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  1. Actually the only prison in the city of Joliet was closed several years ago. It's still used as a movie set (Prison Break TV Series 1st season). I do live about 3 miles from Stateville penitentiary which is also famous and kind of considered Joliet. There are no lights there unless there's an escape.. jp
  2. I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm retired and have been away from Astronomy for several years. I dug out my LXD55 8" SN and was messing with it and decided that I need something more portable and easier to set-up. I live in a area with a lot of trees and light pollution. I've been doing a lot of research and have decided on a Celestron 8" CPC, it looks like just what I'm looking for and everyone that has one seems to like it. I am now just crusing the forums and soaking up all the information I can. I'm sure I'll have questions, especially after I get my new scope. jp
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