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  1. i havent had clear skys for over a week now so looking fward to tonight!!! pity it shouldnt clear up untill 9pm but ill probably be out most of the night!! clear skys and happy veiwing to everybody tonight
  2. i would save up and get the 130p AZ GOTO its only £275 delivered from First Light Optics and you arnt loosing any apature as you are used to the 127mm
  3. all our street lights get turned off every night from 12 - 5am and i live in a suffolk small town so im lucky i suppose
  4. kool good luck!!!! if you need any help with mesamunts etc i can take them off my scope it might help ya as its tecnically the same but i dont know what help is around with how to place the dovetail etc good luck though
  5. i must say that where i live we have downward LED lights which get turned off at 12am every night untill 5am so personally im sorted but i understand the great trouble this causes to others though
  6. its still cheaper on First Light Optics which have it for sale at 274 delivered!!! ive used both before and both offer great service
  7. the Skywatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian at £197.00 is at the top of your budget but is the biggest scope you can get for your money and is on a simple ALT AZ mount push it in direction you want to go and your off!!!
  8. first light optics (the fourms sponser look at the top or links below) is deffintly the cheapest UK supplyer trust me ive just brought one as of Monday!!!! anyway i actually got the 130p Synscan GOTO at 274 including delivery and it will probably be delivered direct from the distrbuter (Optical Vision Ltd and dont deal to public by the way) links for the GOTO page for Skywatcher: First Light Optics - AZ GOTO i must say the 130 is a great scope and ive had it on a EQ2 mount but im getting into it again so ive just ordered this again so to speak and its a great scope deffintly recomend!!
  9. very usefull info there all the research ive done like you came back that it had a normal serphical (sorry i cant spell!!) primary although its very bad publicity that they havent advatised this as im sure people have gone along the skywatcher route just because of the parabolic mirror. and supposdly the parabolic mirror gives a better veiwing ive had a skywatcher 130 (sperichal) and im getting a 130 parabolic so ill be able to compare the differance!!! but as its not adding any magnifaction or size etc i doubt the differance will be that noticable to be honest ill keep you updated when my new scope arrives
  10. no it cant ive had the skywatcher 130 on a eq2 before and this is my 2nd scope and its a totally differant scope!!! for starters the GOTO mount uses a dovetail joint not tube rings and also the 130p only has a tube length of 650mm where as the 130 has a tube length of 900mm (i think its 900 pretty sure!!) you could do it in thory but would require you to drill and screw the dovetail attachment and to work out where to screw it and its 2 much work to be honest!!! how much is your budget and what will it streach to? if you get the 130 GOTO then you arnt loosing any apature but then you are stuck with your old 130 and for that price you could eaisly affor the 150p dob or the 200p dob is only about £10 more than the 130 GOTO. if you have ur heart set on a goto (which it sounds like it!!) then just get the biggest scope that you can happly afford if you need any more help ill help ya as much as i can
  11. if you have a android phone (dont know about iphone) theres a app called google skymaps its a great bit of kit especially if you hold it to your scope to use as a guide you will find polaris in a snip you can also make everything in red so it will save you night vision i recomend setting it up indoors before hand tho
  12. ive just ordered the skywatcher 130p synscan from FLO and at £274 including delivery its a bit more expensive BUT its the same size that you have now just shorter focal length and its a parabolic mirror. i was thinking the same when i brought it as the 114LCM is £229 from ebay even the skywatcher 114p is £230 delivered!!! and its parabolic so gotta be better all round to be honest i would recomend having a look here i spent ages looking through it!!! and i can garantie they are the cheapest as i looked around before buying and the cheapest 130p i could find was about £300 neway check it out the synscan is harder to use as you need to know the name of a bright star but theres Stellarium for PC that can help or even google sky for android phones will help as well good luck deciding!!!! First Light Optics - AZ GOTO
  13. the celestron astromaster 114eq is available at the top end of your budget for 100 its got a 114mm mirror and is a reflector its the biggest scope you would be able to get for your money i would rekon but also have a look on ebay just make sure you collect it yourself if you can and you can have a look at the condition of the mirrors etc before purchasing from ebay link for 113eq £100 free delivery or amazon have it for £107 ABC Digital Cameras>C21045 Celestron Astromaster 114EQ
  14. ok thanks i was thinking i would need a RCD but wasnt sure thanks
  15. does anyone know of a power supply that will power a skywatcher 130p synscan goto? i have a shead with power in my garden and want to use that BUT an important BUT!!!! wouldnt it need to be weatherproof as its going to be used in the damp or outdoors and i dont want it to blow and blow my goto up!!! ive been looking around but i cant find any thats weatherproof :s thanks in advance
  16. wow good info there always good to be 1 step ahead luckly i only use skywatcher scopes tho but nows the time to buy celestron it seems!!!
  17. nice one im getting a goto and was just looking for a power lead as my garden is very dark and im lucky to have power in my shed to this would be great thanks
  18. sorry i did lol at this as my name is also carl and im getting my 2nd scope (again!!) after selling my 1st long story but im getting the 130p synscan for the only reason is its in my price range and ive used the 130 before and its a great scope cant comment on the mak but as they are both very similar just the focal length to be honest and the size and the fact ones a mak of corse!! im sure both will be great for you altho if you can afford it go for the mak but if its a bit tight on budget go for the 130p either way you cant really loose both wiched scopes!! sorry this hasnt helped your descision at all but just had to have a comment and the fact you chose 2 really good scopes doesnt help!!!! clear skys
  19. true but i would only really use it for the well known planets and glaxies and some M numbers etc because i would mainly be using it with my son anyway so getting thousands of things wouldnt bother me anyway and getting somthing he can see is more important
  20. thanks for your comments i didnt know if the extra £50 would of made a differance but i suppose it does make all the differance!!!! think i will spend the extra then many thanks all
  21. ok well i had a skywatcher explorer 130 (not parabloic and not moter version) and to be very honest with you i did love that scope it was a great scope but i went through a mid life crisis (at 25 and ive already had 3!!! lol) and sold it now really wish i hadnt of corse!! now anyway!!! right so ive now decided that i would like a decent scope again as my sons now turning 5 and is also getting into it. i have about £250 MAX to spend, now i have decided on a goto scope because with my old scope i got sooo annoyed trying to actually find something i couldnt even find andromida (with a perfect dark sky) so hopefully this will keep my interest in it and also with my 5 year old as he gets bored after 10 seconds!!! now ive decided on a couple but would like the second opion from members who have used these scopes or equlaviant either on goto or EQ etc. number 1 (if i can wait long enough to save up!!) is the Skywatcher Explorer 130P SynScan AZ GOTO number 2 is the Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P SynScan AZ GOTO and the 3rd is the: Celestron Nexstar 102 GT (refracter) now i kinda know what to expect from the 130 from looking at jupiter and saturn but is there actually much differance between the 114 and 130 is it that noticable? and as for the 102 again whats the actually veiwing differance between the 102 and the 130? sorry for the long posts but at least you know everything now!!!! like i said i was happy with the 130 (altho like most men i would like it bigger ) and i could get a 200p dob for about the same price but i know i would just get annoyed with not finding anything which is why i need your trusted veiws in the age old question of does size really matter!!! thanks
  22. ok so i have a skywatcher on a eq2 mount (standard kit) but i get loads and i mean loads of woble when i touch anything especially the slowmotion controls (with a 2x barlow and a 10mm). so what mount would be best in your opuion? maybe a eq3 or is it worth it and sould i spend my money on some eyepeices and a decent finderscope?? thanks in advance for you help
  23. Hi ive looked for this but could only find the parabolic mirror version and mine inst and this is also my experance using it for the first time and what happened that night. also massive respect to harrisons telescopes who i got it from second to none service It was the 1st clear skys since monday so out i went at 8:30pm to set up my telescope. setup was easy and pain free i had set it up inside just so i knew what i was doing!! and ballancing it was fine also. so with it all setup and ready to go i looked at the moon and was blown away with the detail especially as i moved up the eyepeices, and then i used the 2x barlow lens and oh dear!!! where do i start its rubbish and sooo hard to focus it really is a nightmare and it doesnt magnify it that much more to be honest but that i can upgrade in time so im not that fussed. after looking at the moon i moved onto the orion nebular and with the 2x barlow and the 10mm and when it focused it was a really nice sight altho the lack of colour was suprising but after reading that it would be like that it was still an experance. the slow motion controls have to be mentioned at this point and i would advise ANYONE with this eq2 mount or if you are going to buy a telescope with a eq2 mount to read the manual from ORION telescopes for this reason: now in my stupidy i adjusted the angle of the telescope (dont ask why im new to this!!!) and after that the mount wasnt polar alinged so i had to use more dec slow motion to keep the stars in veiw. now what the skywatcher manual doesnt tell you is that the dec slow motion control only has about 10 degrees of movement in either direction so i kept tighting the slow motion and it got stuck JOY!!!! and then when i looended it the whole dec movement was loosened even with the knob locked!!!! and the slow motion just tightned the whole dec or loosened it so it just spun round the dec. after that i tried looking at Saturn and got a really great veiw using the 10mm and barlow with the rings horizontal and it was geat only i couldnt track it very well because of my earlier faults and at this time i got a paranoid teanager thinking i was spying at his flat so i ended my session just as i saw a shooting star!!! so all in all what do i think of it? its a very good telescope, the barlow is rubbish and the mount wobbles with the slightest of touch or wind blowing, also the finderscope moves the dot if you knock it of flick it (cause the glass the red-dot is supper imposed onto moves in its holding) BUT all in all its a good telescope that im sure will last me well when i learn how to use it properly!!! SO how did i fix my dec slow motion problem? well the bolt that is at the other end of the slow motion control cable needed to be taken out and the smaller bolt put back inside the bigbolt with the spring between both of the bolts. when i got that sorted it was fine!!!
  24. Pigz


    good question!!! i used to be called piggy cause i was a bit tubby in school then i started DJing and needed a DJ name so it was DJ Pigz but now its just the name i still use today!!! and thankyou everyone for the warm welcome i really appriacte it, i have been on many a fourm in the years but all your kindness has made me feel accepted and i hope that i will be here for years to come
  25. Pigz


    Hi just registered here and see a lot of people are from Suffolk and i live in Suffolk so thats another person to the list!! I have just decided to take up astronomy as I wanted a new challenge and a change of direction, I used to be a happy hardcore DJ and have now retired. I have always had a interest in the stars and planets from a young age but never had the money to buy a semi-decent scope so i took the plunge and got one!! I just got a Skywatcher 130 on a eq2 mount (not parabolic and not moterised.) and im looking forward to some clear nights now!! ive never been to a star party or had a look at the stars for 5 years and im jumping in at the deepend with this!!! Hopefully ill be on the board a lot so i wish you all the best and just wanted to say hello!! also any tips, hints etc that might be of help fire away!!
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