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  1. Well the AP bug seems to have bitten, so its time to get an eq mount. im looking at the HEQ5, I've done a bit of research and I could buy the syntrek version and save a bit of money and then control it with eqmod on a laptop via an EQDIR adapter such as the hitec astro one. as I don't currently have a laptop and would be building up the imaging setup bit by bit so would use the mount for visual to begin with, can you connect sky safari on an iPad, which I do have, via sky wire to the EQDIR to control the mount or does it only connect to the synscan handset itself? or are EQDIR adapters only compatible with EQMOD? also is everything done through USB ports or do I need a laptop with different ports?
  2. Maximise your potential with TV eps, you know you want to, eps are for life, scopes come and go.
  3. Phew that was a close shave, just got the tent up before the snow arrived
  4. I have the 5mm and 7mm, great eyepieces, great on planets, the 5mm has replaced my 5mm BGO because its so comfortable to use.
  5. I hope the wind drops a bit, my tent doesn't fare well in wind
  6. I had a cracking couple of hours last night with my ST 102, stupidly cold but crystal clear with great seeing, knew it would be a good night when I found my first target, M57, without even trying, ok so not the hardest to find but still I sort of just vaguely pointed at it and there it was. Bagged a new Messier object then stunning views of Saturn, really very good at x100, even the CA which normally blights the 102 stayed away. You don't mind putting up with the cold when you get views like that. first proper session with my new down jacket and neoprene gloves, stood up very well to the cold and the wind and the cold wind, I may not freeze my whatnots off this year. i wish I was coming today as the forecast looks great but hopefully Wednesday will be good. Looks like my wife is gonna have to bring the dog with her when she comes on Friday as our usually dog sitter is unavailable, will be fun in a small tent. See you all there.
  7. I'm hoping to get there about lunchtime Wednesday, ill be easy to spot, ill be the one swearing at my tent and cursing all the things I've left behind
  8. Someone remind me why I'm going camping in this weather? Must be mad. I've said it before but I'm so glad I've got electricity this year, just run the fan heater to clear the dust out of it, not been used in a couple of years. The weather is all over the place here in Wiltshire, it was snowing 5 min ago, now sunny blue skies, but the wind is bitter. finally started to get my stuff together, need to finish repairs to the tent pole that broke at kelling last year, serious faff rethreading the elastic.
  9. I haven't even started to sort my gear out yet, still need to buy some of it, I think I know where my tent is, maybe. Fortunately I'm off work as of Monday morning so should have plenty of time to pack.
  10. I lined my eyepiece case with purple velvet, its looks good, protects the eps from the foam and hides that horrible cubed foam and means you also don't have to be overly precise when cutting the foam.
  11. The 30mm ES 82 is a welcome interloper in my TV collection, its very nice, certainly a step up from what I was using. I can't compare it to the nagler equivalent as I've never used one but from what others have said its very close on performance for significantly less money
  12. I use a 5mm and 7mm with my 200dob, so not wasted at all, they both give great views of planets, seeing allowing. Some nights 7mm is as high a mag as you can push it but other nights will allow for the 5mm to be used. I need a 6 mm to bridge the gap but that will have to wait until I've moved to rural Dorset and hopefully darker skies. id replace the 10mm with a higher quality 10mm as x120 is a great mag for lots of objects. With an undriven mount like a dob its good to gets planetary eps with as wide a field of view as possible, that way the object stays in view longer between nudges making longer viewing easier.
  13. Grrrr this thread is sparking a new round of eyepieceitus, I thought I was over it, I know I need a 6 mm but now hankering after an 8mm now as well, I can get by fine without either but you know how it is, they sort of call to you.
  14. i don't like long eye relief, if i cant rest against the eyeguard rather than hovering above the ep then its not for me, I don't wear glasses so prefer short eye relief.
  15. I don't mind cold as long as its clear, I'm fully prepared for cold this year. Wet is just miserable, dry and cold is ok.
  16. jabberwocky

    SGL 8 - Mugshots

    Me and the wife on honeymoon,
  17. I'd say the only downside (apart from cost) to TV eps is eye relief, they are quite tight on eye relief, personally I prefer low eye relief eps, but not everyone can easily use them
  18. A guy I work with has just got back from Iceland, saw them 4 nights in a row, plus he said the skies over there are staggering
  19. jabberwocky

    Friday's Buffet

    Will they be horse burgers?
  20. I use a Rigel quickfinder to get me in the right part of the sky, then a RACI combined with a low power ep to find the object, plus a bit of scope tapping and averted vision.
  21. I use an ST 102 on a camera tripod for a travel scope, pretty light and compact. If you already have a camera tripod this could be a low cost option mount wise. where in Kenya are you going? I went there in 2009 and loved it.
  22. Ditched the DJs CD case I was using and switched to the maplins case, much lighter and more compact.
  23. +1 for Star Walk jupiters moons is good as well for transits
  24. I use one without a back, surely if you are lent over looking through an eyepiece then you aren't in need of a back rest?
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