignored as soon as it is switched in PC Direct Mode in favour of the settings within EQMOD. Thanks
  23. Is this a special 'in store' price, as it seems to be £379.00 online at Currys? Looking to get one myself.
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