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  1. Mine is pretty clean apart from one black dog hair, no idea how it got in there but our dogs hair gets everywhere.
  2. Looking at it I'd say it would fit unmodded, the screws holding the plate on look in the right places
  3. Just tried out my new neoprene fishing gloves, brilliant, nice and tight so you can still focus and change eyepieces but very warm, thumb and first 2 fingers fold back. also got a Nordic puffa fishing jacket, very warm and blocks the wind, much better than the fleece I was using. both from the fishing section at Go Outdoors.
  4. I've been using a kitchen chair at home, its good for all but the very highest objects but I've just bought a drum throne with wide feet and screw height adjustment for taking out and about.
  5. I've just switched to a maplins case from a much bigger DJ CD case, much more compact and lighter but the cube foam is awful so I've covered it with purple velvet.
  6. My 5mm BGO hasn't got a look in since I got a 5mm nagler, its all very well being optically brilliant but I just can't get to grips with squinting through a tiny hole trying to see around my eyelashes that are in the way. Also the nagler is so much better on a manual dob, I'm tempted to sell the BGO at SGL8, not at a daft price, but will I regret selling it when I have a driven mount when FOV won't matter?
  7. Even with my heaviest ep, a 30mm ES 82, the focuser doesn't budge when using the auto focuser, the motor is pretty solid, good job because for some reason I cant get the focuser lock screw back in the focuser after fitting the auto focuser, it just won't screw back in.
  8. The instructions are hilarious, they are English words but make no sense at all. and the battery compartment is too small, but for vibration free focusing its great.
  9. Although on a completely different scale it kind of reminds me of the dome at herstmonceux that used to house the issac Newton telescope which now sits empty and unused poking above the trees all alone separated from the main complex, a bit sad really.
  10. Wow Rik you are a bit keen aren't you? i was worried about getting everything in my little corsa, but just solved the issue by buying a zafira, the back is so big if the weather is really bad I can put a mattress in it.
  11. I find sky safari very clunky to look at and use. Star walk may be missing a few things but its very user friendly and much more impressive looking..
  12. I use it on my phone and iPad, brilliant app. Some great features like telrad circles and you can adjust the visible stars to match your sky. I keep meaning to email them and ask if they can add a telescope and eyepiece comparison to it. i find it much more user friendly than the alternatives. Well worth the 2 quid it costs.
  13. Unless it warms up a bit, its going to be seriously cold at SGL8, I'm out and about in the dead of night and at the minute it's getting down to -3 or 4. I froze my whatnots off last year and it was warmer than it is now. Dont do what I did last year and underestimate how cold it will be. I had to make regular trip to the toilet block just to warm up, so glad ill have heat in my tent this year. I'm taking no chances this year and will be dressed for a polar expedition.
  14. I was thinking about it but I just spent some time fiddling with the bolt and got it just right and its lovely and smooth, the cold seems to make it even smoother.
  15. Is your 130 the dob or on an eg mount? if its on the eq mount the 200 dob takes up far less space when not in use, she is more likely to appreciate this than what you can see though it.
  16. Short term just head out into the sticks, you don't need to go all the way to Wales or Scotland, depending where in brum you are, just head for the nearest bit of green away from a city. Ive seen the MW from no more than 2 or 3 miles from junction 17 of the M4 and from only 5 miles away from Northampton. This shows you don't need to go that far to see it. Obviously the darker the sky the better the view.
  17. 200p dob I wish I hadn't bothered with the 130m I started with, perfectly good scope, awful mount.
  18. I find 180x good for Jupiter, but on some nights I can push up to 240x. I need to get another ep for 200x to bridge the gap. there are so many factors that affect the view of Jupiter, some out of your control but others like collimation, quality of ep, and cool down time are under your control.
  19. I had a fantastic time at the Greenwich observatory last night at one of their night with the stars observing evenings. It started with a really good and well presented planetarium show before moving outside for some stargazing with a couple of meade goto scopes and then the highlight, observing the moon through the 28 inch refractor. We did try to get them to move it to look at Jupiter but because it would take over ten minutes to move and we were a little pushed for time they wouldn't. i can't praise Greenwich enough, a very professional and well organised setup, and for once not aimed purely at children to the expense of those of us over 12 years of age as everything nowadays seems to have to be. we were very lucky to have clear enough skies with good viewing as apparently most nights they do this they aren't. But at £16 you really couldn't moan if you couldn't look through the scope. It also got us into the maritime museum and the Ansel Adams exhibition i just wish more people were as knowledgable and enthusiastic( and funny) as the guys running the event. Highly recommended.
  20. Caught the 7pm ISS pass then pretty much solid cloud after that, small patches of sky teasing me just either side of the pass route. im saving all my anti cloud powers for my trip to Greenwich observatory Saturday evening.
  21. Wide afov eyepieces are great for planets using a dob, the planet stays in the FoV for longer meaning less nudging, be aware though some brands aren't great towards the edge of the field though, the 2 TV naglers I use are perfect from edge to edge.
  22. I haven't tried them yet but I'm going to get some angling gloves from go outdoors, I'm basing this on them being good for stationary activities, I'm also getting a fishing jacket as well, not one of the silly camo ones, but a plain green one, again based on the fact it needs to be warm enough for sitting still for hours on end.
  23. Moonshane, yes the ep goes in the focuser but as the barrel is quite long it doesn't go all the way in and 5mm of barrel is left showing. i used it for the first time last night and to be honest, the ep is perfectly secure and reaches focus so I'm just going to leave it as it is, in the dark you can't see it anyway, and as you say it's the view inside that counts but it bugs the perfectionist in me. great ep, but very heavy on a dob. I dread to think what the 31 nagler is like on a dob.
  24. It depends where you are as to the pitch size, I was on the non EHU side last year and was pushed for space on my pitch, had tp park my car on the empty pitch next to me. the EHU pitches are much bigger though, good for car plus 6-8 man tent, but don't forget you need room for your scope(s) as well.
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