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  1. I thought that I would provide an update to help anyone else stumbling across this post in future with a similar problem. Balance was clearly an issue. Having the scope fixed directly to the mount with the guidercam offset was clearly causing problems at certain positions. I fixed this by placing the scope in rings allowing me to rotate and keep the guidercam in line with the centre of gravity. I then dialled in anti backlash settings using the software handset (for reference I left RA at 0 and Dec at 9). In PHD I increased Dec duration to 300ms and reduced RA duration to 750ms. I now have an almost flat graph in PHD. The stars no longer start shifting out of view. I can take exposures in excess of 30mins each. Finally, I have one dedicated 88ah battery for mount power and use a second 17ah battery for the Camera and Dew controller. Returning to a faulty home position is no longer a problem. Thank you to all who replied. You gave me food for thought and inspiration to seek out the information I needed to lick the problem.
  2. I put the scope into tube rings and then attached it to the mount. This allowed me to position the finder cam so that it was directly above the mount when in its home position. This has allowed me to balance the scope in all axis :-) The proof will be tonight if the clouds move out as predicted. Still not sure about the issue with the scope not returning home when commanded but each step at a time.
  3. Possibly. I'll check that out. Thanks.
  4. I did wonder about a power issue insofar as the home position, but am using a fully charged 88Ah battery to power the mount so am a little puzzled as to why this would lead to a power dip.
  5. I suspect that the balance problem stems from the fact the the finder that I use as a guide cam is offset from the centre of the tube, because of the position compared to the dovetail i.e. It is not directly above it. I have a spare set of tube rings and am toying with the idea of using those to ensure the finder sits directly above the dovetail. Thoughts?
  6. Thank you for the replies. I've been out to check the balance again and made some adjustments. I take it is usual to have good balance on one side of the sky and then find that the balance is out when looking at the other side?
  7. And something else I've noticed also. If I try to use the handset to return the scope to its home position ( which is pre set with the hands software) after the problems, the scope sends itself to some obscure position.
  8. I'm guiding using a QHY5-II with 50mm finder. I have polar aligned my scope. I can guide quite happily for 5-10 minutes and then all of a sudden all the stars start shifting left at a rate of knots and PHD stops guiding. Does any one have any ideas before I kick the **** thing down the street :-(
  9. I've not had a problem so far. I find 1 second exposures work fine for me.
  10. Hi, I use a SPC900 with lx mod together with a 50mm finder through PHD and have no problems. Hope that helps
  11. Hi, There is an option in Sharpcap to increase the image size (it's near the option to use a reticle from memory). This only resizes the image for the purposes of focus. You can use a Barlow to increase the size or drizzle in Regisrax. I used to do 3 mins at a time. Hope that helps.
  12. I bought myself some black combat style trousers full of "man pockets" and they work a treat.
  13. Can I make a suggestion? I had the same on one of my scopes and I took the foot off the scope and fixed the finder directly to the scope.
  14. Thank you all for the kind comments. Can't wait to get out again.
  15. It took 3 consecutive nights to get everything hooked up, but here's my first DSO. 4 x 300s @ ISO 1600 Using: Celestron 127SLT Celestron CG5 Goto Canon 450D Modded Astronomik CLS CCD Filter LX SPC900 and finder as a guidecam And, most importantly.... Celestron's inbuilt Polar Align routine I'm happy with this as a starting point. Comments welcome.
  16. Can you please explain how you managed to get the two to talk to each other as I am tearing my hair out. I have the same mount I guide using phd via GPUSB - this works fine I align using the hand set - this works fine When I run APT it will not recognise the mount Thanks
  17. Thanks all for the quick replies. The video was very useful and I've got the software loaded now . Now I've got to persuade the wife to come to B&Q bubble checking with me..........
  18. One other question if I may..... As I have the goto but want to use it for imaging, do I do the drift alignment before I align using the handset or vica versa? Thanks
  19. Cheers :-) As an aside I checked my level against another level and one of them is out!
  20. Sorry to jump in on this thread but I've got this mount too and am about to embark on learning now to drift align. First things first, I understand life is a lot easier if I start with the mount level and its here that I'm stumped! The bubble on the mount shows that the mount is level, however a sprit level on the tripod suggests it isn't. Which is right? Can the mount be level when the tripod isn't or are all the pictures in my house crooked because the level is out? By eye it looks straight but I'm not certain...... As ever, any input that can stop me trying to Google this to death will be gratefully appreciated.
  21. I'd be a little concerned if all three clips weren't in place - particularly given the state of the secondary when it arrived. Is it worth you trying to send it back for an exchange?
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