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  1. Thank you all for your replies, most helpful as always, My 'scope is a Skywatcher 127 Mak
  2. it does have live view, I'll experiment with it the next time I can get out with the scope, thanks guys.
  3. I suspect I may be being a bit dim here, with the T adaptor attached to the camera the aperture setting on the display is very small, I thought that to image DSO's I need the aperture fairly open and the exposure timer set to bulb. Apologies for my dimness.
  4. The camera does have a manual setting, when switched to manual I can adjust the exposure to "bulb" but the "f" setting can't be altered with the T adaptor attached. With a lens on all the settings can be adjusted. I wonder if I need a teleconverter.
  5. I recently bought a Nikon D3200 along with a T adaptor an a 2 x Barlow lens. when the adaptor if on the camera I can't adjust the aperture settings, it all works fine with a lens attached. Is this normal? do I need something that goes between the camera and the T adaptor? Many thanks.
  6. Many thanks for all the help guys
  7. Hey ho you clever types, I have a Skywatcher EQ3-2 mount, on one of the tripod legs the plastic collar that is used to secure the middle section has a large crack in it, which is slowly getting worse. The crack is down to a heavy handed chum who helped pack away one night. Any way, my question is this: is it possible to buy a single leg? the plastic collar is riveted to the leg, so it's not an easy replacement. a pic is attached to identify the part
  8. Hey ho, I started on the first step of having a bash at this asto-photograpy malarky and I am in need of some advice, Firstly I have a Nexstar 127 SLT, I recently bought a Sony A37k I know I need a t/t2 lens mount adaptor, is there anything else I need? Thanks in advance for help
  9. Ashford Astronomical Society will be holding an event on Saturday 12 January 2013 from 18:00 until 21:00 at:- Woodchurch Community Centre Lower Road Woodchurch, Nr. Ashford Kent. TN26 3SQ hope some of SGLs members can join us
  10. Ashford Astronomical Society presents in collaboration with the BBC, Stargazing Live 2012. Woodchurch Community Centre, Lower Road, Woodchurch, Kent, TN26 3SQ Things kick off at 18:00 we will have a selection of telescopes set up outside for some public viewing, weather permitting. Inside... the main hall, we will be having a selection of highly entertaining astronomical talks and planetarium shows on our main screen. In the 'Summer House', we will be hosting a telescope workshop with our resident experts and retail partners. Refeshments will be available, ample parking and all are welcome.
  11. I know there's no point in comlaining about the weather but I a miserable old codger so I'm going to anyway. The weather in the south east corner of England has been totally pants. I bought a 127 mak 4 months ago, I've managed to use it twice and that was in the garden. I haven't even had the chance to use the power tank, I think we may have fallen out of favour with the gods and they're punishing us astronomer types.
  12. I was very dissappointed, I'd been looking forward to this event for months, and considering the time of year I really held out hope for a clear(ish) sky, sadly it was not to be and I left the field where I, and some friends, had been stood getting soaked thinking what a waste of an evening it had been. On the bright side, this years Perseids look to be promising and I need to check if the lunar eclipse on December 10 will be visible from the South East of England.
  13. Here's the thing, I lent a pair of binoculars to my boss and when I looked through them recently have a double image, like they're boss eyed, would anyone know if this is an easy repair, or are new binos the best option, they are Helios 7x50's
  14. stood on the east cliff for an hour and a half in the vain hope the sky would clear, oh well such is life
  15. I'm in the south east, we've had some good skies but the wind has been quite strong, last time I was out with my scopes one of them nearly fell over because of the wind. )
  16. Because I'm a bit dim, how long is a super nova generally visible for? will it last a day or two? or longer? Apologies if this is a daft question
  17. They are indeed noisy little blighters, when I have mine on it sound like it's chattering away to itself quite merrily, The ETX70 is a good scope and a great buy if you can get it for less that £150, the only thing I would like for mine is the abilility to mount a spotting scope so that it can be used accurately without having the motors nattering.
  18. Sadly, due to Family commitments I haven't had the chance to get it out of the packaging yet, so I dont even know what the box that Celestron put in looks like. Another busy night tonight and tomorrow, I may get to open the box on Monday.
  19. A shiny new 127 SLT arrived today, oh sweet raturous joy!
  20. I'm sorry to have to ask this, but why is a 28 year old woman affraid of bogey men? I suspect there may be a valid reason such as a learning difficulty, if that is not the case then tell your neighbour, politley, to get a grip and stop faffing about!
  21. Hey ho matey, have you considered having a chat with your nieghbour and asking if he would turn the light off whilst you want to observe? it may be worth suggesting that he could explain to his daughter that whilst you're outside you will be able to keep an eye out for anyone sneaking about. Perhaps also suggest that if he agrees to this he could put the external light on a timer set for when you are due to wrap up an observing evening. I've always found that selling something off is usually regretted afterwards, even if it's something that hasn't been used for months, the day after it's gone I've found a need for it.
  22. I think that tech makes the hobby a lot easier, I started off with an alt/az newtonian and now have the added bonus of a small meade with goto. Finding an object with goto is easier obviously. Does using a rod and reel instead of throwing a pointy stick detract from the pleasure you get from your interest. I cant draw or sketch, so I compensate by using a camera to obtain an image.
  23. Light pollution is a bane, where I am, South East Kent, I have a shopping centre in the middle of town that's permanently illuminated with white light, the Channel tunnel site, also lit with white lights, A harbour that isn't used but is constantly awash and a major seaport six miles east that throws light up, some how I still manage to get some good skies.
  24. Weekends for me too really, but the warmer days make for a more enjoyable time collecting fossils:)
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