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  1. Wow. Thank you, everyone, for all of your thoughtful responses. You all have found ways to articulate some important ideas that are not easy to put into words. Brantuk, your idea that we have an "innate desire" to "understand" and "tell stories" was a great way to begin the thread. Telling stories is what we do, isn't it, regardless of what language we use (verse? physics?)? James, the human condition is at the root of lots of literary studies, and for you to tie it into the "story" of astronomy was very helpful. Our "insignificance" was a common topic, and I suppose I would add that--if we ar
  2. Greetings, all: I am writing a Master's thesis on astronomy and literature (specifically poetry), and I am looking for a good introduction on what the two share in common. I have been reading Chet Raymo's essays in "The Soul of the Night", and those have been quite helpful in thinking about the topic. But I thought it would be much more helpful to cast a net here. Does anyone know any particularly poignant statements on why we look at the stars or why we write poetry (or, ideally, both!). If you don't know any good quotes, please feel free to share your own thoughts. Certainly this many keen m
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