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  1. Haha that chair is awesome! @Benjamin - you got any pictures/ a link to the bins?
  2. Welcome. I'm new too. I'm based in Leeds and was planning to head out to the Ilkley area when I eventually get my scope! Tom
  3. So the SPC880/900 doesn't work natively on mac then? What kind of functionality would I lose? I want to check before ordering. To be honest I wanted to avoid running Windows/Bootcamp as there isn't anything else I'd need it for and I don't have a mass of space. Mine is a MacBook black 13" 2.16Ghz 2gb ram, so I doubt it would even run on VirtualBox. The cheap netbook is a good idea tho! I see you're an OSX dev. Does this mean you have something in the works?
  4. I'm planning to buy a scope this month and I was going to get a pre-flashed SPC880 from Morgans, but I use a Mac and there doesn't seem to be any drivers for it. Does anyone know if it works ok on a Mac? Also, what Mac imaging/stacking software do you suggest? Cheers
  5. Turns out that offer has gone already. If anyone knows of any 200p/pds/EQ5 combinations going let me know. I can't check the buy/sell section yet. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the info. I've been offered an unmissable deal on a 200p + EQ5, so I am planning to get that for now so I get learn all about the sky and the equipment. That gives me the opportunity to upgrade the mount sooner.
  7. I'm about to buy a 200p and I was planning to order the pre-flashed 880 from Morgans. However, I use a Mac and don't have (easy) access to any Windows machines. Can I use the preflashed webcam on my Mac? If so, what software do I have to use? Cheers
  8. @GHarris: Thanks for the info! I'll compare the two. Are the scopes essentially the same thing, just on a different style mounts? Anyone got any opinions about my last post? Thing is I've been offered a second hand 200p with EQ5 for a lot less. Could I fit the Crayford focuser to the standard 200p to overcome the DSLR problem? Cheers
  9. Thanks everyone. I've been speaking to Martin at First Light Optics and although I would benefit from a pro mount, I've decided to stick with the standard EQ5 mount for now while I'm still learning and getting used to the equipment. If I begin to enjoy this hobby, I can sell my EQ5, or get a second scope for it, and I'd look at getting the NEQ6 Pro Synscan mount for proper imaging, but for now its out of my price (and skill) range. I've been comparing the 200p with the 200pds version... What's your opinions? I think the advantage on the pds of being able to use filters on a DSLR would be useful for the extra price, but I'm planning to use a webcam for any imaging, so would the uprated viewfinder on the PDS be necessary for me? Also, I've noticed there is a difference in magnifications stated. The 'p' comes with a 10mm and a 25mm 1.25" eyepiece, providing x40, x100 (and x80, x200 with a 2x barlow) magnification. The 'pds' has a the 2" 28mm eyepiece which only provides x36 magnification. Would this reduce its usability with standard viewing? Can you fit barlows to this eyepiece? Thanks!
  10. The replies I've got on here is vastly different to the advice I received on another astro forum (in a good way). I was basically told "you clearly know nothing about astronomy/astrophotography, don't bother buying a telescope, buy a Canon 'L' series superzoom lens or some binoculars". I've been looking for prices of the standard EQ6 mount, but I can only find the synscan version for around £1000, plus the scope, which is way out of my price range atm. Any ideas where to look? Really clear sky here in Leeds tonight! Wish I had a scope to have a better look.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I forgot to say my budget is around £400 max, so a bigger mount isn't really possible at the moment, unless anyone knows of anything going second hand? What is it that makes the EQ5 unsuitable for imaging? Is it not stable enough for long exposures or is it a weight issue? I'm sure it will take me a lot of research and practice to get the scope focused on anything at first, before I start imaging, but obviously I don't want to have to upgrade straight away. Thanks David, that looks really promising. I'll look more into that.
  12. Hi. I'm new to astronomy but I've been a professional photographer for a few years and have been really interested in learning more about the sky. After speaking to some people about equipment, I plan to get some decent zoom binoculars to start with, but I'm planning to order my first scope when funds allow. I hope to (eventually) get to the stage where I can get some good photographs of the moon, planets, messiers etc. I think I've decided on a scope - Skywatcher Explorer 200p with a EQ5 mount. This is the fastest I can afford with the possibility of ordering a Synscan GOTO attachment in the future. I currently have a Canon 5D mkII, but I also plan to order a Philips SPC-880 (and flash it with the 900 software). Can you guys give your opinion on that scope for my needs and suggest any small accessories I should get at the same time? Filters etc. Thanks!
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