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  1. Dan, thanks for the link that looks great. Lucky students nothing like that over here would have loved to have learnt astronomy over religious education! Ref hottub - Not too much better than looking up at stars from that on clear night, sat and watched perseids last summer for a good hour last year
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome all
  3. Hi All been a lurker on here for a while so thought I had better sign up properly and say hi and introduce myself. Great forum you have here, very informative. I am a 31 year old project manager from Somerset.* Just got my 1st beginner set up after being interested in the sky for ages After watching wonders of universe / remembering how clear the sky was looking up from hottub last summer realised back garden had perfect sw to se view with 0 light pollution. Si thought I'd get a beginner but half decent set up to see if I get into it. I am not the sort to be going and about to do it so back garden felt like ideal place to learn at own pace and enjoy it with some tunes and beers After much agonizing between the 150p and pl went for: - 150pl on eq3 (bit shaky at first but mastered tracking already just need to tease it ;-) - Revelation photo visual kit - Astro glow red led torch (wanted one that glowed as always loosing stuff - wish the made glow in dark dust caps!!) - sky walk iPhone app (loving that £1.79 well spent). - modded sp900nc webcam with ir filter After a bit of research on here this seemed to be a half decent set-up for a starter that was easy to use. All arrived last thurs bar webcam and after the initial head ache setting up, shouldn't have started at 8 at night after long day at office!, was chuffed to stand back and look at first ever scope but was a bit like ok so WTF now. First night was fruitless couldn't even find moon (finder was lined up with the balls to it, it's getting late school of alignment). Friday night scope was aligned and bang straight to moon and some stars. Saturday was attempt at finding Saturn and without much hassle and bang there is was. My best mate Colin who is also learning with me was really emotional bless him, its certainly nice learning / sharing the sky at night experiences with such a good mate.*Sunday night / Monday am was out there for 4 hours solid just mesmerized.* Been out every night since I've had it *- too cloudy here tonight and gutted. Amazing*wife (who knows I am boss ;-) has agreed to let me upgrade if I really get into it so already looking at next scopes up to £2k with goto (or cheaper 2nd hand) will give it a few weeks /months with the current set-up before spending loads more (no doubt I'll be on here picking yours brains as to how best to spend some hard earned pennies). Cheers Raf
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