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  1. Aaaaaaargh I'm still a couple of weeks short of a payout for this program I'm writing!
  2. I really miss looking at those southern constellations. 34 years living in Australia versus 7 years here in the UK, its no wonder I feel a little lost in the sky here. Nice shot, thank you for that. Alan
  3. I'm pretty sure my wife muttered "compensation" but I think she was at least half joking. She can be mean sometimes. I hadn't really thought about it, I might call it Phread. Alan
  4. Cheers astro imp, I'll definitely post something tomorrow, let's hope its good! Alan
  5. Yeah, my Astropanel is showing a bit of clear sky - I really hope I can get out. Alan
  6. Right then, I completed a trade of my Celestron 127SLT GoTo with a fellow forumite, Patrick1948, and a pleasure it was to deal with such a gentleman! Anyway, instead of my 127SLT I now have a lovely big SkyWatcher 250px Dobsonian. I've just familiarised myself with the collimation process and sorted myself out with the Telrad and so on, now I really want tonight to stay clear so I can have a good look around tonight. Here's hoping! Alan
  7. Aaaaargh, I really want to get one, but the pennies will take a couple more weeks. Alan
  8. Hiya Patrick - I haven't had a chance to do more than spy Saturn through the finder of that dob so far - clouds rolled in before I could do any more than that. Guess that's first light for the finder though! Alan
  9. Hah, thanks Nina! It wasn't a gallery so much as the a post with a few images in it - some that I took and some that I linked to from others. If you click on the images, one or two will take you to wackyscots flickr page. You lot are bad influences by the way - I just now had my "special" green laser arrive from gy3.co.uk and its amazing. Also, yesterday, Patrick1948 and I traded scopes - he has my Celestron 127 SLT, I have his SkyWatching 250PX dobsonian with Revelation Dual Speed focuser. To say I'm impressed is understating it, this thing looks amazing. David, I'm not sure my gear would fit in your car anymore. As it is, I'm really having to consider how to get the telescope onto the trolley. I have a feeling I'm gonna get REAL good at collimation in the field. Alan
  10. Hey don't forget the Celestron 127SLT is essentially the same OTA with a different handset - count those up as well! Alan
  11. I still consider myself an absolute noob at this stuff, but I can honestly say I don't fear collimation any more. My wife had given me a generic brand 76mm newtonian which was just impossible to use. While in the process of having an ill advised poke at it in an effort to improve matters, my screwdriver made something fall off. A little panic and a more reasoned search on the internet and I gathered the courage to completely dismantle it and put it together again. That feeling of satisfaction you get from that quantum leap is good. A worthy skill to have. Alan
  12. That's kind of my thinking as well. In all honesty, I'm unlikely to be doing much more than basic processing as a beginner. Not to mention that in reality, anything over 6mp is past what would have been considered amateur resolution in wet film photography. I don't think I'm an old git at 39, but I do remember photography class at high school in Australia, crowding into the dark room and developing the photos we had taken the day before. Tech has changed a bit since then. Alan
  13. Well, you could do it that way I guess, I was thinking about putting the OTA in some sort of suspension frame.
  14. It was bought with the intention of transporting a 10 inch dob, so I think it could, yeah. I think the trick will be to modify it a bit, but it should manage it. Alan
  15. Believe it or not, the trolley below has my telescope as well as a tent, sleeping bag, gas cooker, change of clothes, tarpaulin, and various other bits and pieces. The telescope is a Celestron 127SLT GoTo, so there is a power pack there as well. Image is crappy because it was taken with my phone at full arms length on a train. Alan
  16. I follow voyager 2 on Twitter, which is obviously someone from NASA posting for the account, but every day I get a message like this: @Voyager2: I am currently 13 hrs 08 mins 44 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2011:157:2L) And twelve hours later, the account posts a similar update about Voyager 1, who is currently 16 hours + away. Great info in that link, those spacecraft are fascinating. Alan
  17. Don't forget guys, its also on BBC iPlayer for some time. If you look around, there is a client for Android, iPhone and even the Nintendo Wii. I often wait till the kids are in bed and fire it up on the Wii. Alan
  18. Just put a little blog post up about this party! As you say, ROLL ON AUGUST! Alan
  19. That sounds an awful lot like some extremely useful information, thanks! Alan
  20. I have a full aperture filter I made for my 127SLT Maksutov-Cassegrain and while it isn't as big as your 200p, comparison between mine and a couple of 80 or 90mm refractors with marginally faster f-ratios shows me that the clarity and resolution of the image is vastly improved with higher powered eyepieces. In my telescope, I get a really large clear image with unbearable and penumbra clearly visible. I can also see what look like white slashes across the surface of the sun which I suspect have something to do with magnetic disturbances across the face of the disk. If I use my 25% neutral density moon filter on it, I find averted vision can show faint granularity across the face. Moving to higher powered eps, granularity is again faint, but visible with effort and umbra/penumbra are crystal clear right up to about 250 x magnification with my fairly bog standard eyepieces. From my experience, I would go for at least four of your eight inches of aperture for the filter. Also, it is worth going to the trouble of constructing the filter cell rather than using velcro underneath the lens cap. Reason I say that is because with the filter underneath the lens cap, it is very much out of sight, out of mind. If you go to the trouble of making a nice, tight, deep fitting filter cell which doesn't blow off in a strong wind, you will be very conscious of it. See my blog for details of my homemade one. Alan
  21. That's the most inspiring thing I've seen for some time, I love it. Alan
  22. Off to do that right now, cheers! Alan
  23. Hey that's good shopping, that's about a hundred quid less than I've seen them there. I've found a couple of places selling 1000D's for around 350 pounds, brand new, so it seems they are certainly out there. Alan
  24. Please disregard the above, I just properly read the requirements, mine is just silly. Alan
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