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  1. Thanks guys a few for me to play around with today, I downloaded an app called "Astro Panel" it's a fantastic app the is meant to give me the weather, how clear the sky is going to be and much much more but doesn't seem to be working. Does anyone use an app or website to find our in advance what days /nights are going to be clear.
  2. Hi Guys, hope everyone is well. I've neglected my telescope for the last 4 years, mainly due to have children (sleep was very much needed) and I'm looking at dusting it off and getting back out there. I use to have a few mobile apps the would really help my a long the way. Basically I would like to see what everyone else is using. The apps that I would used were the Google sky app, a lunar 100 app and an app that I could tick off the messier list. It'll be excellent to here from you guys. ?
  3. Hi Guys I really want to find the lunar x but every time I go to find it I can't find it, I have heard that it all depends on where the sun is, ie the shadow on the moon. Is this true and also does it depend what time of year it is? I know where to look but I just can't it Thanks for your help hope I get the answer needed Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Guys Tonight im showing my father in law what is out tonight, do apart from the moon is there anything is "M" numbers that would be good using a 5" Thanks
  5. it is true when doing a 3 star alignment you have a certain time to do it otherwise the first object you align will be totally off alignment or is the mount clever enough you know where the star should be?
  6. Cheers guys, thanks for your help, just need a clear sky now...doh!
  7. the moon was great last night, Was trying to find Lunar X but I coundnt find it, it was at the under side. Does anyone know it's the best time to see the Lunar X
  8. Cheers I was thinking about attacking the lunar 100 list, or even try to find the lunar X
  9. Hi Guys, After and couple of months rest I'm thinking about getting my 5" out tonight and was wondering what's out there thats worth a looking at, any ideas guys? Cheers:headbang:
  10. Hi Guys, I have a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT, I love it however the only things that really annoys me is that after about 15 mins I have to re-align it, if there is someone out there that has the same scope/mount then please give me some tips. I'm using a power tank so I know it's nothing to do with the power. Thanks peeps:icon_salut:
  11. Hi Dave, me to. I really can't wait for when we have people round so can show them saturn, whilst I just sit back and enjoy and watch their excitement Richard
  12. Hi Mike I have seen if I can add Jupiter but It doesn't look like I can, sorry
  13. They have withdrawn Mrs Henderson (they feel it wasnt appropriate) lol!!!
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