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  1. Hi All, I am currently thinking of slowly starting to upgrade my eyepiece selection, and not sure what brand to go for. I would like the televue but cant stretch to them at the moment. The ones I am thinking of as follows Baader Genuine ortho, Baader Hyperion, Celestron excel. Any views on the above list as to which are the best. I am currently only using the standard skywatcher eyepieces so, would imagine all the above are a marked improvement. Thanks Tim
  2. Looks like the clouds are clearing by me so hopefully will be out tonight for my first proper go with my new scope. Any good targets for me to try and hunt down tonight. I have a skywatcher 200p Thanks Tim
  3. forgot to put link in Telrad Reflex Finder | Telescope Accessories | Rother Valley Optics
  4. Thanks for the replies. Is this the type of red dot finder you recommend, if so how does it fit to the scope as the ad says no need to drill.
  5. Hi All, Finally I have got my hands on my new scope a Skywatcher 200p on eq5. I got it second hand and it came with several eyepieces. 2" 42mm 2" 28mm 1.25" 32mm plossl 1.25" super25 w/a long eye relief 1.25" super 10mm 1.25" super 3.6mm 1.25" x2 barlow Which one of these is best to use for my initial search? Also any recomendations on other eyepieces to buy I think all the ones above are just standard skywatcher pieces as there is no other branding on them. Also having trouble starhopping using the 9x50 finder scope I was thinking about getting the skywatcher red dot finder is this a decent piece of kit? Thanks Tim
  6. Hi all, Dumb question I know but my first scope so bear with me. I think I have got my head around the ra setting circle and how to read it, but how do i read the dec scale, what are the numbers on the top scale that read 1 2 0 1 2. I have sort of guessed the numbers below it are the degrees as they read from 0 to 90. Thanks
  7. Hi All, Picked up my scope last night and hopefully will be out with it tonight. It is a 200p on eq5 Is there anything I can do with the mount prior to the session in terms of lining it up/setting? Also when it comes to polar alignment I will just be in my back garden tonight and will not be able to see polaris, is there a way round this. Any advise welcome Thanks Tim
  8. Ive just collected my new scope (well new to me) the first scope ive owned cant tell you how exited I am, like a little school boy again. Its a skywatcher 200p on a eq5. Came with 6 eye pieces too. Couldnt resist just taking outside for a quick look and low and behold there was saturn first time ive seen it awesome. Hours of fun to come when I get my head round this mount and how to set it up properly. Tim
  9. No still watching the one on ebay but even if I dont get that one I think that is the model I will go for.
  10. Hi All, I am collecting my first scope at the weekend, a Skywatcher 200p on eq5. I know I will need some sort of collimation tool so could someone advise what I need to buy, I was reading the asto baby tutorial and it mentions a collimation cap but I cant find that on the flo website. Do I just need a cheshire collimation eyepiece? Thanks
  11. Hi, The ad just says eq 5 not heq5 does it look like a heq5 in the picture?
  12. Didnt think of that! SKYWATCHER EXPLORER 200mm EQ5 REFLECTOR TELESCOPE on eBay (end time 21-May-11 17:36:02 BST)
  13. Hi, Thanks for the comments I know all on ebay are not dodgy but when it comes to scopes I am completely green so wouldnt know what to look out for.
  14. Hi all, I am looking at buying a skywatcher 200p dob at the end of May, but have just seen a explorer 200 on eq5 for sale on the dreaded ebay. Is this a decent alternative and also what should I look out for if I go and view this item. I havnt owned a scope before so would be unsure what to look out for in a second hand scope. Thanks Tim
  15. Anyone know where you can purchase base setting circles for a 200p dobsonion, I looked on flo but couldnt find them. Thanks Tim
  16. Hi, Where can you get the base setting circles I have had a look on flo and cant seem to find them?
  17. Hi Thanks what software do you use for your log?
  18. Thanks for that I will keep an eye on that is it on thier website?
  19. I have the 15x70 and I have to say I cant fault them for the money.
  20. Excellent revew thanks this is going to be my first telescope cant wait.
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