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  1. Did you find the cause of the smuge? I think there was a tutorial or post on here about cleaning a ccd sensor if that's the problem with cam one. Now that you have three you may as well give it a try.
  2. bigskmyt; DSO stands for Deep Sky Object. Galaxies,nebulas, clusters, etc. Depending on your locations LP "light pollution",globular clusters may be the easiest of these to try to image. M13 may be a good one to try, it should be very high in the sky,though it may put your SCT in an awkward position. Consider downloading Stellarium to help with picking your target. You could also just try some widefield shots with the DSLR piggybacked as well,until you get more familiar with your setup.
  3. It' usually best that the object is high in the sky,but you can still get some very good images at lower altitudes when seeing is good. For Jupiter, keep your captures to no more than about 1,000 frames but take several captures and check and adjust focus often and between captures. Jupiter rotates so quickly on it's axis that too many frames will cause error which Registax can't handle while aligning and stacking resulting in a poor image. You may want to vary your settings slightly for each capture also. When you load into Registax,go through your frames and deselect any bad ones, allowing registax to only stack the better ones. This should leave you with about a 600 to 700 frame stack and should produce a very good result. The "wooble" is most likely atmosheric disturbance and poses no problem for registax to do it's work. Focus is key to a good image,any time you spend tweaking it will pay off big time at the end result. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  4. Nice pics,I'll trade climates with you. It was 87* and 92% humidity this morning at 4:30 am. New Jersey,USA.
  5. I was just viewing M13 a few nights ago and I have to say your airbrush rendition is extremely close to what I was seeing at that time. Very Nice!
  6. A few years ago I was given a wall calendar that was actually a magnetic dart board.I used the cover of that which had the ferrous material in it,and used cut up refrigerator magnets in the corners to hold it beneath the page I was using.I made the telrad from clear film and glued small pieces of refrigerator magnets to the corners. Place the telrad anywhere on the sheet and it will stick there.
  7. One thing the clouds and rain are good for,PRESERVING YOUR MARRIAGE,if it was clear with excellent conditions every night,I surely would be divorced by now!
  8. Does anyone know if there is an update for Stellarium with the coordinates for Elenin? Winstars 2 has it listed in it's library but does not supply any cordinates.
  9. Very nice vid,I love the way you composed the sequences,and the end was very artistic.Thanks for sharing.
  10. Nice pic,looks like you caught another galaxy in there also {lower left} maybe NGC 5477 but don't know for sure.
  11. I agree about the color adding something,a different feel to it.Nice shot.
  12. WOW!!!!!!,I had to go outside and see if the moon was still up there. I thought for a minute that you had stolen it! That's one fantastic image! Nice work.
  13. The best part will be 5 mins to open it up and start observing.Congrats.
  14. I understand James,perhaps if I step back for awhile and let the frustrations subside I'd be better off also.Stubborness is a character defect I have yet to prevail over.
  15. James,I am beginning to think along those same lines,which really bothers me.I'm not used to throwing in the towel.I hate to admit defeat but in this case I'm nearly there.
  16. I could find no option for debayering in registax 6, I seem to remember an option for debayering in ver.5. Aviraw won't load files,K3ccd won't start on the computer,Registax won't debayer,geez what a mess!I have no idea what to try next except to hook my arc welder up to the computer and crank it up to 225 amps and see how it likes that!
  17. I just tried Registax and it does load,can it be debayered back to a color image in Registax?
  18. jgs001,thanks for responding, I'm afraid I know little about codes,codecs and such I'm not much with computers.The capture is at 5fps and YUY2,if that's what you are asking.I have not tryed in Registax,will do that now.
  19. Well I'm at my wits end,I've flashed a spc900 to color raw mode using WcRmac.Then in wcctrl tried to trigger the color raw mode.Then took a short trial capture which shows a B/W view with the bayer grid but when I try to load the capture into Aviraw I get the message [ unable to open file ].I know I must be doing something wrong but have no idea what it is.I'm really getting frustrated with this.
  20. Being a "tart" or not,I like it!
  21. I'll have to give that a try,thanks for posting.
  22. Cody, you should not need to recalibrate against a known star each search.At the start of your session,find a known star,set your circles,RA and DEC to the coordinates from Stellarium.Then find your object and observe.Now when you wish to move to another object simply check that the object is still centered in your eyepiece and that your DEC circle is reading correctly for the object you have been observing and the same with the RA circle,adjust if necessary.Then swing to the coordinates of your second object.Usually your DEC circle does not have to be adjusted after the first setup but I find mine needs tweaking once in awhile.The RA circle does need to be reset before each time you move to a new target.As you seem to know,good polar aligning is critical to have half a chance at finding anything using setting circles.Hope this helps you,good luck.
  23. That is not a picture,more like a masterful piece of artwork! Congrats, and thanks for sharing a real gem.
  24. Thanks RobH,when you speak of losing star color,is that lost at the time of capture?Over or under exposing or lost during processing?The post processing in Gimp or other software is where I don't have a clue as to how to get the most out of the data.
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