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  1. Thanks people, I think I'd stick to FLO then. Its the warranty that's making the big difference and also, I dont think I'd need motors at this stage for viewing, but the crayford focuser and barlow could be just great! Thanks once again! You have been wonderful!
  2. Finally, after a month of waiting, now I am going to get myself a scope! Yay!! I've planned to get Skywatcher Explorer 150P with EQ3-2, for which FLO is asking £280 and on the other hand, Simms is offering his one for £265 (plus travel cost from kent to essex to collect), where I am getting motors instead of Crayford focuser and 2X barlow Please advise which one would be good to get. Also I read about the unavailability of this scope at FLO, cant remember where but I am pretty sure I read it here somewhere. So what do you people suggest?
  3. Hahahaha, I've been waiting to get one scope since I joined. Now before I order I wanted to have a look in that section
  4. Thanks James and Helen. Hope its just a matter a time now. Yet I'll just send one of the mods a message. Thanks once again.
  5. Under equipment section, 4th sub section is members gallery or something! I think I am still not allowed to enter those threads. When I clicked on the link that John provided, tells me to contact mods! Now the new question who to contact?? Cant wait to order my scope. But before going to FLO, just wanted to see the deals here!!
  6. Where do I find that "For sale " section??
  7. Hello all, I was wondering where I could find the "buy and sell" section. The one I have found, says "Buy/Sell Section THIS IS NOT THE REAL "FOR SALE" SECTION! To gain access to the FOR SALE section (which is a few sections lower down than this one) ..." take a look in here Just to let you know, I have been a member for 1 month and have more than 50 posts (also tried logging out and logged back in). I'm also aware that it may sometimes take couple hours for the site to let me enter those threads. Yet I was just checking if I have been looking at the right place. That "... (which is a few sections lower down than this one)" clause is really confusing me!
  8. I am planning to get this one, comes with Crayford focuser, 2X barlow lens, direct dslr connection and finderscope. Altogether it's costing me £280. And this one, comes only with 10mm and 25mm eps and a barlow (2X). I think this guy has also posted this ad on ebay (same upside down photo like the other advert). Here, take a look. Yeah, I think I'll do that in the end
  9. A guy from darlington is sellin this with 10mm and 25mm eps for £150. I was just wondering if it'd be a better deal for me or not. My eyes are on, skywatcher explorer 150P with EQ3-2 mount for £280 from FLO and that comes with a hell load of accessories
  10. Any one knows which Skywatcher scope is this? Also info about that mount will help. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Tim. Just wondering if you can use this in the lite version.
  12. I actually wanted something like this Any ideas?
  13. yes its for Sky safari. Have you used this app?
  14. I have been keeping an eye on ebay ever since I joined this forum and decided to get one 150P but nothing came up cheaper than FLO. Also a crayford focuser and x2 barlow lens is being supplied with 150P from FLO but not from ebay.
  15. Thanks James for your advice. I can actually wait, but at the same time I am thinking when I am going to order after my 1 months membership here, FLO could run out of stocks for 150P
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