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  1. The mount has sykwatcher green elements in it
  2. My new toys WO Redcat51, ZWO ASI1600mm pro, ZWO EFW, ZWO OAG v2 with Helical focuer, ZWO 120MM Mini guide cam, ZWO EAF with Deepskydad fittling kit and finally a ZWO ASI Air pro. Just need the rain to stop now thou... Andy
  3. RIP.. The brightest star in the sky tonight !!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the info Adrian. Will make sure we park there. And a peak through your Dob would be great.. (thank you sooo much) Cant wait to meet you all. Andy
  5. Thanks for the reply We would aim to get there before dark. Regards Andy
  6. Can I jump in with a quick question please.... Is the event on;y open to guys/gals who are staying on site. Would my dad and myself be allowed to drive up one of the nights and have a little look aroud? Dad is just getting over bowel cancer so a tent/caravan stay is out of the question this year (fingers crossed for next year thou). We would love to have a look around if that is ok. Thanks Andy
  7. Yep You could hire it up for up to 9 months in 3 month stints @ £90. At the end of each of the 3 month period you could carry on hiring for an additional £90 or return the sax with any monies paid counted as a hire cost. After the 9 months you would then pay a monthly sum over 6 months to finish paying for the instrument and its yours. The info of the scheme is shown here www.sax.co.** with ** being UK. Regards Andy
  8. *cough* Typo *cough* But you get the idea. I would jump at the chance of a hire/buy option on a ccd. Andy
  9. I hired/bought a saxaphone on a scheme like that. £90 hire for 3 months x 2 then either return equipment or pay 6x £50 monthly to own it. Was a fantastic scheme. Made a £900 purchase seem affordable and easy. Andy
  10. Thank you sooo much. Just starting out they are so much help Andy
  11. Is there any way that test data could be included ? Thinking how great it would be to see what you can do with that data and then let us loose with the same data as a way of hands on. Either way I would like to say a huge thank you for all your hard work Andy
  12. Hello and Welcome Andy
  13. Clear here in West Wales. All the best and good luck Andy
  14. I have just paid about £1400 for almost the same kit from new. Andy
  15. Sorry to hijack the thread but how long would the screws that attach the ST80`s dovetail to the ED80 rings be ? Thanks Andy
  16. Thanks sooo much for this thread. I have finally Today collected everything I need to get running from the comfort of my conservatory. Have had my 1000d running remotely. EQDirect interface is doing what it should. CDC installed and running as well. Going to see tonight if they all run OK at the same time. Will let you all know how it goes. Andy
  17. Hmmm I have one as well !!!
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