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  1. Yes that is strange. For Saturn I didn't have enough inward movement on the focused to achieve focus so I just went straight for the Barlow this time. Ed
  2. Hi, yes you're right, I used the x2 SW Barlow. I have to use this as I can't achieve focus without it. I took 800 frames at 10fps. Looking at the avi it appears that the focus wasn't brilliant even though I used a bahtinov mask. I guess it could have been the seeing. I'd be interested to give the raw file to someone who knows what they're doing in registax. Plus, someone can give an opinion on the quality of the raw file which in my opinion is quite poor. Let me know if Anyones interested and I can point you to an FTP site for download. Cheers Ed
  3. Hi guys. Yes I did take one avi with the gain turned up and Jupiter over exposed. The processing didn't turn out great though but I'll give it another go and see what I get. Compared to a lot of the photos I've seen on this forum my efforts are pretty dismal. I'd like to be able to get the image much crisper and sharper. What sort of % of good frames do you guys stack? I think I was using the top 20% Ed
  4. Here are my attempts at Jupiter. I've processed them using Registax and are the best that I could achive in the hour or so I've had. Can someone tell me why the raw image recorded by the SPC900 is so much worse, in terms of quality than when looking through the eyepiece? Yesterday, as I looked through the eyepiece with a 5mm eyepiece I could see Jupiter and its 4 moons. It's a shame that I couldn't capture this image with my current setup. I'm in need of a DSLR I think. Ed
  5. Hello everyone, Well tonight I saw Jupiter and its moons for the first time. A brilliant sight. I thought I was going to be unlucky as soon as I arrived at the site the clouds started rolling in but fortunately they passed after about half an hour or so. I managed to take some avi's with my spc900 too so I'll post the results when I've processed them. I'm hoping that the results will be an improvement on my Saturn attempts. I'd really like to be able to get all the moons in the frame too but I don't think the spc900 is sensitive enough for that. Perhaps it would work with a long exposure mod?? Anyway I'm off to bed. Ed
  6. Thanks guys. I live on the east side of MK so Bedford is a possibility. MK would be closer so I might head down there for a look. They meet on a Friday night. Hoping for some clear skies Ed
  7. Hello everyone, After becoming involved with amateur astronomy a good few months ago I've now come to realise that it is a solitary hobby. Whilst it's good to spend time on your own I'm keen to meet some fellow astronomers to view with in the MK area. I live in an apartment and therefore have to travel to be able to view. I've found a nice spot outside MK about 15 mins away which is quiet and relatively dark. I'm yet to visit my local astro society but am hoping to this week so I guess there will be similarly minded people there too. Anyway let me know if Antibes interested Cheers Ed
  8. Well I made it out tonight. We started the BBQ with a brisk wind and a threatening sky overhead but to my joy the clouds cleared at about 2200 to reveal almost perfect clear skies. Amazing, given the forecast earlier. Just luck I guess. The only problem is that I didn't bring any trousers ( only shorts) so I got cold very quickly. Mistake! Anyway we managed to see m51 (faint smudge) m13 and m92 ( Pretty impressive) andromeda and the double star albieron. Thanks for the recommendations. I also saw an amazing shooting star that burned very very brightly and for a long time. Never seen one so bright. And there were loads of satellites. One of these was impressive, it was very faint and travelling extremely fast - I would say about 5 to 10 times faster than the ISS. Any ideas what this was? I love looking at the night sky because I always see something different. Now back in the warm with a beer. :-) Ed
  9. Hi Tracey. Very well done, looks brilliant. What scope and mount do you have? Ed
  10. Clouds....hmmm just my luck. Horrible things! Well I'll see what the forecast says about an hour before I leave. Ed
  11. Hello everyone, Well I'm off to my friends house for a BBQ tomorrow night and am planning on taking my scope. They live in the middle of nowhere so there will get a good 360 fov but I haven't been out for a while due to poor weather and work commitments so I was wondering if anyone can suggest some objects to view? Hopefully I'll be able to see M13 in between the clouds. Cheers Ed
  12. I don't think it's a power issue as when I use my laptop and slew the scope using EQMOD by pressing the arrow keys it works fine. It's something between the game pad and laptop which is screwing up I think. Ed
  13. Yes Windows show it as working. Also just remembered something else that happens. When i issue a command EQmod indicates the change then almost instantly changes the setting back to what it was before? Weird! Any ideas? Cheers Ed
  14. Veracocha, Well yes that is a difference between my home and remote setup too. At home I used the mains power source but i used a 17Ah Maplin power tank on site. I'm not entirly sure how this could manifest itself though as the power should be regulated by my laptop. Cheers Ed
  15. Hi Parus, Yes I've set the rates up just fine. I can incremet and decrement the rate presets fine but as soon as I try to use the analog joypad or direction buttons it just doesn't like it. As I mentioned I've had it working just fine in my living room but as soon as i need it to work for real it plays up - typical. I was wondering whether it was the length of time that it sits there when on site. In the living room it wasn't on for very long in comparison. Thanks for your suggestion. Ed
  16. Hello all, On two occasions now I've run into problems using EQMod with my Skywatcher 200P and HEQ5 mount. The problem occurs when trying to control the mount using a game pad controller. Back at home everything seems to be working fine once I've calibrated the controller using the inbuilt calibration function. Once on site I set up perform the polar alignment using the EQMod software and then slew the telescope to a star using Ctrl-1 in Stellarium to perform a star calibration. When I try to use the game pad to make adjustments to where the scope is pointing it sometimes moves a bit then stops and then doesn't respond. Sometimes it doesn't respond at all and at other times there is a massive delay between issueing the command and the scope responding. I then restart stellarium scope and EQmod and start again. After the restart it will go through a similar patern of events and in the end I just have to lug my laptop around and make all the adjustments by clicking on the buttons within EQmod. It's a right pain. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Ed
  17. Very nice. I haven't done any DSO photography yet but I can't wait to start when I save up enough to buy a DSLR. Well done Ed
  18. Hello all, I've suddenly got an urge to buy some better eyepieces for my scope. The current eyepieces are the bog standard Sky Watcher articles that come with the 200P reflector scope. I've read the sticky thread regarding the sizes of eye pieces that might be suitable but I was wondering how much do I have to spend to significanly improve my observing capability? Are there any recommended sets that include x2 barlow, 8mm, 18mm and 25mm eyepieces? I'd like a decent barlow which I can use with my SPC880 (flashed to 900) webcam. I've heard the SW that comes with the scope is not good. Obviously, I don't want to break the bank so wanted to see if anyone can give me some advice or point in me in the right direction. Cheers
  19. Hello everyone, I was very disappointed to find out over the weekend that all of the pitches have gone for the Kelling Heath Star Party weekend in Septemeber. Since I found out about this event about a year ago I have wanted to attend and visited during the day at the spring event this year. I didn't realise it was so popular and therefore didn't book early but how wrong could I be! I was loooking forward to looking at the sky from a dark site rather than the polluted skies that we have here in Milton Keynes. I was just wondering if anyone drops out please let me know as I'd like to take your place. I'm crossing my fingers. Ed
  20. Hi Everyone, I've had another bash at processing the data in registax. The result is shown below. I'd like to capture some more data and try again.I'd especially like to sharpen up my focusing skills and might purchase a mask to help with this. Cheers Ed
  21. Brant, I took 1000 frames. The camera was set at 10 fps. I will fiddle with the settings in registax tonight when I get back home and let you know the results. Cheers Ed
  22. Yes, I'm still using the SW eyepieces and Barlow. I'd like to get some better ones but without breaking the bank. Any suggestions? I've also got to get a Cheshire and a bag for the scope. I managed to get hold of a nice peli case for my mount which fits a treat. Most of all I need a garden as it would be so much easier to quickly get out and observe. Clear skies Ed
  23. Thanks guys. I was actually quite amazed at the outcome after processing. Why doesn't the image look very focused through the camera though? Looking through an eyepiece you get pin sharp focus. Also, I'd like to know how to get around the focusing issue when using the camera without the x2 barlow. Ed
  24. Here is the processed result of my first outing. I've just used default settings in registax so might be able to tweak a bit further once I study the tutorials. Cheers Ed Saturn 16_06_2011 22_59_20.bmp Saturn 16_06_2011 22_59_20 take 2.bmp
  25. Hello everyone, Well last night I made my first attempt at photographing Saturn. The clouds cleared to leave clear skies which was ace, although they did return at about 2330. I was using an SPC880 (flashed to 900) web cam with a SW 200P and HEQ5 mount. I had real problems focusing on the object and didn't really get it in focus. Visually through the eyepices it was looking great but as soon as I used the camera things weren't so rosy. I first tried just using the camera straight into the focuser tube and found that I hit the stop (fully in) before focus was reached. It was close but definitely not in focus. Any suggestions? Then I used the x2 barlow lens with the camera and this made the image bigger and I could focus (kind of) without hitting the stops. However hard I tried i just couldn't seem to find focus. I was just about to attempt another capture then the clouds rolled in. I haven't played around with the avi that I took yet but I'm not holding out much hope. Anyway, practice makes perfect I guess. Ed
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