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  1. Enjoy the site, plenty on here !
  2. Hi Chris Thanks for your post, I currently work in Ware so a quick trip to Hertford Cameras looks on the cards, I didn’t realize that shop was there, so that’s most useful to know., I will keep you posted on what they have in the shop. I agree that the light pollution Harlow can be bad, however I’m lucky as I live near Harlow common which is pretty dark, also some nights from my garden the sky is clear without an Orange glow, so I think I’ll be ok on that front. All the best Matt
  3. Hey lw24 Thanks for going to the effort of your post, some useful information to consider, I’m understanding more and more regarding the different types of telescopes (Reflector/Refractor), The Reflector look a lot bigger but I’m guessing you get better results but with out the portability and also seem to be cheaper, I’m also now understanding that you can buy telescopes and mount’s separately, I thought these came together as a single unit, but it looks like people mix and match on the equipment. To be honest the only scopes I’ve been looking at are the Nexstar 6SE / Meade ETX125 as they both looked easy to use for a novice and they also seem to be fairly portable and they both have to goto capability ( I now see the mount is the part with the goto feature ) Now after reading through your post & forum I can see that the brand Sky watcher seem to be a popular choice, I don’t really know much about the company ( I need to do some research on that one) I guess I will need to do some more research to make sure I don’t waste money, I will do some more reading through this forum and figure out what scope meets my wish list which is:- Fairly portable telescope with a goto mount / powerful enough for me not to want a bigger one after a couple of weeks / for views on the moon, planets, deep sky objects / maybe to have the option to take some pictures I’ll keep you posted on how I get on. Thanks again Matt
  4. Hello users of SGL I’m not sure if I’m posting the forth coming questions in the right place. I’ve been wanting to get into Astronomy for a long time now, After a recent trip to Oz (Wilsons promontory) I saw the Milky Way in all its Glory and thought its time to get a telescope, I’ve already done some research and I’m familiar with some of the telescope brands like Celestron,Meade, Sky Watcher. I think it would be useful for me to go to a telescope shop and talk with a dealer on which telescope to go for, I got an idea on what I’m looking for by reading some of the many useful posts from the users of this forum. My questions are:- Are there any recommended telescope shops in the Essex/Hertfordshire region? I’m from Harlow Personal recommendations on a budget of £600-1000 Thanks for any feedback which is left Matt
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