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  1. Hi all, can anyone tell me - where the celestial equivalent of the Grenwich Meridian lies? IE: RA 0 Thanks
  2. ok - well I might just do the same - my back will be very grateful if I cut down on all that digging, shovelling and barrowing!
  3. I notice you didn't do much more ground prep than removing the turf? I noticed this (and queried it) with someone else's build too. Do you think the base will remain stable? I would worry about it cracking over time. If the consensus is that its fine, I'll be really happy - saves me a lot of work this summer!
  4. Me too, lol - but to be honest the planning authority in my house is probably more strict than in the council offices hereabouts! I'm having to sell my obsy plans as part summerhouse, (warmroom to you and me) and part Obsy!
  5. Not meaning to be rude, with my previous post, btw, but if that amount of prep was suitable - I'd be tempted to emulate it with my build - I envisaged a whole lot of digging, as when I laid my patio!
  6. Is that concrete laid straight down on top of the soil!?? No hardcore and sand first? Alex
  7. Yes - I saw a really good set of instructions on how to build your own pier out of everyday materials on the S@N magazine website. I'll probably follow them, seeing as a commercially-bought pier costs the same as an EQ5 mount! So - the frames are joined with 4" nails and then fitted together in the upright position with the same tyoe of nail? Did I see that you used a corner brace of some sort also? I suppose without a roof to tie the top togeter, you'd need that. regards, Alex
  8. Thanks - Did you join the frames together using bolts, or just long screws? also is the floor you walk on just concrete, or did you do a frame for the floor too? I thought I would cement a post in for my mount, as per the guide in S@N magazine site, then build a wooden 'deck'-type floor around that, to avoid vibration?
  9. Congratulations on your DIY observatory - it looks great! I'd like to do something similar myself - did you have any plans and shopping lists? or did you just do it 'by eye' as you went along?
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