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  1. It has been really bad up here Robbie, 3 to 4 weeks of cloud and rain but today it cleared and nice and clear outside with the odd bit of high cloud floating by. Had a nice view of M45 and Orion is just peeping up above my fence!
  2. I have to say the Met Office has got the forecast spot on today, nice clear skies from lunchtime and forecast to last till at least 8 pm. Strange as clearoutside.com has shown the complete opposite yet I thought they used aggregates from the Met Office as well as others.
  3. Often the OP's don't give enough information and the common lazy reply is therefore stock answers. I would add that I have seen many carefully crafted replies which draw out the information needed in order to make a decent recommendation and that is what I love about this forum. With regards to the Delos that reminds me of an old 1980's IT saying "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM"
  4. There is nothing sh*t about those images..superb
  5. Try looking here for some advice on graphics drivers for Stellarium http://www.stellarium.org/wiki/index.php/Known_issues_with_video_drivers
  6. My guess the fact that the light came on after 2 hours means he is probably not interested in your hobby & didn't check to see if you had finished. You can try again however my gut feeling is as suggested get in you car and drive to where there is no problem
  7. The Opticstar F5.5 AR 90DS has an all metal focuser and the optics on it are better than an ST80 and EVO 120 IMO The 90S has an R&P so not sure on that one, these are both from the original range that opticstar sell.
  8. I must have really upset someone somewhere, the clouds parted then the fog rolled in [emoji100] [emoji20]
  9. I thinks it's classified as a dwarf planet although that might change next year when the New Horizons probe fly's by and takes a look at it
  10. Take a look at this, you should be able to work out what you need. http://nightskyinfocus.com/equipment/imaging-planets-using-webcams/ All the suggestions above are valid it really depends what you want to spend and if you want new or 2nd hand.
  11. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/skywatcher-skymax-127-supatrak.html Just in budget?
  12. +1 for Sat24. Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  13. I have the 90mm F5.5 Opticstar, very good build quality for the money and optically pretty good. Not sure about the new range but should be okay
  14. My first scope was an SLT130, great scope and linked up to a laptop and stellarium its a great tool to learn the sky
  15. I would agree with others its probably a tumbling Satellite, chanced across one with bino's a while back and was as you described. If I remember right it was wobbling as it tumbled, quite a sight in the bino's
  16. Ahh yes I know, friend of my lives in Xabia and the weather can be strange. Know what you mean about Galicia etc, I have travelled across northern Spain and whilst it is beautiful the weather is defiantly hit and miss. My place is south of Torrevieja which is getting its fair share of storms with much needed rain at the moment so I am hoping when I am next out the good weather will return.
  17. Not sure if this has been mentioned so if it has my apologies http://www.andfestival.org.uk/events/watch-the-skies-2/
  18. It started well, double double, Ring Nebula, cloud hmmm cloud and that was that. Glad Wednesday night made up for it
  19. What part of Spain are you in as I was out there for 6 weeks in the summer and only a couple of cloudy nights!
  20. Great up here last night, first time in a while I managed nearly three hours out visual. Seeing was pretty good as well, could make out the Milky Way at times which isn't bad for the edge of North Tyneside! Sad to say its wall to wall cloud today.
  21. Thanks Yep the Opticstar is pretty good, not too heavy and a reasonable view for the price. Little bit of CA on bright objects but not to bad, I would say defiantly optically better than Evo 120 I used to have and the build quality much much better.
  22. If you want to see it in colour take a look at the Video Astronomy pages, some good and cheap ways of live viewing objects in colour although you will need a motorised mount.
  23. How about these http://www.firstlightoptics.com/barr-stroud-binoculars/b-s-savannah-ED-56.html pretty well regarded on here, I have a pair of Quantum 4 15 x 70's which are nice but really need mounting to get the best from them (I use them with a monopod and trigger grip). I suspect the Barr & Stroud would be great handheld. With regards to the Celestrons to say they are good is a stretch, the term good for the price fits much better!
  24. After battling with a ball head I decided to bite the bullet and order a Monfrotto 410 geared head after reading the many glowing reports. What a difference it makes, here is a pic of the full set-up.
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