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  1. Spacebabe, for convenience, adaptability, bang for your buck and quality, its pretty hard to go past the SkyWatcher SkyLiner 200p dobsonian.

    If you have a look at our sponsors - First Light Optics - website, you will see that the 200p Dobsonian is around £280, which leaves you another £120 to get a wide view eyepiece to go with it.

    The advantage with that telescope is that should you choose to, you can mount the OTA on an EQ mount later should you choose to.

    My 0.02p


  2. @PortableAstronomer - my steps has need diagnosed with ADHD and I myself have been diagnosed and am being treated for adult ADD. I scored 31on that test.

    My wife has often wondered allowed what her life would be like if it wasn't filled with people who register other than normal on the spectrum.

    When I read out the post above, in which you mentioned scraping the page for the figures, she started howling with laughter and said she wants to have a drink with your partner and swap stories.

    She's a weirdo at times.


  3. Hi all,

    After seeing Mike's (Demon Barber) 15 inch Obsession dobsonian and falling passionately in lust with it, I have been doing a little bit of research on the computer system these amazing telescopes use.

    The name of the software is Argo Navis - unfortunately I'm on my phone so I can't drop the url in this post.

    In short, it is an Australian system which doesn't just supply Obsession USA, they also sell aftermarket kits which will fit to just about any mount made, motorised or not.

    As I said, I've been researching it a bit and it seems that for the full hardware/software kit, unmotorised, including postage and ready for you to fit, costs less than £500.

    That sounds a lot, I know, but looking at the system, it left me thinking it was actually rather inexpensive considering the overall quality.

    All that out of the way, can anyone think of any alternatives? A push to system makes a lot of sense for a dob. I know Revelation did one, was it available as a self fit system?

    Were there any others? What are peoples thoughts on systems like this?


  4. looks like you have had a chance to observe many great sights that not many of us have managed to see :)

    Sadly, I was either too silly or too busy to pay as much attention to them as I would now.

    I paid enough attention to feel like Scosmico - a bit homesick.

    I grew up in Canberra, which is littered with organisations like Mt Stromlo Observatory and the Australian National University Observatory, as well as things like the Ororral River tracking station (now defunct). What I didn't find out until shortly before I left was that from the start, Canberra had rules and regulations governing how much light pollution could be generated by the city. Not much, by the way, which made casual naked eye observing in Canberra pretty much an unconcious thing.

    What would you do if you could turn back time?


  5. Alpha - hopping to a DSO in the sky is a big deal, especially when battling through light pollution and inexperience. I'm very much a newbie myself and I have to say, the satisfaction from finding what you were looking for is hard to beat. Doing it for the first time is fabulous and not something to forget.

    It does tend to sink the hook a little deeper though.


  6. Nice first light Steelfixer!

    I was out last night for the second time with my new dobsonian myself and found the clouds did me a massive favour - they ducked in front of the moon and suddenly the skies seemed full of stars. Managed to star hop with the aid of my telrad to M13 for the first time ever. Real feeling of satisfaction when that happens. Now if only I had remembered to take my moon filter out before I went hunting, I would have got so much more detail on it.

    Keep it up, enjoy it, thats what its for,


  7. Swampy, I just traded away from my first scope, a Mak-Cas 127, to a 250px dob.

    Both fantastic telescopes, but have different functions, which I understand now I have tried both of them.

    When they say a 127SLT is a good planetary scope, it means that it is fabulous for zooming on features on planets, like craters and so on. I used mine for white light solar observing, which was incredible - a 9mm ep on a 1500mm focal length telescope gives truly detailed views of umbra/penumbra in the sun.

    If it helps, think Mak-Cas is great for bright objects, large reflectors are great for faint objects and SLTs sit in the middle.

    Thing is though, the higher the aperture, the higher the practical magnification. So, while I have no idea what the actual figures are, I think a 200p will get similar clarity at high power as the 127SLT will at the same magnification.

    However, a 130p reflector will show a featureless blur at the same magnification.

    As a starter scope then, it would make sense to get as much aperture as you can afford.

    Hope that helps,


  8. This site does not allow new users to see the second hand sales until 50 posts are made ...... what's that all about. It's the new comers that need access to the second hand equipment to get them started.

    That's not the first time that's been said, but I think there was a problem with some "dodgy bob" style traders in there.

    50 posts and a month isn't too onerous really - especially in the summer when its hard to get a nights observing in.


  9. Thing I'm thinking ac79, is if you hold out for an incremental improvement on anything you buy, whether its a camera, computer or telescope, there is a danger you will find yourself constantly holding out and never actually getting anything.

    I think the trick is to establish your level and find the version which matches or slightly exceeds your ability. That way you have room to grow into it.

    Personally, while I have some half remembered theory from high school, I'm prepared to call myself a complete newbie to digital photography at any level greater than a mobile phone camera.

    I reckon a 450D, 1000D or 1100 will do just nicely for me.


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