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  1. Awesome!! I cant wait to view Jupiter for the first time. With out traveling to a dark site early in the morning (or staying up late), I will have to wait. I have pine trees to the east of my house that block it early in the morning.
  2. My wife was the one to encourage me to find something I enjoyed. She will travel to dark sites and also helps me find new ones to go too. She has always come to look at whatever I have found in my scope. Not always as joyful as I am about it. Over all very supportive. The only thing is once I get to rolling and start talking about DSOs, equipment, etc.... Her eyes get the hazy look. I figure I have a good 15 minutes to start talking and I then I lose her.
  3. I scored a 19. I think I tend to be obsessive compulsive than anything. Or just obsessed. Once I sink my claws into something I tend to not let go.
  4. All good vehicles of exploration deserves a name. If you could/would name your scope, just for fun, what would it be? For me the first name for mine off the top of my head is the "Eye of Orion".
  5. Probably total bs. If, and I use that loosely, that were true it would be cool. As stated above it will give me something to look for though for the heck of it.
  6. I live in Alabama in the US and the weather has been clear, rather it has been free of clouds for a few weeks, but it's so hot with highs in the upper 90s F and hazy. The sky has taken a more whitish hazy hue than a blue look. The humidity is through the roof so I'm having some condensation problems. All in all it's kinda cruddy. I have learned some valuable lessons is dew and condensation control though. In about 5 minutes the dew turned me from a budding astronomer to a babbling idiot, at a family reunion to showcase my skills, saying "I don't know what's wrong".
  7. Are narrow band and nebula filters are as good as billed. I was looking up some on Orion's website. They interest me for sure. But I was wondering are they all that they are supposed to be?
  8. I found M13 about two months ago and it was a awesome sight. We had some nasty storms and tornadoes roll through and knocked the power out for five days or so. As bad as that was it made for nice viewing with the street lights off. I found M13 and was mesmerized by it. To think of how many stars are in that one spot in the sky is amazing.
  9. The first time I saw Saturn I was using a 25mm and i could barely see the outline of the rings and maybe a moon or two. I was jumping up and down and I went running into the house yelling for my wife I just kept screaming "I found Saturn...I found Saturn". It was something I'll never forget.
  10. Actually for me it was the other way around. I always have loved fantasy. For way ever reason I found The Universe on Netflix and I watched it. After the second episode I was hooked and a couple of weeks later my Orion XT8 arrived. I have branched out into reading scifi and I find some of it entertaining. Though fantasy books are still my first love.
  11. Awesome stuff there. Its an amazing journey it has been on.
  12. I was looking at getting two new lenses. I have been reading up on the Orion Stratus wide angle lens. I like what I see so far. All I have currently is a Celestron kit with 6, 8, 13, 17, 25, 32mm Plossls. I would like to find at least one or two more good ones, preferably wide angle I think. I have an 8" Dob and DSO seems to be my targets of choices. I tend to use the 8, 13, 32mm the most. Any one have any suggestions on any good ones. Price is an issue unfortunately so i guess around $100 a piece I think
  13. I can't really upgrade to a new scope anytime in the see-able future, but what I can do is upgrade and add to the scope I have now. What would be some good upgrades and changes I could make to my scope now? I have an Orion XT8 classic Dobsonian scope. It performs excellent and I have zero complaints. I have the basic 25mm plossl that came with the scope and a basic Celestron plossl eye piece kit. The kit includes a 6mm, 8mm, 13mm, 17mm, 32mm, and a 2x Barlow lens. I know there are upgrades to different lenses. I've been researching different lenses and brands. I really haven't settled on anything in particular yet. I do live in what would be considered a moderately LP area. I can make out some galaxies from my front yard, for example M51 is barely viable as a faint faint fuzzy. I have to pay close attention to spot it. I know there are filters that claim to help in LP areas, are these worth a good look and possibly purchase one? I am enjoying astronomy very much and I am combating "aperture fever" haha, but I like to tinker around and upgrade as I can. I am new to the hobby and I am learning as much as I can as fast as I can but I still have a very limited knowledge. Forgive me if my questions seem elementary but I'm trying. :-) And after some though on a boring day at work.... Is there anyway to put the optical tube on a different mount if I wanted? It has two knobs on either side of the tube for the dob mount but I suppose I could take those off if needed.
  14. Good job!!! I tried and tried, to the point of frustration and the uttering of small expletives escaping my lips, to find it the other night. I can't wait to find it.
  15. I tried again tonight and looked and studied it and let my eyes adjust and I can make out some detail.
  16. I'm using an Orion XT8 with a 17mm EP and a Barlow 2x lens to view Saturn. I can see the rings very well and make out where the rings pass in front of the planet. I can see the separation of the rings and planet. Don't get me wrong I love being able to see this. This observing makes me breathless every time. The thing I can't really do though is make out much color, everything is more "bright" than a color. Also I can't make out much of the of the atmosphere. Am I using the wrong combination of lenses or is my scope not quite large enough to make out more detail. I very new to astronomy and I'm still learning my scope.
  17. Thanks so much. I was on my lunch at work and just typed it out quickly with out checking the Messier numbers. That helps out. I'm thinking of going to darker skies tonight for a better look.
  18. I have an Orion XT8 with a 35 mm lens and I was trying to find them last night. I think I did but not certain. Is it possible to have both of these in the same FOV and how faint might they be? It was almost two faint faint smudges in my scope. Is my scope even capable of seeing them any better?
  19. It got really bad. Tornadoes have ripped through the state. The death toll is currently 200+ with close to a million homes and businesses with out power and whole towns are wiped out. I was just teasing about being cursed. Now I wished I had not even joked about it. It's truly a sad day.
  20. Eh I guess I shouldn't complain to much. I havent personally been affected by all the storms. We are buckling down for a real nasty round coming through tonight into tomorrow. April is the worst weather month for us. Ive used my scope enough to see the rings of Saturn and Orion's Nebula. I cant wait for a good clear dark night to really get down to business.
  21. I've heard it thrown around the forum before... But now I think the curse has claimed me as well. I am new to astronomy and I have had my new scope for less than a month and during this time we have had the craziest weather. The weather has yet to cooperate with me in the slightest. We have had tornadoes, hail, sever weather almost once a week. It will cloud up really bad so I will decide not to take my scope out only to clear up instantly after dusk or vice versa. Is this some cosmic hazing or initiation or what?
  22. I live in Alabama and on those hot hot humid nights even if the thunderstorm is far away I can still see the flashes from it. I agree it was probably heat lightening. I just walked my dog out and i saw heat lightening, looking up i have clear skies with visible stars, but yet I can see the flashes from the heat lightening. I checked the weather radar and the thunderstorm I am seeing it from is probably close to 70 miles away.
  23. Astronomy, I will admit, has been a very recent obsession of mine. Like everything else I do though I have jumped in feet first and I haven't slowed down yet. I have played video games for years then one day I took my pup out and I looked up and I realized that I had been playing games about created worlds, yet I knew practically nothing about the real one. I soon began to watch tv shows and reading articles. I borrowed a set of binoculars and found Orion's Nebula and a few star clusters. I was hooked from then on. I sold my gaming gear and I bought an Orion XT8, Celestron EP kit, and a few star charts. I stumbled upon Stargazers Lounge, now its one of my favorite sites to browse. SoulFrenzy
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