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  1. Do we still have any Tal 2 users on here? Been a few years since this topic was posted, I'm a new Tal fan having bought a cheap wrecked Tal 1 and restoring it, I then went and purchased a Tal 100r refractor and restored. Now I have acquired 2 x Tal 2 monsters that I wish to restore and use, (keep one for spares etc). Just in the process of stripping the mount down and oh boy bit more complicated than a Tal 1 mount! I've read the articles and downloaded Andy H's pdf's but if I get stuck do we still have experts on here to help?
  2. Hi Simon, Thank you for the warm welcome back, although i never really went away as astronomy never leaves you even when you have no scope, always find myself looking up at the stars at any opportunity. I managed to buy a Skywatcher 150p second hand recently as just a stop gap till i buy my main scope, i was very impressed with the builld quality of the SW hence why I would consider a 250p, price is very good too! Focusers can be easily upgraded if need be, love the base you made, quality! And yes we could do with some good weather and clear skies asap! All the best for new year Mike.
  3. Hi there That looks impressive and love custom made bases! Thank you for posting Mike.
  4. Hi David I totally forgot about brexit and the import duties/tax, should of bought one months ago! Appreciate the input, i'll have a look at those options Many thanks Mike.
  5. Hello to all, Im an old member returning to the hobby after a few years break and im scopeless of sorts. Problem now is choosing the right scope, things have moved on a little but not much, my previous scopes included a Meade 16" Lightbridge, an Orion XT10i, Meade LXD 75 refractor. The ideal scope for me now would be a 10" dobsonian, not too big too handle and purely for visual, i did consider a 12" dob but starts getting a bit awkward storing and transporting, bit like the 16" Meade did. I've been looking at the Orion XT10 plus as i didnt use the handset on my previous 10i and it seems a fair price, and also the TS GSO 10" deluxe scope but i have no experience or knowledge about these scopes, and the Sky Watcher 10" dob which is half the price of the Orion and GSO. Ideally i just want the best quality one out the choices i have, i know they might even roll out the same factory but there must be some slight differences with mirrors, focusers etc and the base obviously. I've been reading up on here and other forums but the more i look the more difficult its becoming. I live in the UK also so availability must be easy in a already dried up market Would really appreciate as much help as possible Thank you Mike.
  6. Hi all, Can someone tell me whereabouts to look for YU55 from the ground, which constellation/s it will be passing by. Cheers.
  7. Right I see what you mean now, thanks very much for saving me money on something which is no good for me, I already have a 2x & 3x barlow. I'll take a look at that website. Cheers Peter Regards, Mike.
  8. I will be using my 6" refractor f8
  9. Hi, I am pondering over these 2 Barlows: Astro Engineering AC685 supreme 5x photovisual Astro Engineering AC519 Imagemate 4x For use with spc900 webcam. Has anyone got any advice? Thanks Mike.
  10. For the begginer I would recommend a Dob as a first scope for easy set up and go, by the time you put together and set up an Equatorial Mount you could be well on your way viewing and enjoying with a Dob which is what its all about (getting the bug!) If you take to the hobby I would recommend getting an Equatorial Mounted goto scope as a second purchase in the future, 6" or 8" and then you have the option to start imaging too. Just remember if its a chore to set up, you will only get bored and sell up. Good luck Mike.
  11. Hi there, Sorry to hear about your disappointment, theres nothing worse. I also bought my Celestron 114 compact off ebay, stated as new condition hardly used, which was not the case. It had been messed about with so much it was unusable. Instead of getting mad with the seller i took this opportunity to learn a bit more about scopes. So completely stripped it down and rebuilt it, learned how to clean and centre spot the primary, centred the secondary in the tube and alligned it with the primary and tightened the tweaked the tripod and mount, now its a great pick up and go scope. More lessons learned! Good luck with your future purchase and do lots of research first. cheers, Mike.
  12. Hi Andrew, yeah doing my bit for the love of astronomy in Redcar, unfortunatly in the shadow of ICI Wilton so I know all about light pollution. I try to escape to Danby in the North Yorkshire moors when possible, great little site tucked away:hello2:. Hope your move will not spoil your views at all. That 16" gun was awesome but sadly I had to sell it as it was just too large to move and set it up by myself (pressure off the misses too, I was quite happy with it in the living room lol). Good luck! Regards, Mike.
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