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  1. Hi, Would like to take this at the asking price please. Go to PM?
  2. I am also thinking of travelling to the States for this. Can anyone advise on the pro and cons of east vs west coast weather wise? Clearly the east is a shorter flight the UK.
  3. 4am in south Bucks - only the Moon was just visible through clouds. Try again tomorrow I suppose.
  4. Sadly very likely going to be cloudy in south Bucks too.
  5. Anyone planning to wake up early for this?
  6. I am going to have a go as well. BBC weather forecast cloudy but http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/ says clear in Bucks
  7. Very nice image. I have a similar setup but used a prime canon lens. (300mm). Found it quite difficult to nail the focus even with live view.
  8. Lucky cloud break just before egress in Wendover, Bucks. Saw it with a Binomate for possibly less than 30s.
  9. Congrats. That was my first planet too!
  10. I think the BBC and radio stations made it sound very easy but with my limited experience with telescopes I found it quite hard, even with quite a lot of aperture, particularly to ascertain that I was not looking at just another star.
  11. Think I spotted it with this chart http://www.popastro.com/images/news/2011FE.png From my suburban skies no chance of spotting M101 but at the expected location just about spotted a faint star at the expected location in a 100mm bino (on tripod). Took me a while to orientate my bearing but clearly seen as a star in a 16 inch dob but still no sign of M101.
  12. I could see 2 moons to the right of Saturn last night. Saw them in a 20x100 bino but much clearer in a 12 inch dob. Titan and Rhea?
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