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  1. Interested in the helical focuser. Does the photo show the M31 to T2 adapter attached?
  2. Hi, Would like to take this at the asking price please. Go to PM?
  3. I am also thinking of travelling to the States for this. Can anyone advise on the pro and cons of east vs west coast weather wise? Clearly the east is a shorter flight the UK.
  4. 4am in south Bucks - only the Moon was just visible through clouds. Try again tomorrow I suppose.
  5. Sadly very likely going to be cloudy in south Bucks too.
  6. Anyone planning to wake up early for this?
  7. I am going to have a go as well. BBC weather forecast cloudy but http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/ says clear in Bucks
  8. Very nice image. I have a similar setup but used a prime canon lens. (300mm). Found it quite difficult to nail the focus even with live view.
  9. Lucky cloud break just before egress in Wendover, Bucks. Saw it with a Binomate for possibly less than 30s.
  10. Congrats. That was my first planet too!
  11. I think the BBC and radio stations made it sound very easy but with my limited experience with telescopes I found it quite hard, even with quite a lot of aperture, particularly to ascertain that I was not looking at just another star.
  12. Think I spotted it with this chart http://www.popastro.com/images/news/2011FE.png From my suburban skies no chance of spotting M101 but at the expected location just about spotted a faint star at the expected location in a 100mm bino (on tripod). Took me a while to orientate my bearing but clearly seen as a star in a 16 inch dob but still no sign of M101.
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