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  1. Never mind over paying on eBay, look at the prices that Argos charge for their scopes.
  2. There was a nice display as I drove back to Frome this morning, the clouds cleared to reveal it at about 0230, never seen it as good as the first time I saw it about 5 or 6 years ago before I even knew what it was. Whole of the northern sky was lit up from midnight to sunrise and people were ringing up the radio asking what the heck was going on. Only way I can describe it is it was like a massive waterfall in the sky, stunning.
  3. I use a collimation cap for the secondary and a Cheshire for the primary. Once you get your head around what does what and what you are actually looking at then collimation is easy enough. I know it sounds dangerous but I found the best way to learn was to completely mess up the secondary collimation and then using trial and error start from scratch and collimate it, took me a while but it suddenly clicked and now whilst no expert I no longer fear collimation.
  4. I saw it for the first time though my 200p dob and OIII filter a couple of nights ago, had to use my 13mm ep as I only have a 1 1/4 filter, I'm sure it would have been better through my 30 mm ep.
  5. Just seen it from my back garden for the first time, not the best view I've had of it but chuffed I can see it from my garden. im going camping in southern Africa in November so really looking forward to the dark skies over there.
  6. You can't beat a bit of drunken green and black buying, I did the same the other day although fortunately it was only a plossl for £50 so no need for the bank manager to have a heart attack, not really sure what I'm going to do with a 15mm TV plossl. Oh well.
  7. Longines master collection. Watches are my first true love, well maybe them and Alfa Romeos.
  8. I love the view through an ethos, just watching stars drift through the view is lovely, then something catches your eye as it drifts into your peripheral vision, just turn your head and look almost along the plane of the lens and there it is in direct vision, just as crisp and clear as if you had centred it in the ep. You can then watch it all the way across the ep. On a dob mount wide eps are hard to beat.
  9. jabberwocky

    2015 - SGL 10

    Lets book the whole site, then everyone can go. Well not everyone but you know what I mean.
  10. I've just moved to the countryside from a town centre, ok it's not deepest darkest Scottish highlands or exmoor but compared to what I had before its a huge improvement. not sure anywhere in the Uk is less cloudy than anywhere else. maybe isle of scilly or one of the Channel Islands would be best but as for mainland, probably Cornwall or bang in the middle of dartmoor
  11. I use the 12ah 'jump starter with compressor' from maplins, ok it's not going to run an imaging setup but for running a goto mount for a session it does the job, holds its charge very well between uses, I last charged it 5 weeks ago and it still showing full charge. It has 2 cigarette lighter type outputs and a USB port. halfords have some very blingy power packs, pricey and I've no idea how good they are but specs look good.
  12. My 200 dob has a much smaller footprint when stored in the living room than my old 130 on an eq2 mount.
  13. Lol only in Britain would you not be allowed to use binos or a scope or camera from the balcony of your marina flat overlooking the sea, mind you he is in Wales and they are suspicious of new things, these new tangled telescopes, witchcraft I tell you, wait until they discover electricity, they will be running around with pitch forks, sacrificing virgins and burning wicker men.
  14. I went earlier in the year, don't think it was either of these particular shows but its very good, as are the presenters. Highly recommended.
  15. Mine gets a duvet wrapped around it. Just a small tweak of the collimation needed at the other end.
  16. I have the WO zoom and its a cracking ep, major step up from stock eps, but it hasn't been out of its box since I got some high quality fixed eps.
  17. Welcome to the forum and the hobby. as said above its not the greatest scope in the world bit neither the worst. Collimation could be the issue or it could be that you just need to let the scope cool down for 30min. How Argos have the cheek to charge those prices is beyond me, for your next scope go to a proper astro shop or dealer. First light optics who sponsor this forum have great prices and even better service. There are plenty of others as well.
  18. I'm fortunate in having an astro shop just up the road from me in frome. There are times when its nice to walk in an say ' ill have one of those please' and walking out with it there and then.
  19. Webcams attach using a nosepiece that screws to the webcam and then slots in the ep holder just like an eyepiece, very cheap to buy. Just plug the webcam into a laptop, download some image capture software and registax and away you go.
  20. There's a great video on YouTube showing how to balance scopes, just type in astroshed and look for the one on balancing.
  21. I saw M104 for the first time last week, oh the joy of now not having loads of trees and a house in the way
  22. I used to go gliding in nympsfield, long time ago though, found my old log book the other week, 1993 was the last time I went. they have a photo in the bar of the wind socks on either end of the buildings, one facing south the other north, no more than 75 yards from each other, the winds up there were quite something.
  23. As someone attempting to enter the world of AP I find the selection of AP software utterly bewildering, it may not be possible but it really would be much easier if one piece of software did everything. I think I'm also hampered by not being particularly computer literate, surfing the net is about my limit. Reading all the threads on here about this software and that software I really haven't got a clue what you lot are going on about. Talk about a steep learning curve.
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