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  1. Twinkle twinkle little star Well done Ed
  2. Very nice. Can't wait to image some DSO's Ed
  3. Nice work. Well done Ed
  4. Very nice image. Can't wait to get some solar viewing kit. Ed
  5. Super shot. Nice one Ed
  6. Hey, Thanks for the info. It would be awesome to see this. Especially after sering the ISS for the first time the other day. Unfortunately I've got a meal starting at 8 pm but I'll try and sneak out. Not sure what the surrounding geography is like either. I'm hoping though Thanks Ed
  7. Hello, I've been lurking around here for a few months but was wondering whether there are any other people from the Milton Keynes area? If so I'd be interested in hearing from you and your experiences of looking at the stars in this area. The skies in the city are light polluted but are there any good vieing areas outside in the surrounding area? Ed
  8. Wow superb! Reall excellent photographs. I cain't wait to start taking some photos of the moon Ed
  9. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I'll continue to research the options. At the moment I'm limited on funds so am looking for something that will give reasonable results fairly cheaply. I'll have a look at what's available on retail sites. I've heard of registax and I'll check out the tutorials. Ed
  10. Hi, I'm a newbee and have just added my location to the map. I'm based in Milton Keynes and am interetsed in hearing from other people in the area. The city is very light polluted so I'm interested in finding out where other people go for darker skies. Ed
  11. Blackparticle, Thanks for your post, I found it quite interesting. I'll soon be getting my first scope and was interested in hearing about your experiences and to see your first imaging efforts. From what I've read the eyepieces do make a big difference to the overall viewing quality. I'm getting the Skywatcher 200P and I understand that the supplied eyepieces aren't the best so I'll be upgarding those ASAP. Obviously there are a whole host of other factors that influence the quality of viewing too including the atmospheric conditions etc. I'll let you know what my viewing is like. All the best Ed
  12. Hello, I've decided on my scope and mount (200P and HEQ5 syntrek) and am now turning my attention to imaging equipment. I'd like to get myself a decent DSLR camera in the mid term but was wondering about other options including the use of webcams for the shorter term. What sort of quality images can you get using these devices? Any recommendations? Presumably you need a special adapter to attatch the camera, is this the case? I have read about people using stacking software that can be used to stack the individual images or frames to produce effectively an average photograph. The results that I've seen from this technique look very good. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this technique and if so can they recommend any software packages. Many thanks Ed
  13. Hello Russell, I have also decided on the HEQ5 but I'm goimg with the syntrek version initially. I figured that I can upgrade to the full synscan in time and when funds allow. I'm planning to get the Skywatcher 200P reflector though which appears to be a good all round scope allowing for good visual and reasonable astrophotographic use. I'm still waiting for stock to arrive in the UK. Hopefully more will arrive this coming week. All the best Ed
  14. Hi everyone, About an hour ago I dragged my family and girlfriend outside to see the ISS for the first time. They were all very apprehensive and i was hoping that we could see it. After brief period of no activity it came sailing accross the sky so bright. I was amazed at how bright it was. Superb! We watched it cross the sky and then fade away in brightness as it entered the earths shadow. Really amazing sight. I'll be looking later but it's much lower so not expecting to see it. Ed
  15. Yes I didn't see it either, however it was into the earths shadow ver quickly. Tomorrow and the next day look much better though as it should be lit well past the UK. Hopefully there will be clear skies tomorrow evening. Ed
  16. I think -1.8 is brighter than 1.8. I'll be taking a look too but i see that it's going to be quiet low. Plus there is scattered cloud at the moment. It would be nice to see it for the first time. Ed
  17. Hi Guys, Thanks for the info. With regard to my intentions, I plan to initially use the scope for visual viewing however my goal is to move onto astrophotography. Bearing this in mind I'm trying to future proof my equipment to some degree so that I don't have to buy new equipment. I've already made the decision (with hekp from you guys) to go for the HEQ5 rather than the EQ5. I will probably gor for the 6 in 1 power tank as I can see a lot of uses for it. As you say it will be very useful for general camping and in the event that i need to jump start my car (which i have to say has happened twice in the past few months even though it's less than years old) Anyway, thankyou for the suggestions for the collimation devices, i'll check those out now. Ed
  18. I'm on the verge of buying a SkyWatcher 200P and HEQ5 syntrek mount. Whislt I wait for stock to be shipped to the UK I thought that it would be a good idea to start buying some useful accessories, especially a power tank and a laser collimator. I have had a look at power tanks and will probably buy a power tank from Maplin but I'm unsure about the laser collimator. I've been onto youtube to see how to collimate the scope and how to use the collimator but does anyone have any suggestions for a good value collimator. Many thanks Ed
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