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  1. Thanks for the info chum. I e:mailed Telescope House and was told that they last had the Revelation 12" in stock about four years ago. If they are the sole stockist it looks as if that scope is no longer available.
  2. I have searched the net and cannot find anyone who stocks these scopes. Even Telescope House does not seem to have these in stock now. Does anyone know of a UK stockist?
  3. OneSG

    Hi there

    Hi Croy and Bunny. On the advice offered to others, which I gleaned while perusing forum posts, I ordered the book. "Turn Left At Orion." It arrived today so I will be swatting up starting tonight. Thank you all for the suggestions.
  4. OneSG

    Hi there

    PalebluedotI know I have accessed the wonderful photograhpy of RobH. That stuff is absoluteley amazing.I did post a thank you for the other welcomers yesterday but the post never went in for some reason. Anyhow I acknowledge, again in most instances, nobby tate, david O, brantuk, Fija, michigander, and Astromart. Thank you for the regognition. A bettertomorrow there can be no comparison between Wales and Leicester. Come home boyo.
  5. OneSG

    Hi there

    I posted a reply but it seems to have gone into orbit somehow. Sorry folks.
  6. OneSG

    Hi there

    Hi there Spikey. The places you mention are quite some distance from me. When I say "quite some distance" it is about 40 miles off. I live on the very tip of the Llyn Peninsula near Aberdaron. PM me before your next visit and maybe we can arrange a meet. If you have a touring caravan there are some good sites here. The fishing is good too, if you fish
  7. OneSG

    Hi there

    Thanks for the advice MM but I have just taken a look outside and we are completely covered by clouds.
  8. OneSG

    Hi there

    Thank you Horus.
  9. Would someone please explain the name "plossl" to me? Is that a trade name or does it refer to something else? There is a wide price range between lenses. Does the quality differ to the degree inferred by, what appears to be, the exorbitant prices?
  10. OneSG

    Hi there

    Thank you all for the very nice welcome messages. I just need to find my way around the forum now.
  11. OneSG

    Hi there

    Hi everyone. I am a newbie and know ziltch about astronomy. I purchased a new 8" Celestron on a very large mount 3-4 years ago and it has not, as yet, been outside. I diidn't know about collimation or anything about setting up a scope. I purchased a laser collimator this week and I have been trying to understand how to go about things. The instructions I had with my scope were very basic and explained nothing really. I have a planisphere, which also came this week , and I have been trying to understand what I am looking at in the night sky. I am currenty negotiating for a new 12" Celestron Dobsonian FlexTube. This may be easier for me to handle. I live in North Wales and the night sky here is abosolutely fantastic. I don't have the light polution suffered by city dwellers. There is no Astronomy club close to where I live as far as I know so, hopefully, I will be able to pick the brains of the more experienced on the forum.
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