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  1. Lol what was wrong with GMT? Apparently that's not good enough so we will come up with UTC which is essentially a more accurate GMT but that's far too simple so we will have lots of variants of it, UT, UT1,UT0 etc. give me strength. Lets just go back to calling it GMT, or is that too British Empire for the PC brigade? Never heard it called Zulu time in anything other than naff American movies.
  2. Don't forget to go back to them and maybe spend more time on each one, I find myself sometimes just ticking off a list rather than just looking at one and properly observing it. Although the buzz of finding a new one is hard to beat.
  3. Not needed in my opinion. why oh why did they put the adjuster knobs on the same side as the on off switch, I've lost count of how many times I've now turned it on using the lower adjuster knob and put it out of alignment, needs a redesign with knobs you can push in out of the way when not needed.
  4. I've used x240 on my 8" dob but x171 more often, really need to get a 6mm ep to give me x200 though as that would be ideal.
  5. How do you align it with your scope? I know it sits in your finder bracket, I assume you can see what it sees on a laptop screen?
  6. RikM uses his 250px OTA on his NEQ6 for imaging, but he has the solid tube version. Not sure if you have enough tube to attach tube rings to get balance for imaging. Best bet would be a separate imaging scope.
  7. I know MC2 telescope shop in frome used to do laminated ring file books of telrad charts, whether they still do or not I don't know, they were expensive though.
  8. Yep move made, very busy weekend but all done now, just need to unpack now, Unfortunately I've had to cut my session short as all my warm weather gear is still packed away somewhere, I'd forgotten how cold it gets in the sticks, great 45min though, Leo triplet, sombrero, ring nebula, M81/82, Saturn. Not bad considering I tried turning my Rigel on with one of the adjusting knobs and put it completely out of alignment and hadn't checked anything before taking it outside The ring nebula was stunning, usually it does nothing for me but the detail was amazing, very impressive, same goes for M81/82, they just lept out at me. cant wait until M51 is in a more favourable position, trying to get a dob pointed at it at the moment is nigh on impossible. i think I'm going to enjoy living here a lot.
  9. Just moved house from a village/town centre to the countryside and wow the sky is amazing, for a start I now don't have trees and my house in the way but wow the number of stars I can see is just amazing,. I have one small bit of light pollution from the local town about 2 miles away but in all other directions none at all. I really was starting to lose interest in going outside at all in my last place but taking the dog for a walk up the lane just now has revitalised me. Things that I struggled to see through my scope are now naked eye objects, the nearest streetlight is about a mile away and even my one neighbour isn't obsessed with security lights. Anyway now the wind has died down I'm off outside to give my 8inch dob first light in the new garden.
  10. What about the atik Titan? Half the price of the 314+, I assume cheaper electronic filter wheels than the atik one will work ok with it. plus you have a DSO and planetary camera in one, and then when you eventually upgrade you can use the Titan as a guide camera. It's what I'm thinking of doing. im toying with either saving for the 314+ and making do with my Nikon DSLR in the meantime. saving for the Titan and making do with my Nikon DSLR in the meantime. or buying a second hand canon DSLR and leaving cooled ccd imaging for later.
  11. I find the abandoned dome at herstmonceux so sad, sat all by itself, peeping out over the trees at the other still used domes, dreaming of the scope that it once housed. Now unloved and unwanted, so sad.
  12. I bought a second hand WO zoom to replace my collection of cheap plossls, at the time it was a big step up in quality and zooming in on the moon or a planet was amazing, but since I've gone black and green it hasn't had a look in and is now gathering dust.
  13. The p is a 650mm focal length parabolic mirror and the m is a 900 mm focal length spherical mirror. i had the m but really didn't get on with the eq2 mount. If you are just looking at doing visual then I'd get the 150p skyliner dob which is roughly in the same budget, well almost but is more than worth the extra money. I wish I had gone down this route rather than wasting my money on the 130m. if your budget is tight then you can get a 130p on a table top dobsonian mount for less money than on the eq2
  14. Sorry to hijack a bit but on a finder guider presumably you remove the cross hairs?
  15. Dobs are great, pick it up, carry it out side, put it on the ground, point it at object, look at object. Simples. my goto eq mount, 2 sessions attempting to get the blasted thing to align, much swearing, much frustration, no observing actually done. Very un simples. Will get there eventually though, hopefully.
  16. MC2 telescope shop in frome is a good little shop, not as cheap as FLO though. ace cameras closed their yate branch last year and the bath shop has all of 3 scopes in it, they are essentially online only now. bath optics have gone out of business FLO nearly had a shop i guess its cheaper and easier to be online only, although I'm old fashioned and like going into a shop and saying ill have that one please and taking it away there and then.
  17. The skywatcher manuals are hilarious, my favourite one is for the auto focuser, obviously translated from Chinese by someone with only the slightest grasp on the English language
  18. Maplins do a good range of car jumper packs with varying numbers of 12v sockets for much less than the skywatcher ones, also halfords do some very whizz bang looking ones, no idea if they are any good or not though.
  19. How did the retina become detatched in the first place? And what were the symptoms? hope it starts to improve soon, eyes are one of the few things I'm very squeamish about, my wife had laser eye surgery a few years back and just her describing it to be had me going a funny colour and having to sit down.
  20. Does anyone know what size bolts are used to hold the tube rings to the mounting plate, I've lost mine.
  21. My first night out with my new toy but I just can't align it. Time is correct, date correct, location correct but it just won't align. polar alignment is pretty good, but every time I go through a 2 star align its always off. maybe I'm using stars too close to each other? Any ideas.
  22. I was looking at one today, looks like a step up from the cg5gt in terms of build quality, still needs a cable from the main body to the dec motors though. Also had a drool over an APM apo as well, very nice. just bought a cg5gt goto today, so far chuffed with it, not as noisey as I thought it would be and rock solid, and very happy with what I paid for it.
  23. Am I correct in thinking that the red green and blue give the colour of an image and the luminance gives the detail?
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