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  1. yes please, if you don't mind. pm me for my email addy. regards, simon
  2. what a cool chart. how do you generate those? regards, sb
  3. or at least that's what it feels like. second night i've had the scope out since i got it. i recently got turn left at orion and a telrad, so i put some telrad charts together to help me find some of the objects. started off with the easiest target of the night, the moon. looked at some of the craters along the terminator and was half blind after about 3 minutes. lyra, cygnus and hercules were nicely overhead, so i started checking off the list: albireo -- WOW. absolutely amazing to see. this is one i'm going to go back to again and again and again [etc.] eps lyrae -- windy night, shoddy 2x barlow. split the first double easily, couldn't split the double-doubles. will have to go back and try again on a dark night with no wind m57 -- this is the reason i wanted to get a telescope. lined my telrad up according to the chart i made, and the fuzzy donut was bang in the middle of my 25mm eyepiece. amazing. m29 -- fun little asterism. those are the ones i found in an hour, here's the list of the other ones i wanted to try: m13 -- moon had washed out hercules m27 & brocchi's cluster -- same story m81 & 82 -- sun had still washed out skies 2 hours after sunset, couldn't find the guide stars to starhop or point the telrad. m8 -- too low and washed out i'm happy with my second night out observing, especially as i found everything i pointed the scope at first time round. now, time for bed. g'night world, simon
  4. wow, that's amazing! thanks for the link...
  5. thanks for the comments. telrad's look to be really handy. i will definitely put one on my must-have list. brantuk, thanks for the clarification about polar scopes as a finder. makes me wonder why they sell them...
  6. thanks all for the comments. eventually, i'd like to get into imaging, but that's a way down the road yet. need to learn to find stuff up there in the sky first... i should probably have clarified that i meant a pole finder scope attached to the finder shoe of the telescope. so, to replace my red-dot finder, should i be looking at a telrad or a magnifying finder? thanks, regards, simon
  7. hi all, i recently got a skywatcher 130/900 on an EQ2 and have had it out a few times, looking at saturn and trying to find some easy DSOs (clouds permitting). up until now i've more or less pointed the EQ north, checked that polaris is more or less in the middle of the 25mm eyepiece and taken it from there. i'm considering getting a tracking motor for the mount (29€ isn't too bad) but i was also thinking of getting a polar-alignment scope. the question is, is it worth it? or should i save the money and invest it in eyepieces and a decent finder (telrad or 8x50 or something)? thanks for your input, regards, simon
  8. wow. bernd proeschold's work is absolutely amazing. i found the making-of really interesting as well. thanks for those links. i'll drop you a line later today. regards, simon
  9. this is the original source: SVS Animation 3810 - Moon Phase and Libration, 2011 it's a computer rendered animation of data taken by a satellite orbiting the moon. that explains the no clouds...
  10. directly in innsbruck. this is the view from my living room: Sunset Timelapse, 13 April 2011 on Vimeo
  11. i had fun watching that video and spotting the locations from around here. thanks christoph!
  12. a friend just pointed out this link to me: Video: Year of Moon Motion in 2.5 Minutes | Wired Science | Wired.com from the article: "Many claim to see a man in the moon, but now an animation has been made that showcases a year’s worth of moon movements in less than three minutes." thought it might interest everyone else around here too. regards, simon
  13. thanks for all the tips, everyone. what's the home position of an EQ mount? and what's an OTA? sorry for being dense... well, i just got this scope for my birthday, so i'm not getting a new one anytime soon... (but i tried a meade LX400 a few months back at the astronomy institute at the uni. bit out of my price range though... ). thanks, simon
  14. hi, a quick question: when putting a reflector on an EQ mount, what's the best angle to point the eyepiece tube? or do you rotate the whole telescope to suit whichever object you're looking at? yeah, probably a stupid question, but i can't come up with a simple answer... thx, regards, simon
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