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  1. Well...I've got to say...I was pretty speachless last night. Got the kit set up, was an awful evening for it. So much light pollution and felt like I was inside an orange bubble......but it all paid off because I got the view I've been waiting for. I can see why everyone raves about it now because it really is a site. Got a couple pictures but suprisingly got a good video of it as well using a handheld point and shoot Canon jobby. Nothing special but I have to give it to my missus for being steady handed. The video itself is uploaded to facebook at the moment, but will try and find a hosting site and give you guys a link to check it out. Fantastic site. Cannot wait for Galloway Forest next week now.
  2. Stockport isn't but guess Cheadle Hulme a little more so but its no Alderley Edge! Have been in Edgeley for the past 5 years but circumstances changed and I tell you what....Edgeley is definately not posh, nor is good for light pollution! So a trip back to the folks house for the time being and a lot less light pollution suits me just fine!
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I'm in Cheadle Hulme in the Stockport area if you're familiar with that. Will get some results up here at some point this week. Nothing mega, only some moon pictures that I was impressed with. Anybody in the Stockport area on here?
  4. Thanks for your responses. Much appreciated. Can't be sure of the super-wide specs at the moment but will find the details when I'm back. Skies are looking good at the moment here in Manchester but know they can change within 20 mins. Off to Galloway Forest again at the end of next week for the 2nd time so hoping for clear skies again there. Was absoloutly fantastic last summer with the meteor shower. Perfect view - only disapointment was the number of flies and midgies! Thanks for the reference to Stellarium. I actually have that already together with Pocket Universe for my iPhone which I have been very impressed with. Should the skies stay as they are then I will be setting up tonight and hopefully get a good glimpse of Saturn. Thanks again for your pointers and will let you know how I get on.
  5. How much detail are you able to make out with your set up? Are you able to make out the rings going round it or is it more a bright blob but know that it is saturn? - just out of interest so I know what to expect.
  6. Hi All, Apologies if this is a repeat question. I have a Skywatcher 200P on an EQ5 mount. Have viewed Jupiter throughout Winter and been able to get some good results and pictures showing Jupiter and 4 of its moons. However, it is very small and you can't make out any detail on the pictures as much as I'd like to. My concern with this is that i'm worried i'll be able to see nothing of Saturn at all if I set up and start viewing. I don't have motors or a GoTo system but like I did with Jupiter, i'd hope that manual tracking should suffice - even just to view. The lenses available to me are the super wide, standard 10mm, and the 2 x barlow lens. Can anyone please give me any tips on somthing i'm perhaps doing wrong or perhaps my expectations are out with my 8inch reflector. I know these should primarily be used for deep space photography but would like to see if I can make my setup work for me in this case. Would appreciate any tips or advice that could help me get a nice glimpse of Saturn - are my expections to high in expecting to see any rings from our planet and with the kit I have? Thanks! Chris
  7. Hi All, After receiving a few recommendations to join, I've finally done it. First impressions are that this is exactly what I've been looking for. Fairly new on the scene in terms of astro-photography and telescope set ups. Purchased my first scope back in December last year. After much deliberation I went for the Skywatcher 200P on the EQ5 mount. Am yet to buy any motors or GoTo systems as want to improve my skill and learn as opposed to entering co-ordinates and going 'WOW!'. For photography I use a Canon 10D SLR. Have the SLR attachment for attaching to the scope together with the super-wide, barlow 2x and standard 10mm lenes for viewing. Also a T adapter to allow the barlow 2 x magnification through the SLR. Have got a few questions to ask about my set up and how best to get results. So far have got some great pictures of the moon and some of Jupiter with 4 of its moons (with some manual tracking very often!) I'll leave it at that I think but look forward to getting to know you all better and sure I'll be speaking to some of you soon. Thanks Chris
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