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  1. Wow,thanks for the encouragement everyone.It is greatly appreciated. As time and other obligations allow I will be adding subs to this and at some point I'll figure out the flats and bias procedures.Thanks again.
  2. I ran out of clear view while shooting M3 so I moved over to M101 and only had time for 11 subs at 3 mins. It's not very good but I suppose it's a start.
  3. Thanks Gina. Quartermass, wow, 80 subs. looks like I have a lot more subs to gather. Did you use the 200p or the ED80 when you did the M3 image?
  4. Thanks for the comments,I can go longer unguided. I did a few test shots and trailing was not bad at all up to 150 seconds. The way the glob looked on the laptop screen I thought it would be totally blown out even at about 60 seconds,it was so bright at the core. How do you take several minute subs with out blowing the whole thing out? I also have guiding capabilities but just did not have the time this night to get that all setup. I had to get to work at 4:00 am and now that it really does not get dark till about 9:00 pm,time is very limited. I suppose some type of obsy is in the future. A divorce may be before the obsy though,if I push that to hard. HaHa.
  5. I took a shot at getting M3 the other night. The result is a bit disappointing. Processing this seems a bit more difficult then the few other objects I've worked on. I'll be looking for more tutorials and info related to processing Globs. This was with a ST102 F/5,30x30sec at ISO800 and 11 darks with a unmodded 1000D. Any suggestions,criticisms or comments are always welcome.
  6. Thanks for the kind words,I'm thinking of attaching a small LED light to the mask as a visual cue to remove the darn thing. Time always seems to be at a premium when I'm at the scope so I feel like I have to get the most from every minute. I just can't let these oversights ruin what could be a good run of exposures.
  7. Thanks Sheri_barri,I am really looking forward to taking another shot at this as well.
  8. This was my second attempt at a DSO while guiding. Murphy's law proved to be alive and well with this attempt. First I made the classic mistake of forgetting to remove the Bahtinov mask. There goes 15 subs in the trash bin. I would not have been so disappointed if they were only 30 second subs but at 210 seconds the time adds up quickly. The second silly mistake was not to disable automatic updates on the laptop. Since I was in range of the wireless network the computer decided it was time to update and restart. A pretty good night of seeing and all I could manage to salvage were 3 subs. After throwing a rather childish tantrum,I processed the subs anyway and managed this image. m51 4 13 12workingrssm.tif
  9. I really have to thank you all for the comments and advice given. It has persuaded me to stick with the processing corrections of this image and I think this one is now a pretty decent image. 81 and 82 GuidedrsFsrgrFFF.tif
  10. Ooops wrong image.that was before gradient removal. How is this one?
  11. After digesting the gracious advice given in the above replies I did some further processing and studied a few toturials. This is the result. Any better?
  12. Kevin, yes it is cropped and resized. On the full frame the outside left stars were slightly misshapened but the far right stars are a lot worse. I was going to pull the objective lens and check for it being over tightened.The focuser on this scope is not the greatest either,so I am going to try adjusting that a bit more and possibly pull it and try some voodoo collimating on it. Quartermass,thanks for the tip I'll give that a go. Yes it is a great feeling,especially when most of the guiding end is homemade adaptations. Let's not forget the authors of the software used, with out their work,it would all be even more difficult. Sjj, thanks for the comment, much appreciated. Pixueto,Yes, I used PHD for guiding. A great piece of software. I do intend to try flats soon, perhaps the computer white screen method to start. To be honest,it's all been rather daunting just to get to this fair image. I don't relish the thought of adding more steps to the equation at the moment.One thing about learning to image.You have to go at it with a tenacious attitude or you are beaten before you start. Rik, thanks,I'll look into the Noel's actions.
  13. The filter is a Seymour Solar polymer filter. It offers natural coloring.
  14. This is my first attempt at solar imaging. I shot it with a ST102 refractor and a Canon 1000d. The next attempt I'll have to try a barlow with it.
  15. I made a guide scope using an old Meade 9x60 polar finder scope and a SPC900 LX modded cam. After sorting through the pains of getting it all setup while not knowing what I was doing. I managed to guide this 130sec x 20 sub at ISO800 image under the full moon.The scope used was an ST102 refractor on a CG5AT advanced mount. Guided with PHD and a wing and a prayer.
  16. Alright,so I spent some time going through some astro stuff and at the hardware store and made up a mount bar,an adapter to attach an old Meade 9x60 finder scope and a SPC900 cam to a ST102 refractor to experiment with guiding.Using some off the shelf plumbing coponents I was able to attach the cam and achieve focus without having to modify the finderscope except for removing the diagonal. After downloading PHD and getting that configured and talking to the mount along with a rough alignment I took the image below. It' just a random star I picked to try the guiding out. The question is, from the look of the stars would you say the guiding was reasonably good or is more tweaking necessary? The shot is a single Jpeg snapshot at 6 minutes,ISO 800 with a Canon 1000D.
  17. Thanks for the encouragement everyone,I played around some more in CS5 and managed a bit more out of the pic { I think }. Any comments and or suggestions please.
  18. Virtual Cold :I appreciate your comments,lately the skies here have been very good. Unfortunately this has not been coinciding very well with free time,if there is such a thing.
  19. I got this with a ST102 and a Canon 1000d unmodded,16 x 30s,iso800.I'm sure it could be better with some proper processing,I hav'nt a clue there.Alignment was off a bit as well,I'll have to work on getting that better also.
  20. Olorin: once again a truly beautiful shot!!,I agree with Sam,the original suits my tastes better than the sharpened one.
  21. Thanks for the insight Olly, I'll start looking into those options.
  22. Thanks Olly, I would assume then that you would lean towards a small refractor or an SCT with this mount. Any suggestions as to what scopes to look in to?
  23. Dobby, thanks for the response. That scope seems OK but I'm looking for just the OTA. Do you think this is the same OTA? 203mm f/4.9 Reflector Tube - Crayford-Style Focuser | Orion Telescopes What do you think of Orion's other offering? 8" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope | Orion Telescopes
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