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  1. Yes, had Stellarium for a while now. Thanks!
  2. Was observing Jupiter last night with my skywatcher, now did i really see 4 moons around the planet(3 on one side, 1 on the other) or was my mind playing tricks? Could just about make out the lines on the planet too which was cool. ie: So is it possible to see the moons with my 10" newtonian?
  3. Okay, very happy with my new member of the family, below! It's bigger than it looks, 10", now just waiting for some clear nights. Anyway, been thinking it looks a touch too plain, is it possible to paint these kind of scopes? Not sure what the body(tube) is made of(i'm still a novice). Would like a nice shiny black colour ideally. Any advice? Or is it not worth the hassle?
  4. What would i do to trade places for this view. Incredible Space Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock | triggerpit.com
  5. Yidoboy, i had problems too at first on my Windows 7, 64bit machine. Official website version wouldn't work. I d/l the version from www.4shared.com and it was take off. Can't explain why, though.
  6. Thanks for all the wise words. Will probably have a look out for some bargain quality eyepieces, they will always do for future scopes!
  7. Ok, so i purchased this Tasco 302911 last week, second hand, £50. Thought it would be a good way to start off in astronomy. Aligned it during the day, great views so thinking it was collimated good, tried it that night, but a bit disappointed with the results. After much looking online, found that Tasco is a brand much maligned by many. Undeterred, i also found some who thought the scope was decent enough, but the eyepieces are rather abysmal. Now what i'd like to know is, if i purchased a decent 17mm plossl, would it make a great deal of difference to what i already have(20mm, 4mm, 3x barlow)
  8. How do i get them? Edit: I found them, thanks!
  9. What's going on? Just got in from work here in Edinburgh, couldn't believe the orangey-red colour. Had lines through it too, Jupiter-esque. Beautiful.
  10. Welcome, Matt. I got my Revelations 15x70 for just over £50. The nights haven't been clear enough yet for my verdict, but they have had some favourable reviews. Sean
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