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  1. Aha! Awesome, thanks guys. Ive managed to establish that the one Ive captured in the image was ENVISAT. I never thought of checking stellarium! DOH! Just checking the one I saw whilst viewing Saturn now.
  2. OK, so Ive just gone out for a peak at saturn and saw something rather strange. Wondered if anybody else saw it? It was about the same mag as Saturns Moon Titan but smaller in appearence. And traveled Straight through my FOV in the EP. Rather quickly, took about 15 seconds I rekcon and I was observing using a 10mm EP on my Skywatcher 130. As I saw it I was like, ok. Got to be a satelite. But surely it wouldt seem so small?? Any ideas? Anybody? Ok, and again...........(I know, just lucky I guess! Or lack knowledge to figure out what these things are!) After a little casual observing I packed up my Scope and started doing a little wide field photography. Just practicing really. Messing about with ISO & exposure settings etc. Anyways, As I was taking the shot I noticed something moving rather quickly and pretty immensly bright, by far the brightest object other than the moon. But quickly got dimmer and dimmer (now I know for sure it wasnt a plane etc lol) and eventually I couldnt see it anymore far before it got nearer the horizon. Im really puzzled. Somebody else has to have seen atleast one of the objects? If not any ideas at all what they were. Im finding it a little strange to be honest. Heres the Pic I managed to get.
  3. Thanks guys. I am actually Ordering a Phillips SPC880 pre-flashed on Friday Cant wait to try out imaging with that. To be honest though I think I will still take the odd Afocals. Or atleast keep trying. Andy and Bumfluff those images are awesome! Lets hope I can achieve something similiar. Thanks again to all Will post some more soon.
  4. I realise they arent that good. But I just wanted to share my absoloute joy i felt with taking these. Tonights the first night in ages its been clear and although I couldnt be out for long I quickly grabed an opertunity to take my first look at the Moon through my SW 130! WOW! The detail I saw was incredible. Every eyepiece delivered well above my expectations and blew me away. And I thought I would try my hand at taking a few snaps with my samsung WB600 Compact too. Ive realised that my scope may have some collimation isssues but Im so chuffed I thought I would share
  5. This may seem like a silly question. But are there any "nearer" DSO's that are perhaps more than just smudges when viewing through a scope? I was always under the impression that Orions great nebula and andromeda would be pretty detailed through a scope and I am so keen to catch a glimpse.
  6. Ive a SW 130 with EQ2 and have never really had any troubles. In fact Ive not even polar aligned and have enjoyed seeing Saturn several times and even managed to witness a few meteor showers a few weeks ago. The truth is its all about your own preferences. I often just grab it out of the shed. Lie up my target in the RDF and ease it into view in the EP. Ive not had the chance to properly set everything up yet like polar aligning and motor drive. But for some quick casual observing an EQ is just fine. Just make sure you have a rough idea of what you want to see. SW 130 on EQ gets my vote
  7. Awesome, thanks for the links. I think I will pop into town at the weekend and grab some cheap servos and give a DIY focuser a go. Seems very simple and effective. Also the messier catalog seems great, Im sure it will help me figure out whats visible, Im using stellarium at the moment. Swamp thing, I thought I might have actually been viewing M103 but wasnt sure if it would have been distingiushable. So Im thinking you are right there. Ive been everwhere around the general area and got zip! Will give the galaxies ago you mentioned. Maybe this evening infact. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks again
  8. Hi guys, Me again. been having loads of fun with my skywatcher 130. havent actually used the motor yet as am figuring out an alternative power source for it other than a huge battery pack. However, all I've really seen is Saturn. Which I have been very happy with through my standard skywatcher EP's. The 6.5mm Super Plossl I purchased really isnt working at the moment for it as I think with such a high magnification saturn only stays in view for a few seconds before Im adjusting everything again. I wish there was some way to make my EQ2 more sturdy, I realise now I made a huge mistake purchasing the EQ2. Im just hoping that a motor is going to greatly increase my chances of a "good Viewing" as the way I see it, the less Im actually touching the scope or mount the better as it wobbles like mad. Also is there any good electronic focusers out there? Something thats not going to give my C.Card to much of a sting? Trying to bring an object like saturn into focus using a higher mag is very frustrating as the wobble is so huge I cant tell if Ive focused enough or too much etc. And lastly, Now Ive been looking for a couple of DSO's for 3 nights straight. Mainly the M103 in Casseopia. Ive located ruchbah and then moved my finder out into the rough location of M103 and scoured about for ages. but seriously cannot see anything apart from some very nice star formations. Now most of my viewing has to be done early evening really as Im barely out past 11PM (work early) and Ive noticed that casseopia is just above the (Loads and loads and loads) of light pollution thats clearly getting in the way. But I figured that Something like the M103 would be pretty distinguishable. Im using my 25mm ep as its the lowest mag Ive got and ive not even picked up a faint fuzz! Any advice from you pro's? Please help. Im desperate
  9. OK, so after waiting so very Patiently (NOT!) for my scope to get here it has finally arrived. I have to say everything was very well packaged and seemed in great condition. Now I was in for quite a suprise. Considering my Scope was supposed to come with a standard finder and plain EQ2 Mount with no drive etc I was delighted to find a red dot finder & a single axis drive too!! Not the cheap economy one but the one that retails for about £70 on green witch astronomy. What an awesome bonus. I was actually going to order both the drive and finder seperately when I placed the order for my scope so Im so happy about this bargain Speaking of which, only cost me £135 Including delivery! Anyways, onto first light. Well, I had to set up in the garden for now. I took it out. Did all the balancing (Hope I did it right) and then tried to calibrate the finder, which for some reason I found very difficult despite following what seems like easy procedures lol. Trouble is its rather overcast and not great viewing conditions. Plus loads of light polloution from the nearby town center! However, after playing around and getting used to the RA & DEC for a few hours I finally managed to get my beady little eyes on Saturn. WOW! I wasnt expecting to see as much as I did. I used a 25mm first and was really impressed with actually making out the rings very clearly. I then popped the 10mm ep in and was even happier. It took a while for my eyes to adjust and pick out some of the details but Im sure they were there. I swear I could make out some cloudy areas on the planets surface. Although there was some wavering (heatwaves?) distorting the image I was still highly impressed..and bottom line extatic about my new purchase. I just cant wait for some clearer skies Anyways Im a very happy bunny indeed and just wanted to share
  10. Thanks David, I think it sounds like a good investment. Just waiting (very very impatiently) for my scope to arrive now! And ofcourse being eager as I am my new EP's too
  11. Well done. Great image. I cant wait to see this little beauty myself as soon as my scope is delivered.....Should be here by Wednesday latest! So heres hoping for some great viewing conditions
  12. Awesome advice, thanks guy! As for a Wider FOV with a slower f/ratio on the EP's how Would I go about working that out? Or am I being really stupid?
  13. Thanks chaps. I realise I might be jumping the boat a little here. Think Im going to invest in some good reading too. Just want to take in as much info as I can and Im alot better with practical learning.
  14. Thanks again I have just ordered myself a 15mm and a 6mm plossl. Hopefully get some good viewing just as soon as my explorer arrives. Im buzzing I cant wait!
  15. Hello again. Now I've read through the stickys regarding eyepieces. Im still a little confused though. Just if Im getting the hang of it. I've just purchased a Skywatcher 130RA with a aperature of 130mm and focal length of 900mm. Which I have worked out gives me a F/6.9. The trouble Im having is that I am trying to work out what EP's would be better suited for general viewing. My Reflector comes with a 25mm & a 10mm EP So far if I've worked things out correctly Ive got: 900mm / 25mm gives a x36 900mm / 10mm gives a x90 ( I really hope I've got this right?) With my barlow x2 my max magnifications are x72 & x180. So are there any other EP's you guys could recommend that I WILL need? I hope Im working this all out right. I've read until my eyes bleed lol. Im looking at replacing my barlow with a meade one. But want to know how much of a difference it would make? Are the x3 Barlows any good? I appreciate that magnification isnt always important but would just like to see what I can squeeze out of a reflector under £150. Thanks again. Will await your ever helpful replies and continue to read up.
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