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  1. ideally i would have gone for the P but they didnt have any in stock and im very impatient to the M it is, ive got my eyes on the 200p now anyway;) so i think that will replace the 130 soon enough. the 130 will either get me hooked or ill end up with a pretty ornament.
  2. hi everyone, just joined the site and i bought my first scope yesterday. ive recently moved to melksham from northampton and ive finally got round to buying my first telescope. i guess ive had a passing interest in the stars for a while now, i work as a truck driver and for the past 5 years have worked nights and i have seen so many things in the night sky during that time. meteors? too many to count, infact i saw 2 within a minute of each other last night. red ones, green ones, ones that last fractions of a seconds and one that i followed through the sky for several seconds. my knowledge of the stars is very limited, orion and the plough is about my limit of recognition, i can spot saturn and venus. my favourite nightsky sight(once i had googled what it was) is noctilucent cloud which i first saw about 4 years ago. i was driving north on the M5 just north of bristol and the whole northern sky was lit up just like a sunrise but without the reds, i had no idea what i was looking at, but it was absolutly stunning, ive never seen it as impressive as that first time since then, it was visible for about 4 hours from about 1am, the cloud reached from low above the horizon to about 65 or 70 degrees, it rose and then fell like a waterfall, it was so bright and vivid people from london to manchester were calling BBC 5 live to find out what it was. anyway back to stargazing, like i say ive bought my first scope, a SW 130M, should i have got the 130P? well maybe but the 130M is what i have, sunny at the moment so hopefully first light tonight, fingers crossed, first target? Saturn.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys, I'd pretty much come to the conclusion that astrophotography is something for the future, and I guess astronomy Is like anything else, there's always something bigger and better to spend you money on. To be honest I was very surprised at the price of telescopes, compared to SLR lenses they are cheap but like lenses you can spend some serious money. What's the mount on the 130p like could I for instance upgrade the scope to say a 200p then upgrade the mount later on, will the eq2 take a bigger tube or is it already at it's limits with the 130?
  4. im buying my first telescope this week and ive pretty much decided which one but i thought id get a few pointers on here first. first of all my budget is £180 max i live in a town centre but my back garden is very dark, no lights at all, apart from a neighbours security light which i will cover when observing. i have little knowledge of the skies, spotting orion and the big dipper is about my limit. i think my area of interest will mainly be astrophotography and DSO's im willing to start with the basics, learn my way around the skies, so i dont want GOTO id rather buy a bigger aperture scope. taking all of the above into account im pretty sure im going to get a skywatcher 130p. my main question is what will i be able to see with this scope, will i be able to see DSO's or do i need to go bigger? i guess what i really asking is, will i get quickly frustrated with a 5 inch scope or will it keep me interested until funds allow for a bigger scope?
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