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  1. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a newt that would be comfortable on a CG5-advanced GT mount. Expecting at the moment to try some AP with a DSLR and webcam. I reside in the US, so any suggestions would have to be available here. Budget is about $600 USD but would like to save some of that for any required adapters needed to mount a camera or cam and of course rings and mounting bar for the scope if not included. I've been looking at some of Orion's products but I soon found that I have no clue as to how they would compare with some of the other brands which are out there. I would be very thankful for any advice offered.
  2. I picked up the above scope from a guy at work and it seems to be a nice little scope,however he did not have the finderscope or mount for the finder. Anyone know of a descent finder and mounting bracket that will work nicely with this scope? It seems this scope has been discontinued and a google search did not yield anything that would seem to fit the shoe which is on the main scope. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks Mkofski I'll look into that. When it comes to Meade products I think I'll wait until some kind of track record is realized. It may be worthy though for a "next" mount. Please be sure to post your opinions on that mount when you get it. I'd be interested in reading your first hand evaluation of the mount. I bet many here would be interested as well.
  4. It does come with a spreader/tray and noise is of no concern. My nearest neighbor is 1000' away through heavy woods. There are many very secluded sites within 20 minutes of here as well, which offer a much more open veiw of the skies. LP is always an issue here on the US east coast but nothing like what most of you in the UK have to contend with. If the CG helps to keep my son's interest for a good while, I'll be happy with that. If not,I'll sell it and add the funds to the savings for an Orion Atlas or similar.
  5. JohnnyD333,I did not realize the CG5 could handle an 8" scope. Maybe I'll give it a try at some point, although it would probably push the CG to it's limits,especially if guiding. I was saving for a decent mount for the 8" SCT for guided imaging but now that my son wants to come out with me I've decided to get something now which he can use with one of the smaller scopes.
  6. Rather nice to know someone is looking out for the area. That's a one in a million shot you grabbed.
  7. Thanks to all for the input,it would appear that the CG5 has the LXD beat by far. My first thought was the CG5 due to Meade's less than stellar reputation for backing up their products. Your input seems to confirm the choice. It looks like the CG5 it will be. Here in the US the CG can be had for around $600 usd new,does this seem to be a decent price for these mounts? The LXD's can be had for a couple hundred less used but I don't need the potential headaches it offers.
  8. Thanks,I'll try and look up the results.
  9. In terms of performance which do you think would be best? The CG I know is guiding capable but not sure about the LXD. Both are computerized via handsets although different softwares. I'm not sure either could be run from a laptop. I'm considering mounting a St102 or a 6" F/8 newt on it. I don't think either would handle a 8" SCT. My son wants to join me outdoors at night using his own scope but the cheap Cinese mount it came with is not worth me trying to fix any longer. I thought I might get a fairly decent mount and try imaging with it when he's not with me. A heavy enough mount for the 8" will have to wait a while longer. Any thoughts on which way to go?
  10. Thanks Nmoushon, yes, just started to feel my way around PS cs5 extended version. I'll have a look at those links.
  11. Guyroch, getting familiar with the camera and BackyardEOS is one thing, processing in editing software seems to be a nightmare at the moment. Reading some of the tutorials here has left me more confused than when I started. I guess my absorption rate has slowed over the years. I'm going to need a great deal more time with processing just to touch the tip of the iceberg.
  12. I'm having a problem that I have not seen any one mention on SGL before. I made a B-mask some time ago which works fine with a SPC900 at prime focus or through the diagonal. I tried to use it while using a Canon 1000d at prime focus with a .5 reducer and BackyardEOS and I could not get diffraction spikes to show at all, just a bright blob of light all the way through the focusing limits. The scope is an old 8" Meade2080 SCT at F/10. Anyone have some thoughts on why the mask won't produce spikes with this configuration?
  13. I really can't add to the comments so far. SIMPLY SUPERB !!!
  14. This was done with a .5 reducer,however I did not have an adapter at the time to go with prime focus so it was done through a diagonal. I've since acuired a 2" sct Crayford style focuser. Next time will be via prime focus with the reducer.
  15. Just experimenting at the moment with BackyardEOS framing and focus. The 2" sct Crayford focuser arrived today. Next I have to make a descent B-mask. The AC power adapter for the camera arrived Saturday. Together, I'm hoping this should help with focusing along with a mirror recoating in the next couple of months.
  16. Well not great,but it will do for the first time shooting with a DSLR (Cannon 1000d). This was with a old 8" Meade 2080 on a LX5 mount, 3 @ 45 sec, iso 800 through the diagonal ( still waiting for a 2" sct adapter). Time was short so I did not drift align or take darks. I was quite surprised at how much the camera caught with so little time on it.
  17. Thanks guys,after looking at the links you have provided I think I get the picture. The easiest way seems to be a SCT to 2" t-thread adapter plus EOS AF T-ring. This would not allow using a reducer if I chose to use one. To use a reducer, a SCT to 2" eyepiece adapter,2" T-thread camera adapter with filter threads,2" reducer and T-ring would be needed. Would this be correct or am I over complicating this? With a F/10 scope I thought a reducer would almost have to be used. If so,would a .5 reducer be ok for this?
  18. Can anyone tell me what exactly I would need to attach a Canon 1000d to a Meade 2080 SCT for prime focus or through the diagonal? I managed to grab one from e-bay and would like to get what ever else I need ASAP. I,m rather anxious to give it a try. I'd appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks.
  19. Rodger; these are simply fantastic images you have created with the webcam. Congrats! On you tube there is a tutorial put together by Dion at Astronomy Shed showing step by step the use of DSS with DSO,s. The image he runs through DSS also came out very washed out but he shows further steps to pull out a very good image. I used the same site to mod my cam for LX and Amp Off and found that the cam worked well using Sharpcap except for the Amp Off and it would not function in LX mode on any other capture programs. A moderator at a different forum looked at the schematics and suggested that the DTR and RTS lines should be reversed. I took his advice and switched the lines and the cam now works fine in all programs and with far less amp glow. This may be worth looking into. Hope some of this helps.
  20. These are quite good images for your first shot at Jupiter. Looks like you got a couple moons in there as well. You may try going a bit lower with the gain setting,the lighter areas of Jupiter seem a bit overexposed. With the image a bit dim while capturing is better than too bright,you can still pull up the colour and detail in processing. Too bright and the detail is lost.
  21. Interesting design,I like it. The exposed tracks would be a problem for me as this area rountinely receives 1 foot or more snowfalls and freezing rains throughout the winter months.
  22. That's a very nice shot of Gerradd! Thanks for sharing this.
  23. Domis


    OOOHHH! I feel your pain Jim. I'm in New Jersey,USA. I have not had the scope out in what seems like forever. The last time I did try was in late August and the dew was so bad I had to give it up in short order. Now this darn cut-off low pressure system refuses to move from the Great Lakes area. It's been off and on raining for a solid week. It's got to change soon!
  24. Great report Isabelle,your excitement is rather contagious. I found myself getting worked up just reading it. I hope you have many more grand nights out with your scope. It really steps up the thrill when you can share the experience with someone. Glad you had the opportunity to do so. Best wishes and clear skies.
  25. Yes indeed,excellent pics! The second does look better from 3 feet away,however,I'm shortsighted also.
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