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  1. Im not put off by WO. I have heard lots of good things about them and the build quality of their scopes look really good. Actully the current designs of the scopes they currently have are one of the main things that drew me in to thinking about getting one. I like the little things like the handle bar mount for finder/guider scope and built in Bahtinov mask i think a great little details.
  2. Intresting! What sort of "aftersale service" were you seeking? What would you recommend instead then?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy my first refractor scope for imaging. My current scope setup is the Skywatcher 200pds with HEQ5 pro mount and Canon 70d dslr. I have been fairly happy with the results of this set up and I have recently started doing more guided imaging with a recent purchase of a ZWO mini guide cam which I plug into the finder scope. My only nagging annoyance with this set up is the size! So I'm looking at getting a slightly more portable setup. After lots of research into refractors I have narrowed down to Willam Optics and mostly leaning towards getting a Zenithstar
  4. Ah ok, well for now all I want it for is to power the mount so I can start playing with it. I'm still a beginner and learning how to set everything up for astrophotography so iam happy to take it slow. Just want to power the motors and the go-to for now. As I said I will eventually get a bigger power supply to power it all for when I start taking the setup to darker sites for proper imaging sessions once I have a better understanding of it all. Thanks
  5. Ok cool yea I'll check that. I might be ok. Will also be plugging it into an extension lead with surge protector built into it. Out of curiosity why do you say to go for 12v 8amp power cable? Reading around most people say 12v 5amp is enough?
  6. That's great! All I really needed to know for now. I will eventually will need a portable power solution for when the nights are longer and I want to take my scope to more dark site. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to post!
  7. Hey everyone, So I have just purchased a skywatcher HEQ5 pro mount and been a bit lost with what I need to safely power it from mains. I have been reading different forum post and gotten a bit lost. People are saying you need to regulate it to make sure that too much power doesn't get drawn? Would this just be a normal surge protection plug adapter? I will be using my scope at home for the moment so just want to hook it up to the mains. I was looking at buying one of these -https://www.amazon.co.uk/JOYLIT-100-240V-Switching-Adapter-Flexible-12V-5A/dp/B01LYBUO16/ref=m
  8. Noo! I'm stuck in London. No chance to get out and see this over the weekend
  9. I am also think about doing the same. I have had the EQ3-2 for a few years now and started to feel like it's holding me back with my AP. I can get round 30-60sec frames but any slight wind in the air or if the scope is slightly over weighted with scope and DSLR then it adds a blur/drag to pictures. I think I will go for the HEQ5 as it will give me lots of room to move forwards and learn more with guiding ect. As well as a lot more stability for AP.
  10. Hey, Im also looking to upgrade my mount soon. I'm looking at getting Heq5 as I'm planning to ramp up my AP skills. What is different between the Heq5 and Neq6. Apart from the price of course
  11. AS its low in the sky the light from venus is passing through a lot of the earths atmosphere which is what makes it twinkle.
  12. Hey guys, It was great meeting up with you two, had a good night. Nice set of photos you got from that night Ben, good work. Will have to meet up again soon. Matt
  13. Thats amazing, great photo and great story. If it was my photo i would make a print of it and put it on my wall. Good Work
  14. Hey, I have a 150p with EQ3-2 mount and Duel Motors, i agree that for getting into imaging (which is what i want to do) a more solid mount is better but for me at the moment i think the EQ3-2 is fine, gives me time to learn things. I manage to get 60-90sec exposures with my dslr and maybe more if i was not in a light polluted area and with little or no wind. I got my scope about a month ago and plan to stick with it, i will upgrade the mount in a year or so to an EQ5 or HEQ5, at the moment im still learning how to process images and what is in the sky. Here is an example of what you could do
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