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  1. Thank you soooo much for taking the time to write this post, it should be printed out and given to every person stood in a telescope shop with dreams and money burning holes in their pockets.
  2. I was thinking the same thing, surely this will put you on the naughty list ?
  3. They look awesome, I've just bought Celestron Skymaster 20x80 bins and I'm really happy with them, well I was till I saw yours lol moon looks really crisp and clear with mine so yours should be better ?
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies, I used them last night and I was very happy, obviously not as good as a scope which will be added very soon (when I figure out which one to buy and sneak it past my wife) but for portability and a learning tool I'm very happy. Nope I don't have a chair yet but I'm looking, what's the best one to get?
  5. Had a big clear out a few years ago and sold my Meade ETX70AT and regretted it ever since but didn't want to buy anything that was not quick easy to use and portable then I got the chance of buying and bought a pair of Celestron Skymaster 20x80 binoculars, I particularly liked the tripod mount on them but the question is did I choose well? Got them yesterday and as you can guess it was cloudy when I got home lol
  6. Thanks guys for your advice and do not worry about the weight of the camera problem because i have already engineered a mounting plate that attaches to the tripod to combat this problem.
  7. Not had my ETX70AT out for a while and i was considering using it in conjunction with my 400D to take some nice shots of the moon etc, where can i get an adaptor to connect camera to scope? Also any suggestions as to best settings on the camera would be good. Thanks in advance.
  8. Cheers all!! Once again you have solved another little problem for me
  9. Remember guys and gals that i am still very new and still finding my feet, so here goes, i have managed to connect my ETX-70 to my laptop and i am using "starrynight pro". everything works fine but my question is going to sound so dumb.........do i align the telescope before connecting it to "starrynight pro" only there does not seem to be an align button function on the software program.
  10. I am still on my first scope, it is an ETX70 and i am still learning how to use it, its great!! :bounce:
  11. [glow=red,2,300]Cheers guys for all your help!![/glow] I have now had a successful align and found the moon!! I took everyones advice and bought a power pack to eliminate the battery problem, i used a correct DC adaptor to convert to 9V, i used precise gps co-ordinates, and most of all i had a clear sky!! once again guy's.........thank you!!
  12. Spent alot of time and money!! on my scope today, i have aligned, calibrated, and tracked my drives, got precise gps co-ordinates for my site location, and i have splashed out on a 12V/240V, air compressor, jump starting power pack!! Right now all i need is a clear sky and I'm off outside..........lets have a look out of the window.................. :clouds2: :clouds2:...........maybe tomorrow then!!
  13. Cheers for that i thought i was the only one who never read manuals!! I did check the date format and it asks for DD/MM/YYYY
  14. I thought along the same lines about the time/date and i double checked the co-ordinates for my site and then it clouded over and is still clouded over. I did calibrate the motors while i was out there but it says to train the drive it needs to be pointed at a terrestrial object and after reading the manual i thought it better to do it in the day time? I am now convinced it is because the batteries are duff as it is still the same batteries as when i bought it! Cheers.
  15. Wowee!! You really are good at this!! I tried to look at the moon tonight but it clouded over and my ETX was not playing nicely!! At least i can sit and look at your pic with admiration.
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