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  1. Thanks for the advice! I'm gathering information for my Hunt list, but from my balcony the Cancer constellation is too low on the sky, and almost hidden by buildings and LP :<. I will definitely need to try the binos on a clear, dark sky area, but the Phoenix Park in Dublin doesn't seems safe enough to go alone in the middle on the night, I've read story about amateur stargazer being stalked by creeper while observing the sky here
  2. So the moon do mess up with Deep sky object around? I was wondering that. That's reassuring, maybe the LP isn't that disturbing after all.
  3. Actually, the sentence is right ^^.
  4. Frak yes, first light with these great binoculars I got a couple of days ago! To set the stage, I live in Ireland, so it's really cloudy most of the time, and quite a lot of light pollution, but luckily my flat is on the 4th floor, and I have a nice balcony. 22h: Oh damn it, frakking clouds, just get the hell out of my sky! 23h: Are you kidding me? You damn stupid country! I can't even see the moon! 00h00: Come on! For the love of... Oh wait, where are the clouds? So I set up everything rapidly, deploy my cheap tripod, put the 15x70, prepare my computer with Stellarium and some other paper m
  5. Hello there, Well, hm, what should I say... Right, I'm 19, I'm French but I live in Dublin (Silly idea, isn't it? ), and I've started really learning about astronomy couple of months ago, I've always been facinated by the sky, but it's only recently that I told myself "Come on, do it for frak sake!". So I've read books, done some naked-eyes stargazing, and here I am... When I think about it; learning about the sky, understanding what's out there, I can't help myself but to wonder "Why isn't everyone interested in astronomy?". I mean, let's take an exemple: When you move into a new town on your
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