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    Welcome mate!
  2. I too visited it for tge first time this year & found it to be fascinating! I had wanted to visit it for years & expected to be most fascinated by the telescopes. However i found that i was most impressed by the incredible engineering of the chronometers used to calculate londitude at sea. The skill & genius of the engineers combined with the detailed star maps produced from the obervatory allowed for the first time a safe accuracte course to be set at sea. It stuck me that maybe this was a primary reason why Britian built such an empire. I would reccomend a visit to all.
  3. Jarbi, that set-up is my ultimate dream! I'm new & have a pst, I would love that setup in the future but want to build to appreciate it properly. I don't own a nightscope yet what order would you advise me to assemble it? Thanks for your time & help!
  4. Eccy

    Solar freak!

    I'm going to follow up on the advice about the refractors. Have a relative coming from the USA & thought I would take advantage of the slight exchange rate. Many thanks and clear skies to all!!
  5. Eccy

    Solar freak!

    Thanks to all!
  6. Eccy

    Hi everyone

    Welcome mate, I'm new myself but have found the advice first class so far!
  7. Eccy

    Solar freak!

    I'm under 30, would my eyesight have degraded to that extent? Would the Lunt 60 refractor offer a good duality? Night scope, then diagonal cak filter on? Great advice from all so far!!
  8. Eccy

    Solar freak!

    Hi all, don't want to repeat the other stories of newness and passion, but I am the same!! Must say that I've had a few tips already & the quality of patron is first class! It's a pleasure to join a class group! Anyway, I have got a Coronado pst and love the dynamic nature of the observations. I am interested in getting a cak scope but don't own a night scope so don't know whether to get the dedicated scope or a night scope + filter? I was going to get a Meade etc 125, any advice? Astrophotography is a long term dream! Many thanks for all your time & advice!! Clear, dark sky's for us all!!
  9. Thanks Brian! I was looking @ the dedicated Lunt cak scope but I havent got a night scope, still trying to decide!? Is it possible to use a maksutov / smict cassegrain with a cak filter? Cheers again!
  10. Hello to all! I am new to the site & am a pst viewer & love the scope. I am really curious about the cak scopes (Lunt, Coronado?) any advice from owners or any experienced observers. Many thanks for time and advice!
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