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  1. Forgot to add :- what equipment do you guys have the opportunity to use at your society - or own equipment?
  2. Hi all, If you are in the South Yorkshire area, we 'Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society' have some top notch equipment for our members to use. We also offer Public Viewing Evenings if you do not want to become a member but would like to have a look through a telescope. The member built observatory now houses a Paramount ME, with a C14 and TOA130 - seen Thanks for reading.
  3. msas

    JA Jones Hoober Observatory

    This is the Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society's very own building and dome
  4. Wentworth Castle Gardens & Parkland http://msas.org.uk/about/programme/event/138/2013/1 Basic Astro Photography http://msas.org.uk/about/programme/event/120/2013/1 Galaxies & Geese http://msas.org.uk/about/programme/event/130/2013/1 Astro Clinic http://msas.org.uk/about/programme/event/122/2013/1 Eddington the Man who Proved Relativity http://msas.org.uk/about/programme/event/123/2013/1 Members Imaging competition http://msas.org.uk/about/programme/event/124/2013/1 A Clockwork Cosmos http://msas.org.uk/about/programme/event/121/2013/2 Moons of Jupiter http://msas.org.uk/about/p
  5. We have spread the word on FB and Twitter for you and told our 50 members to report anything seen for sale to report back. Fingers crossed you get the prised possessions back. https://www.facebook.com/MSAS1978 http://msas.org.uk https://twitter.com/MSAstro
  6. Hi I am the IT Officer from Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society and refered to this site from Dave Armeson (previous member of ours) member of Scarborough & Ryedale Astronomical Society Looks a great place to meet and share information. Hope to give and receive knowledge on all that's Astronomical. Glenn
  7. msas

    Allan Chapman

    Allan Chapman our patron and honorary President will be giving us an exceptional talk as usual. Location : Meeting room @ Swinton Working Mens More information HERE 19:45 till late :cool:
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