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  1. Hi everyone, After trying out some imaging of the moon and saturn last weekend I now want to upgrade my mount to allow for longer captures and possible exposures (Would the spc1 mod for the spc900 be sufficient for imaging M42 and M31?). I know a HEQ5 is considered to be a lot better, but unfortunately that mount is far beyond my budget - even secondhand. However, since I'd only be using 10-20second exposures (spc1 mod limitations?) I'm hoping the EQ5 mount would be capable of this? To anyone to has bought a dobsonian and later attached the tube to a EQ mount, what additional items did you need to buy? I assume the tube rings, do you need to buy the dovetail too? I'm looking at getting this mount: Skywatcher - Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe along with either single or dual axis motor (surely if the mount is polar aligned I'd only need single?) and perhaps a polarscope and maybe a decent plossl + UHC filter for observing DSOs (will unlikely be able to image the DSOs this summer due to cost of modded spc900 - unable to do it myself) Sorry if this post is incoherent, have so many questions and the learning curve from Alt-az to EQ seems steep
  2. Im looking at an EQ5 now Would I gain much more stability and precision with an EQ5 mount over the EQ3-2? EQ5 is on the limits of my spending (just a lowly physics student)
  3. Hey all, New user to these forums, thought i'd share my first image of Saturn. I had to hold the webcam up to the focusser as Im still waiting for my IR filter + adapter (grrr SnS) I'm really pleased with the results, I was expecting a lot worse. Safe to say I have now fallen down the slippery slope of astrophotography and will be intending on purchasing a EQ3-2 mount + single axis motor drive. May even attempt the Long exposure mod for some nebulae imaging Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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