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  1. The moon is by far visually the most impressive sight in a telescope:)
  2. Hi there blackpool-skier, welcome to SGL! you are correct, the barlow is fairly useless..The main reason being is it is very poor quality and because its 3x magnification it will put the magnification so high that it is past the scopes capability. The moon you can push magnification further in my opinion. The eye pieces you can use however feels best for you, start with the 20mm, and then if you want to up the magnification move up to the 10mm. the 6mm is hard to use and it may be worth trying the 3x barlow with the 20mm to give similar magnification. Everyones eyes are different, dont be afraid to just have a play around and see whats best for you:).
  3. The 250px is a brilliant scope, its my first "proper" telescope and i wont be parting with it!!. At a guess for lunar/planetary the 250px probably wont be a huge amount better than your 150p! but where it will come into its own is looking at nebula/galaxys at a dark site.
  4. Id also say heritage, The red dot finder on the 130EQ is awful, the mount isnt as user friendly for visual, and should you want to upgrade you will deffinatly want to sell it. The heritage however you will probably want to keep due to the grab and go factor.
  5. looking at the bid history i see the winning bidder acctualy put a higher bid ontop of the winning bid!! 94.50 is a strange amount though, shill bidding on ebay is so common i would not be in the least bit supprized if some was going on here.
  6. Madness! completly down to stargazing live. now if the best time to sell a scope by far.
  7. I have to agree the amount of objects that can be viewed is extreamly limited..but i remeber at the time being blown away that i could get such amazing views of the moon for less money than a computer game! I did quickly grow out of the scope and bought a 250px, but i could have never made such an investment without the jessops confirming that i will enjoy the hobby:) Dont get me wrong, binoculars are awesome..and from a dark site scanning the skys will show a lot of objects in the night sky, but how many they will show from a light polluted area (op said he would have to drive to dark skys) is news to me-i know my 10 x 50s show next to nothing where i live. And the question is how often can dark skys be gone to on a day to day basis? I would never be without a good pair of bins for grab and go, but im not sure they would have captured my interest like the jessops did! but each to thier own, i know the general idea is bins are the best first step even endorced by sir patrick himself.
  8. I go completly against the grain for this subject-the jessops TA80-800 whilst often written of as junk was enough to get me hooked on astronomy and i wrote a review here.. http://stargazerslounge.com/member-equipment-reviews/137878-jessops-ta800-80-novice-perspective-2.html It will explain what to exspect and its shortcomings (what to be fair there is plenty) however it IS enough to spark interest if you know what to exspect from it. But it would only be a tempory scope to decide if you might enjoy astronomy and would want to be quickly upgraded..at this point you can sell on ebay probably for roughly half its price of £39.99 or give to a friend, or you could go on ebay yourself and pick one up for 20 quid..it will show you the moon like you have never seen it before, for an extreamly cheap price. The moon will look stunning, saturn will be tiny but the rings will be visable , you might be able to get a glimpse of the great orion nebula, and that will be it. basicly this scope will give you your first decent lunar views. Binoculars are fantasic and would stay in your collection should you take to astronomy..but you will need a tripod. IMO the moon is a hard object to beat to grab someones attention!.
  9. I was taught in school that pluto if the furthest away planet from our sun, i too struggle to see it as anything else. I wonder what they are teaching in school now, they keep changing there mind as to is it is or isnt:confused:
  10. An upgrade to the standard focuser on the 250px is deffinatly a modification i would like to make in the future. 2 options are standing out at the moment, i deffinatly want duel speed.. Skywatcher Dual-Speed Low Profile 1.25/2 inch Crayford Focuser VS MoonLite CR2 Dual Rate tri-knob Crayford Focuser for Newtonians VS Baader SteelTrack NT for Newtonians All with quite different prices, does anyone have exsperiance with at least 2 of these focusers to compare the differances for the prices and what is the best value for money?.does the moonlight warrent twice the price over the skywatcher? would the Baader be a nice comprimise of the two? it seems a lot to spend compared to the price of the scope but if im going to keep the scope and they improve the exsperiance i think its worth it. I have decided the 250px will always be part of my collection and its time to plan some mods:) i do say plan..these will be long term items to save up for.
  11. Im going to go against the grain here..With your budget i would say forget bins and buy yourself a telescope!! yes bins are a good way to scan the skys and some objects look nice in them, but the views are not going to start to compare to a telescope and they will be wobbly, you will struggle to even see crators on the moon! - its 10x magnification vs upto 250x magnification!!. I would recommend this telescope..Great optics, and should you catch the bug it will always remain extremly usefull as a "grab & go/travel" telescope. save the extra money and get this, your far more likely to take to the hobby with it. Its worth noting you will need a collimation tool that is £25..But even in poor collimation this will wipe the floor against bins. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-heritage-130p-flextube.html
  12. Thanks for your reply Merlin66, I was acctualy concerned that it may let too much light in! it is marked as ND4 but mabey it isnt? here is a couple of photos to give an idea of the level of light blocking. Hopfully this should be suitable? if its not i dont want to screw it into an EP as it may damage the screw thread.
  13. Hey guys, i recently ordered Anteres 2" ND13 filter from astroboot but recieved a KOOD ND4 48mm filter..The item was listed as new and it certainly seems to be. I have a few questions, as far as i can tell the anteres is a visual filter and the KOOD is an imaging filter, is that correct? The KOOD deffinatly seems to have a cheaper retail price..For visual will the KOOD be suitable?. As i have been sent the wrong filter do the long distance selling regulations apply? will astroboot have to pay my return postage or will i be liable? Quite frustrating as I want a visual filter and this item is cheaper retail so i bought what would have been a bargin and what now probably isnt. Just wondering what to do really!.
  14. Hi arbacia, thanks sounds like it might just be perfect! I was debating gettig a 25A acctualy, i think they can also help with viewing mars?
  15. Just saw a brand new 2" one on astroboot for 7 quid so took a chance, i dont have nothing in the way of moon filters and the 2" will be handy for not having to faff about swapping the filter between EPs when changing mag. Question is..Is it any good?.
  16. stoney cross airbase in the new forest, amazing skys and completly open! 1 drawback...random doggers pulling into the carpark and then driving away once seeing the telescope:icon_eek:
  17. im guessing your X-cel is the new LX version, i have the 10mm ED version and love it:) Have fun with your new EPs:)
  18. Very usefull idea.. But i think its worth mentioning these views are from Israel, im guessing the views there are significantly better than here in the UK.
  19. i joined the group on sgl sometime ago but have not been able to get upto turf hill on a meet due to lack of transport atm:( i have been to stoney cross airbase once just round the corner from turfhill, beautiful skys! id love to come down sometime...just need to buy a new car lol.
  20. deffinatly some bargins to be had there, but they are quite few and far between with all the competition:( Hey just noticed your in bournemouth too! good to see another locle member:)
  21. Your welcome:) to show the differance in tunnel vision i have taken some photos for you, the first photo is down the eyepeice of the skywatcher zoom at 11mm setting, the second is down the eyepeice of a celestron X-cel 10mm, whilst the differance is obviouse..i acctualy find it even more noticable at the telescope!.
  22. your welcome, its usualy the same old stuff there but sometimes bargins can be had:) Heres another little tip-you have to pay postage for 1 item, around £2 if i remeber right..however if you buy 3 or more items postage is free..There is usualy some very cheap bits like a case for an eyepeice filter or dust caps for 50p-£1 . Sometimes it works out cheaper to buy those to and get free postage!. Happy bargin hunting:D
  23. I would also suggest save your money:) i have the 7-21mm version and personaly am not too keen on it , it suffers from tunnel vision somewhat.. but is a cheap way too boost your EP collection.
  24. Astroboot has that very same skywatcher model for £9 atm!. for the 15 pounds extra i think the telrad would probably be better, however at a total of £11 on astroboot its a deffinate option. AstroBoot Here is a very quick look/review i did of it yesterday acctualy, i use it all the time. Skywatcher Red dot finder, a quick look and review. - YouTube
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