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  1. LOL I saw some of those prices at New , Should I reserve these EPs for the high power end or the med-low power, IE-would it be better to buy the Televues for say 5-8mm or a televue in the range of 15-25mm?
  2. Well, I was looking at a lower power meade 4000 series plossl either 20 or 26mm, possibly to be used with a barlow x2 for extra power...
  3. I changed the title of the thread to fast scopes, so maybe other fast scope users will chime in too. I did think about what you said though, anything really should still be a step up in quality from the "freebie" EPs, Just dont want to spend more than I really should you know? I do need the lower power EP so, Trying to figure which should be the first guinea pig.
  4. The apparent field of view right now on my two EPs are 66 degree AFOV, I would be willing to give a little FOV to have a better than junk quality EP to look through.
  5. Well, that was my question, what should I be looking for then for the f/4? Its also why I was going to start with used rather than brand new.
  6. I have a pretty good understanding on the different lenses in EPs, but now my question for buying quality, new or used, and a few other things that have been floating through my head. I have the Orion Starblast 4.5 (f4.0, 450mmFL, 113mm Dia.) It is my first telescope:rolleyes:. And after a few weeks now of looking through its wide field 6mm eyepiece and then having a go finally at the 15mm it comes with. I feel I want a little something less powerful to scan the sky or locate certain messier or other DSOs. I understand that my scope is considered a fast scope, though its quality is beginner range, I read the EP tutorial and by its guidelines the faster scopes benefit from higher end EPs over cheaper ones. So I thought well, maybe I can pick something up used for my first EP purchasing experience, is this a good idea? Looking mainly at DSOs/Planets/Nebula, i have concluded to go with a plossl lens, is there something that is better for One or the other? Say I am on a DSOs hunt that night and NOT planets and nebula? A few types pop up I see a lot of used. Meade lenses(series 4000s?), I found one called Astrola Plossl, a few zhumell super plossl at different lengths. All prices ranging from $18-35(£11-22 my british friends ) slightly used-new condition. Should I pop on such deals? are these eyepieces decent for my setup? Also, what about celestron eyepieces? they seem cheapy looking. are they a good value? Thanks for reading, I have been trying to figure out how to ask this, if its confusing, just let me know and I can clarify!
  7. WOW, Just WOW..... Yea, That is what I saw through the scope! Your photo abilities surpass anything I could ever dream of! Looks pretty darn good to me!
  8. Whoo Hoo!! Just got my other eyepiece from the relative I got the telescope from! Also, didnt know this, but also sent a moon filter, so exciting! LOL
  9. Boston, once you found it, were you as intrigued and excited as my wife and I? we must have stared at it in our newly acquired scope for probably 10-20 minutes! ^^Awestruck newcomer!!
  10. Heres to hoping for clear skys tonight! actually, I am particularly waiting for the new moon. I started my sky watching right before the first qtr moon, probably not the best choice!
  11. Wow! Thats a lot of welcomes! Thanks all, I notice the majority of the forum is in the UK or europe, I am just beginning my day at work now 5 hours behind everybody!
  12. Thanks for the warm welcomes! David o- Those 2 threads were the reason I stumbled across the site! They really helped educate me quite a bit on Focal Length and the fact that a 6mm EP is higher power/more zoom than a 12mm. I have read them I think twice now, probably take a few more times too! Nexus 6-Thanks for that, its a good tip for sure, and is added to the list. I was surprised I got as lucky as I did in finding m35 and the Orion neb. with the 6mm from the get go! Conditions are so/so here, moderate light pollution, and my neighbor across from my best viewing location has the brightest flood lights on the eastern coast of Florida.
  13. CamoCustom

    Hello all!

    Looks like there are a lot of new folks on these forums lately. Hello, I am Dan, and I have been lurking around for a while reading and gathering. See I have always been a science and math guy, All through school. I only recently inherited an Orion Starblast 4.5eq reflector. I dove head first into learing about star charts, or sky charts and how to read them. Also, what is the proper term on the boards most use for said charts? I then checked the mirror alignments and they were quite off, I followed close instructions, got everything all lined up, the sighting scope on and lined up, wife and I were ready to look into the universe. Though the telescope only came with the 6mm eyepiece, the relative I obtained it from has sent the 15mm eyepiece that goes along with it, I am sure it will help a little more in finding certain objects. On our first beginner-Amateur night of star gazing, we managed to locate saturn from the charts, and able to see its rings. That was the first real excitement, then, I am 95% sure I located M35 in Gemini! Our first star cluster! Sorry, it was so exciting and to me, quite rewarding. Until the next evening- At first, I was sure that I located the Orion Nebula, but after further research, i cannot be sure as I found there are about 3 similar nebulae in the area. Either way, yes, u guessed it, First nebula!!!! It was gorgeous, and some descriptions say, not much in the eye to behold, hah! It was total Joy! Thanks for reading my very first 2 stargazing attempts! And there will be more. Looking for a decent set of eyepieces and a barlow to extend my viewing pleasure. Hope to have a nice home here and learn tons more along the way!
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