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  1. Thanks for the reply, Ronin. I'm probably not confident to mod my scope (new mount, moving the mirror etc) so I'll probably wait until I upgrade my scope. I didn't get my A58 primarily for astro but got some nice widefield results with the included lenses in a dark site, which got my curious about getting kit to do astro. I'll leave the imaging to the experts
  2. Hi, I have recently got a Sony A58 DSLR and have enjoyed experimenting with wide field long exposure images of the milky way using the supplied lenses. Hopefully I will be able to use my scope for imaging but not sure what I need. I have a Skywatcher 130 newtonian on an EQ mount. So, what should be on my shopping list to get astroimaging? My main interest is to point to deep sky objects and try and image them. I believe I'll need a T mount and an Celestron barlow lens? Do I also need a motor to drive the scope? Thanks
  3. I viewed Panstarrs tonight for the first time too with binoculars. On holiday in the north east of Scotland with great view of north west horizon. It has been cloudy (no to mention snowing) all week but tonight it was clear. I'm delighted to see it, which is my first comet. I also dragged my wife and father in law out for a quick look and they were also pleased to see it. My wife could see it naked eye however I needed to use binoculars. Hopefully it will be clear again tomorrow before we head home at the weekend.
  4. I thought it may have been that one but the light was from a different direction. I would estimate 60 degrees high and due west around 280 degrees. About 5 degrees below the head of Draco
  5. Hi, After driving home this evening a had a look up at the sky to see if it was decent for observing later when a bright flash caught my eye and I can't explain what it was. It was near Draco at about 9:37pm (BST). It was like a quick, growing circle of white light, which faded as quick as it appeared, probably about 1 second. It was far brighter than Venus and didn't move in any sort of direction. I've seen quite a few irridium flares and the flash was more sudden than those. I've also seen a few meteors and this thing didn't streak across the sky. Did anyone else see it? Anyone know what it could have been? My location is 10 miles east of Edinburgh, Scotland. I have made an image of where I saw it, which is attached. The pulse came from where I have put the red circle.
  6. Just popped out to the back yard near Edinburgh and saw 4 within half an hour. Lots of LP from street lights here though. Two to them we're within about 10 seconds of each other. This is my first time I've actively attempted to observe a shower. Great fun.
  7. Hi, I got myself one of these http://www.solarscope.org/ a few months ago and hope it will serve me well for the transit. It seems to be okay for sunspots. Anyone else going to using something like this for the transit? Anyone use this for the 2004 transit?
  8. I agree that the UFO stuff was a bit silly however I'm glad the covered explanations of what people think are UFO's. I imagine that anyone seeing a really bright iridium flare would struggle to find an explanation for what they witnessed, not realising how reflective satellites can be.
  9. Overall I really enjoyed it. I agree that they didn't make enough use of the societies out on the clear skies on Monday & Tuesday. It will no doubt get more people taking in interest in astronomy. It has even been 'water cooler' chat in the office this week. Promoting the planet spotting was a great idea too and it was fun that it yielded a discovery. It was last years series that inspired me to buy my first scope and 1 year in I'm really enjoying the skies from my back yard. It would be great if the next series could coincide with an astronomical event such as the Venus transit or a meteor shower.
  10. Will do. They will probably be used terrestial for the moment. I'm at 56 deg north and it isn't even dark at night now. Also very cloudy today. Anyway, I'll let you guys know how I get on. I didn't intend to buy any astro kit until August but couldn't resist a bargain like this one. :-)
  11. Just back from Lidl's. Looks like there are Bresser Diorit's. I think I have a bargain. There is one left at my nearest Lidl in East Lothian.
  12. In that case I suspect that they are not Diorits then. Even if they are not, what's the verdict then? Do you think they will be decent?
  13. I didn't notice the actual model name but looking at pictures on the net I think they looked a bit like Bresser 8x56 Spezial Jagd, however they really are a bargain if they are. Are Bresser's a decent brand? Would I be able to see fainter objects with a slightly larger FOV than I would get with my no name cheapo 10x50's? My main targets would be the large clusters and objects, tracking the ISS and having a quick view of the moon without setting up my scope.
  14. Hi, Just noticed Bresser 8x56 bins in Lidl for 50 quid. I'm looking for something that will be an improvement on my £8 10x50 "Leisure Binoculars" that I got for £8 in Morrisons a few years ago. I've noticed that they have been on sale before a few years ago for £80. Has anyone used them? Are they worth it for £50? LIDL Thanks.
  15. I went out for a look at the ISS this evening too. It was quite low this evening but still great on the clear sky. I use the NASA iPhone app to have a look at when the ISS will be visible. I agree with previous posters that Heavens Above is a great resource too. Also on Heaven's Above is the visable Iridium Flares. I just recently go into looking for them. They look really cool.
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