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  1. Living near 2 USAF bases in Suffolk (1 fighter base and 1 tanker base) I get these all the time. It is a large aircraft.
  2. This man was responsible for rekindling my love for astronomy. He will be sadly missed. He had a great life, who inspired generations and probably millions of people. The greatest memorial anyone can have is not made of stone or bronze, but is measured by how much they are missed. Keith
  3. Neil passed away today after complications from his heart surgery a few days ago set it. Keith
  4. Research for research sake it one of the things that sets us above the rest of the animals on this world. My dog never asked itself "What If". While it is deplorable that there are children in this world without clean drinking water, that is something that has always been the case and always will be the case, just because we live in a flooded country doesn't mean it is our responsibility to see that everyone has plenty of clean drinking water. Alcohol and tobacco, I hardly drink myself, the occasional can of larger (so far 8 cans since New Years) and even though I do smoke (I will quit when I
  5. On the plus side of things though is, after it is built you may be able to get the supermarket buy you out for a lot more than the house is worth as compensation for changing your quality of life. Also I was told by a district counsellor who has a seat on the planning committee that it is virtually impossible to get agricultural land re-zoned for re-development but I believe these retail/business park or inter-prize zones get away with because it is just changing use from one form of commercial use for another form.
  6. They say the price is RM 153. What the hell is RM? I can't find it on the conversion websites.
  7. Something similar except on the WO one it is flat on the bottom, so I need to remove the scope clamp on my mount and replace it with a piece that replaces that so I cam bolt the combo plate to it. Altair astro do one for each EQ6. My mount is badged as a NEQ6 but it only has the Vixen clamp so it must be an ordinary EQ6. It's just the bit you remove and replace on the mount is different internally. The only way to be sure is to remove mine and see before I order. Looking at the drawings at the bottom it appears I have the standard EQ6 mount that some so and so just put the new badges on! Keith
  8. I have a NEQ6 bought December 2009 and it only has the Vixen puck not the Losmandy one. Was I sold an older EQ6 just rebadged then? I have recently bought a William Optics combo plate and need to change the puck on my mount. There are two available, one is straight sided the other has angled sides. Is there any way I can tell which mine is before I strip it down as I don't want to order the wrong puck adaptor or wait until I strip the mount down before ordering because you just know we will get a break in the weather if I have to go that route. Keith
  9. I have just bought a QHY8L ccd, I usually use a Canon 450D astro modded DSLR. All I can say is with just one imaging session under my belt with the QHY8L I am absolutely blown away with the result. I will probably never use the 450D again. In DSS you need to set the Debayering to "Generic GBRG" DON'T use the "QHY8" one. I captured a very nice M81/M82 using a Baader Neodymium LP filter AND there was a full moon up and I can tell you I captured more detail in the dust lanes of M81 with 20 x 120s exposures with the QHY8L than I did a few months back with the modded DSLR shooting 30 x 180s exposur
  10. Hi all. I experimented with the Carey mask a while back and found the Bahtinov to be far superior. After reading this thread today I made several for my William Optics Megrez 102 varying in width of the bars in 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 11mm, 13mm and 15mm. I went outside tonight and tried every one of them on Jupiter then Bettleguise and all I could see was a big blurry ball with some very faint spikes but I could not distinguish when I reached focus. With a Bahtinov mask no problem at all on either target. I was using my 450D with live preview on the LCD screen and x10 magnification. I am not just
  11. Hi, I just shine a keyfob LED down the finder. Keith
  12. Be extra careful not to get it in your eyes too or that will be your stargazing and imaging finished for good!
  13. OMG Olly! Well one good thing about the style of construction you have used is you can remove the wood work and just add another three layers of breeze block to raise evrything higher. Keith
  14. I started using this stuff over 30 years ago! Keith
  15. Looks like 3 maybe 4 of them now
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