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  1. Hi Did anyone see the sunrise this morning, and the bright star /planet in the SE direction. Can i ask what planet/star this was, and seemed to shine brightly long after the sun had risen in the morning sky Many Thanks
  2. Hi Have you tried any engineers supplies, I can recall some years ago being able to hire a hole cutter (at differing sizes) to cut through sheet metal without the need of having to drill, grind or saw. These were like a socket wrench which simply cut the hole to the required size whilst tightening against a backing disc of the same size.
  3. boston

    New to hobby

    Hi Dave Welcome to SGL from a fellow newbie
  4. boston

    Hello everyone

    Welcome from a fellow newbie, and hope you find SGL as useful source of info as me
  5. Thank you to everyone for all of your responses and advice, as a total newbie to the night sky, I have found the excellent advice on this forum has really assisted with use of my first scope. After the familiarisation period with my new scope including the magical moment of seeing Saturn live for the first time I would like to upgrade to better EPs and do like the idea of this multi purpose EP. I have looked on eBay for used mk2 zoom click with no joy, but will probably have to look at the new mk3 version. Many thanks
  6. Hi everyone After reading other threads on SGL with regard to this multi functional eyepiece, could i ask if you feel this will be appropiate for use with a Skywatcher Explorer 150P, as possibly the next step up from the supplied 10 and 25mm eyepieces. I like the idea of the adaptability of several eyepieces into 1, and being a complete novice would welcome any advice. Many Thanks
  7. Same here, it was such a clear night and myself, wife, mother in law and 10 year old, all viewed Saturn for the first time. We then switched to the Moon, and now i am being asked 'when is the telescope being set up again'.
  8. Just to update, thanks to everyones earlier responses, and i have now managed to locate and view Saturn (hiding behind a neighbours tree) on Monday night. Had a fantastic view, on what was something i had looked forward to seeing for some time with my new telescope. Thanks
  9. Hello from Sheffield from a total newbie to this wonderful hobby, which i have been interested in for many years. I have been reading this forum for quite some time, and have now purchased a Skywatcher 150P as my first ever scope. So many cloudy nights around here over the past few days have restricted its use, but hopefully the clouds will lift to give some clear spells over this weekend. Thanks to all of the valuble advice i have already read on SGL.
  10. Dear All Many thanks for all of your prompt replies and i hope i get better results over the weekend. As some have mentioned i could have been looking at the totally wrong planet. I looked in a E-SE direction roughly following the path of the sun, and followed a guide which stated down from Ursa Major to Arcturus and Spica with Saturn just above. I assumed that the brightest shining star/planet in that region would have been Saturn Once more many thanks
  11. Dear All After looking on this site for the past few months, and reading the excellent advice from the SGL community, i have now bought my first Telescope a Skywatcher 150P. Please forgive the content of my first post as i am a complete novice to this wonderful hobby. As i have always had an interest in the night sky and whats up there appreciate any advice/tips as to anything i am not doing right or possibly the eye pieces i am using. Last night was an oppurtunity to view Saturn, with a clear and dark sky, and was something i had looked forward to seeing for weeks. I set up the scope outside for at least 2 hours before viewing (to allow for cooling etc), and started to view from about 9.30pm onwards. I was advised when purchasing the scope that the rings etc could be visable through this scope etc but all i can see is the bright pin point of light (just more intensity than other stars nearby). I have tried every combination of the supplied eye pieces x10, x25, and 2x Barlow, but it more or less appears to be the same image, unable to make out any further detail. Please can i ask should i look into purchasing some additional eye pieces to the one supplied with the scope, to obtain an view with some detail, and (sorry about this one) should all of the lens cap be removed when viewing, or the smaller cap only, to allow for less light onto the mirror. Any advice would be most appreciated - many thanks
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