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  1. Ah ok, well for now all I want it for is to power the mount so I can start playing with it. I'm still a beginner and learning how to set everything up for astrophotography so iam happy to take it slow. Just want to power the motors and the go-to for now. As I said I will eventually get a bigger power supply to power it all for when I start taking the setup to darker sites for proper imaging sessions once I have a better understanding of it all. Thanks
  2. Ok cool yea I'll check that. I might be ok. Will also be plugging it into an extension lead with surge protector built into it. Out of curiosity why do you say to go for 12v 8amp power cable? Reading around most people say 12v 5amp is enough?
  3. That's great! All I really needed to know for now. I will eventually will need a portable power solution for when the nights are longer and I want to take my scope to more dark site. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to post!
  4. Hey everyone, So I have just purchased a skywatcher HEQ5 pro mount and been a bit lost with what I need to safely power it from mains. I have been reading different forum post and gotten a bit lost. People are saying you need to regulate it to make sure that too much power doesn't get drawn? Would this just be a normal surge protection plug adapter? I will be using my scope at home for the moment so just want to hook it up to the mains. I was looking at buying one of these -https://www.amazon.co.uk/JOYLIT-100-240V-Switching-Adapter-Flexible-12V-5A/dp/B01LYBUO16/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1533215373&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=12v+5a+power+supply&dpPl=1&dpID=51BeVSM6HKL&ref=plSrch Is this ok? Alot of forum recommendations point to Maplins products however since they arw nowclosed I'm not sure what other places to look for power supplies. Any guidance on this would be much appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  5. Noo! I'm stuck in London. No chance to get out and see this over the weekend
  6. I am also think about doing the same. I have had the EQ3-2 for a few years now and started to feel like it's holding me back with my AP. I can get round 30-60sec frames but any slight wind in the air or if the scope is slightly over weighted with scope and DSLR then it adds a blur/drag to pictures. I think I will go for the HEQ5 as it will give me lots of room to move forwards and learn more with guiding ect. As well as a lot more stability for AP.
  7. Hey, Im also looking to upgrade my mount soon. I'm looking at getting Heq5 as I'm planning to ramp up my AP skills. What is different between the Heq5 and Neq6. Apart from the price of course
  8. AS its low in the sky the light from venus is passing through a lot of the earths atmosphere which is what makes it twinkle.
  9. Hey guys, It was great meeting up with you two, had a good night. Nice set of photos you got from that night Ben, good work. Will have to meet up again soon. Matt
  10. Thats amazing, great photo and great story. If it was my photo i would make a print of it and put it on my wall. Good Work
  11. Hey, I have a 150p with EQ3-2 mount and Duel Motors, i agree that for getting into imaging (which is what i want to do) a more solid mount is better but for me at the moment i think the EQ3-2 is fine, gives me time to learn things. I manage to get 60-90sec exposures with my dslr and maybe more if i was not in a light polluted area and with little or no wind. I got my scope about a month ago and plan to stick with it, i will upgrade the mount in a year or so to an EQ5 or HEQ5, at the moment im still learning how to process images and what is in the sky. Here is an example of what you could do with my set up: Andromeda Galaxy (M31) | Flickr - Photo Sharing! This was my first image taken with about 20 odd 30-60 sec subs and stacked in Deep Sky Stacker. Was taken in my back garden which is heavily light polluted so i don't think its too bad. Still a lot of room for improvement. Hope this helps Matt
  12. Check this webpage out will tell you where all our planets are at any time: http://www.dynamicdiagrams.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/orrery_2011_bce.swf Matt
  13. Great stuff, can't wait to get an SPC and start making these for myself. Matt
  14. Hi, Thought i would make a thread where we can all post our darksite locations. To start off here is a great light pollution map we can use for refrence: http://www.avex-asso.org/dossiers/pl/uk/index.html I have used a dark site near Tunstall in suffolk its about 30-40min away from Ipswich and as far as i can tell there wasn't much light pollution at all. Here is its location via google maps: Tunstall Hall, Snape Rd, Tunstall, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 2JL, UK to Unknown road - Google Maps Point A is Tunstall and point B is a carpark in Tustall forest which is my darksite. Yes there are trees but they have cut an area down so there is still some nice big skies here. Matt
  15. You can also download it as a screen saver from there homepage : Dynamic Diagrams | dD Orrery Hope you like
  16. Hey all, I found a useful web page which has a sort of solar system calendar diagram. You can set the year and then scroll through the months and see where all the planets/moon are. Been looking for something like this for ages: http://www.dynamicdiagrams.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/orrery_2011_bce.swf Matt
  17. I got myself the 150p a little while back and its great. For getting into astrophotography its good to learn the basics with because it has the equatorial and if you get some motors on it you can do some ok long exposures. Everyone on here seems to be a bit negative about first time buyers and astrophotography but i think getting a 150p is great to start playing around with astrophotography and also for learning the sky. Planets are a good view as well and yes the tripod is meant to be wobbly but i haven't anything to compare it to and i think it will do for now, for learning, and i can upgrade it in a year or so. I always got the impression that dobs are a bit harder to get longer exposure photos unless you get all the high tech expensive stuff. Oh yea and stuff like polar aligning isn't as hard as some make it to be, takes a few minuets to set everything up but then your away. Hope this helps Matt
  18. Oh yea I forgot to ask, What phone app do you use? Cheers Matt
  19. I know alot of people don't like him or get annoyed by him on here but i think he is great. If it wasn't for him i wouldn't be on this forum. I watched stargazing live and the wonders series and he inspired me to take up astronomy, and now nearly a year later from then i have already got my own scope and im viewing the GRS moving across Jupiter. My question would be: What is the geekiest thing you have done? Matt
  20. Hey guys, I just PM my email to you Ben. I am keen to get a group together and meet some more people as im on my own at the moment. I have used a darksite up in Tunstall forest where there is a large open carpark and open skies. I was going to go down to the OASI open/taser night and also to your talk Ben but i was away in London then so missed out. Hopefully meet some of you soon. Matt
  21. Hey All, Im in Ipswich and agree we need to all meet up. I havn't even meet the other local ipswich people yet. Lets get things going I say.! Matt
  22. I see now, I can now see the GRS in the southern band (wow!), there is still a darker spot on the northern band just about to go out of view. These are some of the most detailed observations i have done, as i said before i have only just made out the north and southern bands before now and i have been looking at jupiter for a good few moths now. Thanks Stu for your help
  23. I shall have a quick look now I made a sketch which i will put up here once i have scanned it in, I believe it was in the northern belt (if my sense of north and south are correct). Anyway I have set my scope up as it will be clear all night, i will popping in and out. The main target will be mars a bit later. Cheers
  24. Hey all, I have just been out to have a look at jupiter with my 150p and i could see a dark spot on one of its bands, at first i thought it was the great red spot but when i looked on stellarium at the same time i was observing there is nothing there? Anyone confirm what it was? was it just another storm spot? I was observing from 19:00 - 19:30. I have only ever seen the two bands through my scope, this was the first time i have seen a bit more detail. Cheers Matt
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