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  1. Ok I have rumaged through most of the threads on this site and I have not found one that really concerns my question. I have an old Canon Rebel GII 35mm film camera and I would like to take some pictures of some of the closer objects such as the moon and what not through a friends 8" dob. Can this be achieved and what spec's should I pay attention to in order to make this happen if it is possible. Thanks:glasses1:
  2. Hello and welcome, and may you have clear skies at some point in time to use your new scope PC:glasses1:
  3. Not sure anyone has heard of this, but since reading many biographies on Einstein I have always been intriqiued with the work he was doing just before his death and the work there after concerning the Theory of Everything. Its quite an interesting read, will take me many more times of reading before I fully understand it, but figured it would be a good topic of discussion. SC:glasses1: http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/0711/0711.0770v1.pdf
  4. Thank you all for the warm welcome, and I can definitely tell I have come to the right forums for astronomy as I have already learned a great deal about this hobby. So much so that I am foaming at the mouth to get back home and start some stargazing with the family -PC
  5. Excellent post Baz! Great refresher read since my astronomy course 5 years ago
  6. Excellent article! Thank you for the link, as with many other beginners here have attested to, this saved me the frustration of rushing out to buy a scope! Keep the good info coming ya'll:headbang:
  7. I am rather new to the threads here, but have read much of what this blog has to offer. In fact these threads are what helped me from making the biggest mistake new folks can do when coming into this hobby, and that is rush out and buy the most expensive scope I can find That being said, I have always been amazed with astronomy, and what not, my main classes when I was in high school (quite a few years back) were physics and astrophysics. My current career field in the military keeps me very intimate with space as well, and so figured I would not only better myself by learning the heavens more, but also get the kids involved in some awesome education and fun with the skies above them as well. I am looking forward to learning much more
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